Would You Like To Be Part of Selected Firms Guest Blogger’s Community on Board? 

Hakuna Matata, We really appreciate your appeal in writing a Guest posting for Selected Firms. Basically, we are structuring the community of Industries leading leaders and in search of a powerful voice. Though, we are judicious in our choice so when you will share your article kindly review and read our guest posting’s protocol.

Short Note About Our Audience:

Our core audiences are a group of mankind who are interested in developing applications, websites, and software or eCommerce solutions. In a more precise way, they are business authorities, entrepreneurs, Start-ups, mid-sized businesses or well-established enterprises. Your Guest post must have to help our audiences for attaining actionable outcomes.

Pleasantly take note that, we don’t approve same topics as those topics flooding is something we dislike to do. We are actively looking for fresh, new concept, tactics, and suggestions to comfort our readers for making firm business-oriented decisions.

Contents to Be Targeted:

Consider eCommerce, Mobile, Web sections listed on Selected Firm’s Website. We welcome all articles mounted around the enlisted categories for an upcoming screening.

Guest Columnist Guidelines:

  • We only approve or accept the content which is purely original and hasn’t been published anywhere else.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, copying someone’s work-done and replacing it with different phrases or words comes under PLAGIARISM.
  •  Submitted post should be at least 1500 words, though we prefer to accept lengthy content of 2000 to 3000 words. Content may contain relevant images and outbound link which will improve entire experience for our readers or audiences. 
  • Post should be Well-organized, Proofread, and grammatically accurate.
  • Advertorial or promotional blogs or post will not be accepted, i.e. your post should not marketizing your product, business or service within your guest post, not even your company’s information or screenshots which will brand your products or any of your properties.
  • You must include minimum 3 content image along with banner image (size of 900*400) with this article.
  • Incorporated images should either be from the public collection available sourced from the Internet or originally designed by your one agency.
  • The preferred format for article submission is the “Word Document” file. Share images separately with this word file.
  • Double-checking everything primarily before submitting the post, make sense. Also, Post would not be edited or updated or taken done once they are LIVE!

Editorial Procedure:

We will review each of the topics and reach out after 7 Working days. In a case when you don’t hear back from us as per the mentioned time-span then the submitted article is not the right fit based on our audiences. 

More of, we book the right to remove links and edits the contents for readability perspective, While our Editor’s team analyze each post and may adjust formatting as needed. Post requesting heavy or largely editing may get rejected.

What Benefits You will get from Selected Firm?

  • We will provide you a Byline along with your biography, and a back-link. Hence, readers or audiences can able to find you out with less hassle.
  • We will publish or promote your article on Social engaging channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Get a chance for featuring your byline of Selected Firm! Send your valuable article on [email protected]

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