M-commerce: Advantages & Disadvantages(2020-21)

M-commerce: Advantages & Disadvantages

If you’re a technology-savvy person, then you may definitely have heard of Mobile commerce also known as M-commerce. This ultimate term has made its great importance and fame in the online Industry, which serves to conduct online activities. 

Buying & selling products, doing online payments, and paying monthly bills are some of the activities that anyone can perform hassle-free using M-commerce. Based on the device you genuinely used, either a personal computer or mobile phone, you can conduct online activities & get the amazing benefits of M-commerce. 

Not just this, with the help of this ultimate technology, you can also do online shopping while traveling somewhere and easily make payments from your smartphones. In short, this wireless solution has become the utmost need for so many technology-savvy users. And this is the reason that the leading eCommerce website development companies are focusing on it utilizing the best approaches and practices.

If you’re also keen to use it, then let’s move ahead to the primary section of this article that we want to discuss thoroughly – Advantages & disadvantages of M-commerce! To actually make your life stress-free, you must try out this trending technique in the market. 

Why waste time? Let’s get started reading the advantages first & then we’ll move to the disadvantages. 

Table Of Contents

Advantages of M-commerce
  1. Global reach
  2. Hassle-free store access
  3. Quick & hassle-free large order processing
  4. Elevate business Quickly
  5. Real-time analysis of user data
Disadvantages of M-commerce
  1. Fraud uncertainties & security concerns
  2. Lack of familiarity with product/services/brand in rural people
  3. It demands technology access
  4. Trust issues with Shipment Companies
  5. Less customer interaction
Concluding Remarks

Advantages of M-commerce

1. Global Reach 

The first and the foremost advantage of M-commerce is it enables brands to enter competitive markets they’ve nevermore considered. As in this fast-moving & digital world, everyone is using their smartphones and internet connection, they are growingly becoming the potential users for any eCommerce platforms. They can easily search, buy, and sell their products, services. 

And as they search and buy what they like in no time, it will expand the customer base for any of the leading organizations looking to boost their global reach. Providing the best M-commerce services to valuable clients, the business can lead to improved ROI, better conversions, more sales funnels, and in short maximized productivity in the business. It may be all that’s every businessperson what to achieve using any trending technique or application. 

2. Hassle-free Store Access

M-commerce has made it easy to access the products or services in the fast-moving & crowded market by using wireless devices such as laptops & smartphones. With M-commerce, you don’t need to go to the store physically to buy essential goods & services. You can effortlessly purchase them online. 

Easy store access to buy any essential product, service, or brand you always wish to buy will save your valuable time and hence, minimize your efforts. The saved time you can use somewhere else, make the most of M-commerce.  Browsing the different sections of all the products, you can make a hassle-free purchase easily accessing the store anywhere and thus, ensure you are also moving up with the technology’s trends. 

3. Quick & Hassle-free Large Order Processing

If you’re running an eCommerce business, then with M-commerce, you can accept multiple orders at a time and boost your order processing limit. Utilizing its best traits and characteristics, you don’t even need to align up the different customer’s orders with respect to their order number, check-out dates, and maintaining the record of physical transactions. 

When your potential customer will log in to your online shopping portal, you will conveniently get everything hassle-free to process their order smartly. And it’s quite obvious when there is nothing to manage manually to accept and process an order, you stress-free can take your business to the next level. 

4. Elevate Business Quickly

Utilizing the M-commerce features, you can easily and quickly scale up your online business needs to meet up the current market scenario. Where there is a need for money to advertise your business services, you can do online transactions worry-free and manage your budget & inventory in the one-go. 

Also, you may need to pay for multiple campaigns to boost the global reach of your eCommerce business, if you make use of M-commerce in the best way possible, nobody can stop you to take care of everything in real-time. Knowing the real-time inventory needs, you can also manufacture your goods and services accordingly, thus helping your business grow hassle-free. 

5. Real-time Analysis of User Data

As being said earlier, technology and apps have changed the way people do shopping and make payments online. It is to be concluded that around 86% of the online activities performed on mobile apps. And if you’re up-to-date with the M-commerce apps, then you may introduce them to your business and be able to gain easy access to user data. 

