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Privacy Policy

Here at SelectedFirms, we deeply value your privacy and are highly committed to protecting any and all information collected from you. At the same time, we are also committed to providing the best of services to our users and are constantly looking for ways to better our services by means of personalization and customization and the user data we collect helps us do so. This section highlights the privacy policy followed by the firm and how the information collected from users and visitors of this website is used.


The information collected by the site is done in one of two ways,

  • Voluntarily provided information by the users
  • Automatically collected information

Voluntarily Provided Information: We collect information from our users in a variety of manners when visit the site and use our services. Voluntarily provided information includes details such as Name, E-mail Address Contact Number etc., provided by the user when using the services of the site, such as submitting a consultation request. Automatically Collected Information: Information is also collected from the user about the user’s device, operating system, IP address and the usage of services of the site by both the firm and third parties via automated means. One such way is by the use of cookies, which are small files of data created by the website and sent to the user’s browser to identify the user and remember information about the user uniquely. Cookies help remember user preferences and actions and enable the site to provide a better user experience for the user.


The information we collect from the users is used to establish an account, provide the services required by the user, and provide a seamless user experience for all our users. The non-personal information collected is used for research purposes to improve our services and experience better next time. User data is always processed and used keeping in mind all the legal and regulatory obligations and rights and most importantly the interests of our users. The following are the purposes for which we use our user’s information:

  • To create an account for the user and provide the necessary services
  • Communicate with the user by e-mail or any other means available
  • To conduct research and analysis to improve, personalize and customize the services offered by the firm.
  • To monitor, prevent and investigate any unlawful activities, actions or violation of our terms of service.


When sharing user information, we take utmost diligence to ensure that the user data is not compromised or disclosed to an unauthorized user. User data is shared with,

  • Concerned legal authorities when we are legally bound to do so.
  • Concerned authorities for regulatory and compliance purposes
  • Third-party vendors and business partners who provide specific services on behalf of the firm.

The firm will take all possible steps to prevent the accidental or unauthorized disclosure of user information and will only intentionally release user information with the explicit consent of the user. The firm also holds the concerned third-party vendors to the same level of data protection and confidentiality as provided by the company when sharing personal user information with them.


SelectedFirms has high-security standards in place to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of its user information. The firm employs high standards of technology and operating security to prevent any accidental compromise of data integrity or the unauthorized usage of personal information. Both online and offline safeguards are in place to ensure the highest safety standards for user data, and only authorized SelectedFirms employees or third-party vendors have access to this data as and when required.


Users of the SelectedFirms site reserve the right at any point in time to reach out and access, alter or delete their information or aspects of their information. They also reserve the right to close their user account, and subsequently, the firm will remove their information in a reasonable time frame. However, if user information has been passed on to authorized third-party vendors who render certain services on behalf of the firm, the firm may not be in a position to delete or alter as they fall beyond the purview of the firm.


The firm will retain the information collected from users for and till the following purposes are achieved,

  • Until the services as requested by users are rendered by the firm
  • As long as it is required for legal, regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Retained as long as it is necessary for the administrative purposes for which it has been collected

Once the firm has no legitimate business and legal purpose to hold the user's personal information, it will be either deleted or anonymized if possible.


The site may contain several links to third-party websites, applications, and services, including links to social media websites and pages. Any usage of these features by the users of this site may result in the collection of user information automatically or voluntarily sharing. Such information collected or provided by users to third-party applications or services is not the responsibility of SelectedFirms and is not covered by the company's Privacy Policy. We are also not responsible for such third-party applications' security, features or practices, and the firm does not vet or endorse such applications and services.


SelectedFirms has the right to constantly update and change its privacy policy to meet the requirements of the law and in accordance with regulatory and compliance policies. We also constantly keep our privacy policy up to date to ensure better security standards and data confidentiality for our clients. Any updates to our privacy policy will be duly notified to our users and visitors of the site and a continued usage of the site and its services will be taken as consent to the changes in the policy.

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