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Top Ecommerce Development Companies & Ecommerce Developers in the USA | 2023

SelectedFirms believe in transforming the client’s ideas into a well-executed, technologically advanced platform. At SelectedFirms, we have researched and ranked the top-notch eCommerce development companies in the USA that are experienced, certified, and skilled in the world of technology. They have created high-performance and highly engaging eCommerce platforms to engage with the right audience. Gaining the trust of the customers is very crucial, and for the same, working with eCommerce web developers in the USA is essential. Below is the list of top USA-based eCommerce website development companies for all technical needs.

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List of Best eCommerce Website Development Companies USA | Top eCommerce Website Developers USA

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Why is it important for businesses to have an eCommerce site?

E-commerce websites effectively reach out to potential buyers, promote products, and make sales. But that’s not enough to justify the why behind the need for the same. Here are a few reasons an e-commerce site is vital for your business.

  • Expand your reach

Where brick-and-mortar stores limit the outreach to only a few customers, preferably the local ones, an e-commerce store allows you to take your business beyond boundaries. 

  • Align with user needs 

The sudden closure of shops, malls, and offices, among others, and the need to practice social distancing forced people to stay at home. What’s fascinating is that people have adapted to this form of shopping and now prefer buying goods online. 

  • Ease of shopping

E-commerce websites simplify buying and selling, enabling customers to order products on the go. Irrespective of location, day, and date, customers can easily browse products and call them as and when needed. 

A recent survey suggests there will be 2.14 billion global buyers (27.2% of the world population) by 2021. Further, it is predicted that the total online sales would be 22%% of retail sales. Where 1/3rd of America’s small businesses lack a website, deploying one for yourself would help you stay ahead and grow your business effectively. (Source)

Most popular eCommerce platforms for eCommerce website development

When looking to build an e-commerce website for your business, you are bound to find multiple options. Each has its share of advantages and disadvantages. What you choose depends on your preferences and requirements. To help you out, we have listed the common e-commerce platforms as listed by e-commerce developers, easing the development process.


Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce development platforms that help you design and build custom-fit online stores for your business. The platform has dozens of features, all designed to enhance the user's buying experience. Besides, it has multiple tools to market products and track sales like a pro. By signing up with Shopify, you will have access to their library of themes and plugins, which will help you design the e-commerce website as per your likes. 


One name that you might have come across is Woocommerce. An extension of the popular WordPress website, Woocommerce is a plugin that allows you to build an online storefront on a WordPress platform. Of course, one of the most popular platforms is the availability of thousands of themes and built-in plugins. So, whether you wish to add a payment gateway or an order subscription feature, an upsell-cross-sell funnel, or an email marketing channel, Woocommerce takes care of everything.


Next to Woocommerce and Shopify is another eCommerce development platform, Magento. The platform allows you to create authentic customer shopping experiences by leveraging next-generation development technologies. With an easy-to-use interface, Magento helps create business-specific stores with appealing designs.  In addition to its reporting and analytics features, the platform has 100+ themes to choose from. 

Now that you know the different e-commerce development platforms, we introduce the idea of hiring an e-commerce web development services company in the USA. Where there are multiple ways to deploy a website for your business, an e-commerce website agency helps you identify the needs, outline problems, and build feature-rich solutions effectively. 

Tips for choosing the right eCommerce website developers in the USA for your business.

An important thing to note here is that all e-commerce website development agencies have more or less the same feature. Therefore, when planning to pick one of the above, look for niche-specific add-ons. For example, if you are looking to sell products on the go, i.e., without additional e-commerce tools, POS might be the best fit. 
And this is where you need an e-commerce development company that will assist you and provide you with an appropriate development solution.
Like the solutions, the solution providers are many. Here are a few tips to ease the process of selecting an effective e-commerce development company for your business.

  • Identify your needs 

To begin with, hiring an e-commerce development company, you first need to be clear on your requirements. Then, after drafting your needs, filter out companies that align with the above.

  • Have a diverse portfolio

Once you have done the first round of identifying organizations whose offerings map your requirements, you next need to study their profile and evaluate the projects completed by them. It reflects on the quality of work, sharing in-depth insights into their expertise. Organizations that have done several projects of different kinds are the best fit.

  • Rich tech stack

Designing an e-commerce website is not about adding the already created elements. Present-day websites have features like Chatbots, instant notifications, email follow-ups, etc., which require deep knowledge of advanced technology. Unfortunately, organizations with limited tech support fail to create solutions per the ongoing industry trends. So look for e-commerce website developers who are aware of the latest tools and have expertise.

  • Customizability

Another aspect to look for is the flexibility to add or integrate features to the website. The e-commerce development company must be able to build custom-fit development solutions to enhance the overall website. 

  • Budget

E-commerce development can cost you anywhere from $10k to $500k. The fee depends on multiple factors, from whether you want a one-page store or a massive marketplace to the technology chosen and the features added. Make sure that the selected e-commerce website agency fits your budget.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional eCommerce development company from the USA?

Here are the top reasons to consider when partnering with top eCommerce development companies in the USA:

Deep Knowledge

Hiring eCommerce website developers in the USA is advantageous as the team bears profound knowledge about the design and development of the eCommerce portal. They are well versed in networking, the latest technology, the latest and trending insights about the technology, programming tactics, appropriate software development skills, and SEO tactics to create a super-friendly, dynamic, and SEO-friendly website.

People create snap judgments.

How many of you know it takes only 1/10th of a second to create the first impression about a person? eCommerce websites are no different!