However, if you overlook knowing the real-time analysis of user data through apps, then you may lack! Using the M-commerce apps, you can get an insight into what customers’ are demanding from your side and what you need to give them for a satisfying customer journey experience. Thoroughly using the apps and taking the real-time analysis of their data, you can better meet their needs and create more opportunities for repetitive sales. 

Disadvantages of M-commerce 

Just like the M-commerce has so many advantages, it also holds many disadvantages over advantages. And to run your online/eCommerce business successfully, it is vital you know them thoroughly. Let’s discuss them in detail below. 

1. Fraud Uncertainties & Security Concerns

The first and foremost disadvantage of M-commerce is there are so many frauds and uncertainties that lead to insecurity of confidential data. Yes, this disadvantage is an observed fact experienced by many potential users. Not all users favor online transactions for less stress, some afraid to do online transactions as well. 

The reason behind it is so many hackers and cybercriminals have grown rapidly in the market that intends to hack customers’ confidential information.  And this is why it becomes quite obvious to take care of confidential details thoroughly, hence, many users don’t prefer doing transactions from their smart devices. 

2. Lack of Familiarity With Product/services/brand in Rural People

Not every business is so expanded in the urban as well as ruler areas. The people living in urban areas may be well familiar with all the brands gently and thus, place their order and ensure their secure traction. 

But the ones who don’t have any knowledge about the product/brand and living in rural areas may lack in performing the smart transaction. Even many of them fail in doing online payments hassle-free. 

And when there are very few people aware of your business services in rural areas, then how can you even think of elevating its reach using M-commerce. This is the reason that leading business persons do not provide their service in rural areas because people living over there are unknown to this platform. 

3. It Demands Technology Access

Another one of the disadvantages of using M-commerce is the obligation to technology access. If you don’t have access to the internet for operating your smart device and placing your order online, then you cannot get its superior benefits. 

Every businessperson and customer who wants to take M-commerce benefit is required to have a mandatory smart device & an established, secure network connection, so nobody can face interruption while processing online transactions. However, if both of them have the desired internet access and smart devices to use their functions but not has an updated app, then it will also not give the desired results. It will lead to disappointments.

4. Trust Issues With Shipment Companies

If you regularly used M-commerce online applications, then you may have known so many trusted and recognized shipping companies to get your products delivered timely. However, if you don’t know the trusting companies and blindly trust them, then you can lead to face challenging issues that can even ruin your business reputation. 

Because the online customers who have placed their order will demand timely shipping and delivery, and if your chosen shipment company is a fraud, then you can lose your valuable customers’ data & trust. It will further impact your business presence greatly. So, this way, it has emerged to the disadvantage of using an M-commerce platform for your business, if you don’t know how to use it effectively. 

Search everything related to the shipment company in advance and then do a partnership with them for quick and hassle-free delivery. 

5. Less Customer Interaction 

Another disadvantage that forces so many customers to make an offline purchase is less interaction with vendors. When customers place their order seeing the specification and knowing the features of a specific product, there will be no interaction with the vendor and customer. And if in case the customer has any doubt, then it stays and many times is not resolved in the best way possible. 

However, if the customers do shopping offline, visiting the store physically, then they can browse the different categories for the same products and ask any doubts to the manufacturer as well. The ones who love asking different things about a product, brand, and service never trust M-commerce and prefer doing offline shopping.

Concluding Remarks:

Hopefully, now you have a clear understanding of what M-commerce actually is and what are its advantages and disadvantages. No matter if you are a customer or a businessperson if you want to make successful digital transactions, then knowing everything about M-Commerce is your responsibility. After all, it is something that can take your business to the other level.

However, being a valued customer if you were shopping offline, then it’s a better opportunity for you to save your valuable time placing your order sitting at your home. You can also make payments hassle-free. All you need to go through is M-commerce different applications and platforms that can help you reduce the stress of paying online billing and transferring money. 

About The Author

Morris Edwards is a Manager at Awebstar, a website designing agency in Singapore which is dealing with mobile app development, eCommerce development, SEO, social media marketing, and more. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Awebstar.com.sg.

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