Your eCommerce platform design and visuals are the first thing users would notice when they land on your platform.

When the users land on your platform and cannot find the product categories, you lose a potential customer. Thus, by hiring the top eCommerce website developers in the United States, your brand’s storefront’s design can create wonders. The eCommerce experts in the USA stated above would be the proper army to impress your audience.

Professional Design

Visitors leaving your website?

As per the Content Square benchmark data for 2020, the average bounce rate for eCommerce sites is 47%

The percentage of bounce rate varies from device to device. But the interesting fact is that across all industries, the average bounce rate is 43% on desktop, 51% on mobile, and 45% on tablet.

Users do not like sites that are poorly designed. Hiring the best eCommerce development companies in the USA will help you enhance your brand’s credibility because they will create a compelling design that will entice visitors to stay longer on your page.

Mobile Ecommerce Experience

The best eCommerce development agencies in the USA can help streamline your business on a broader basis by providing mobile solutions, which are crucial for brands entering the eCommerce platform. This feature offers the customers access to the product online on the go from their smartphones. 

Maintaining International Standards

The top eCommerce website developers in the USA always make it a point to meet the international standards of technology, giving clients a competitive edge across the globe.

Round-the-clock service

The eCommerce experts in the USA dispense the clock service to their clients. The clients can rely entirely on the eCommerce development agencies in the USA for any bug-solving at odd times.

What are the different eCommerce development team hiring models, and how to choose the right one for your eCommerce project?

Top eCommerce development companies in the USA provide experienced eCommerce web developers who help your business with their technical expertise.

  • Inquire First: Drop in your requirements and timelines. The eCommerce service providers would research the project and provide a preliminary cost.
  • Consult the experts: Let the best eCommerce development companies in the USA analyze and provide different perspectives to shape the roadmap for the new platform. Let them evaluate the business needs, create a feasibility report, and brief you about the available technologies.
  • Finalize the team: Based on the domain knowledge and technical expertise, the potential qualified ecommerce developers will be shortlisted for the client.
  • Deciding on the work schedules: Based on the business objectives and timeline, the team is hired weekly, hourly, or monthly.
  • Sign the Agreement: Once the work is understood and defined and the team is selected, the client and the eCommerce service providers agree upon and sign the contract.

What steps does an eCommerce development company follow when they get an eCommerce project inquiry?

Mentioned list of top eCommerce developers in the USA endeavor to meet the customer’s development requirements, and they have a proven process to deal with the significant scope of work and build lasting relationships and solutions.

  • Communicating and discovering: All the eCommerce experts in the USA believe in first communicating with their clients to understand the requirement. Then, the companies believe in delivering in their best capacity with their available ecommerce web development services in the bucket.
  • Research & Analysis: The companies make a special effort to gain more knowledge about the industry, consumers, technology, product, and much more: the more research they do, the better for the client.
  • Planning & Strategy: Strategy & planning plays a vital role in online and offline business. In this digitally advancing world, the experts help define the vision and goals, speculate on the market, and discuss the number game, like the number of visitors, conversion rate, average order value, bounce rates, returning customers, and the overall cost per acquisition and much more.
  • Building & Designing: Best eCommerce development companies in the United States build a fantastic team of designers, programmers, and UI engineers to execute the dynamic project successfully. The experts design the eCommerce platform and create a boundless user experience for the client.
  • Content creation: Content is also a vital part of the development process, and most of the eCommerce website development companies in the USA provide it as a part of the package.
  • Testing & Quality assurance: To prevent defects and deliver better products to the end-users, testing and quality assurance becomes vital
  • Growing your brand: The top e-Commerce website developers in the USA house the right specialists and help the brands grow additional web properties from their list of e-commerce web development services, thus enabling them to achieve their missions.

FAQs for Hiring Top eCommerce Website Development Agencies In The United States

  • How much experience do your company and the e-commerce website developers have?
  • What will be the overall budget, and what will be the deliverables?
  • What software does the company use?
  • Does eCommerce website development come with maintenance?
  • Will the eCommerce website be responsive?
  • Will the eCommerce website be SEO friendly, and how will it be integrated?
  • Do you pay importance to the page load time?
  • Will we get a Mobile version of the eCommerce platform?
  • What can other special features be added?
  • How will the tests be run?
  • Will the platform have a chatbot?
  • How would the payment integration or gateway take place?

Mistakes to avoid while selecting an outsourcing partner for your eCommerce business in the USA

Outsourcing the eCommerce website development work is becoming a desirable practice. However, with the advancing technology, hiring, training, and maintaining an in-built team becomes expensive.

When you outsource the development part, scaling and accessing a wealth of unique and niche skills the company possesses happens upfront. But there are a few things to watch out for when choosing an eCommerce web development company in the USA.

Mistake 1: Not having clarity about the goals 

Defining your expectations and scope to the best eCommerce development agencies in the USA will help them deliver the project on time. Questions like Is the project is starting from scratch or if is there any existing solution the company needs to integrate the software with etc., will give them more clarity.

Mistake 2: Failing to prepare the budget

Cost is always a crucial consideration while outsourcing. Do not be under the impression that the lesser the cost, the better the quality. Know your budget well in advance to plan your marketing expenses.

Mistake 3: Not focusing on methodology

It would result in a slow time for the market, thus losing the desired ROI. Agile methodologies make the work clear, concise, and effective.

Mistake 4: Not establishing Communication rules

Clarifying the outsourcing team regarding the communication process is essential as transparency throughout the process is crucial. Deciding who shall communicate with the client beforehand solves many significant problems.

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