Top Vuejs Development Companies in 2021-22

1. Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto is one of the leading companies among its competitors in providing web development solutions with a vast range of services like PHP development, Laravel development, Yii, Angular JS, Vue.js, WordPress development and many more.

Magneto IT Solutions

They are a Vue.js development company that provides 100% custom vue.js development services. Through web development, they create box web solutions for the clients that assist them in future use for their customers with the implementation of advanced javascript frameworks like vue.js, node.js, angular.js, and others. With 650+ happy customers and 70+ competent and certified resources, What sets them apart from the rest of the crowd is their patience to understand your requirements and their tools and technologies to instill them while developing the best websites.

Location: United States, Bahrain, India Employees: 50 – 249 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 2009 Avg Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 Contact: +1-214-447-0720


2. Spire Digital

A leading Vue.js company, Spire Digital has 20 years of experience in offering custom-fit designing and development solutions. Staffed with domain experts and digitally-sound professionals, Spire Digital is passionate about helping organizations and industries, expand and enhance their end to end business operations, fueling growth, and boosting productivity.

Spire Digital

They extend their offerings to multiple industries, across all business verticals. Whether a startup or well-structured organization, Spire Digital has solutions for all.


  • Custom Software Development
  • Native Mobile Development
  • Web Development(Node.js development, Vue,js development, PHP development,Angular,Java)
  • Artificial Intelligence / AI
  • IoT
  • AR/VR
  • Bots
  • Blockchain
  • Devops, QA, Automation
  • Staff Augmentation / IT Staffing
  • UI/UX Designing
Location: United States, Russia Employees: 50 – 249 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 1998 Avg Hourly Rate: $100 – $149 Contact: 720-572-1863


3. Epicmax

A fresh startup with young and curious minds, Epicmax started as an organization that builds vueistic experiences but later went on the path of becoming a fully scalable vue.js company. Their team houses some of the best UI/UX designers, developers, and consultants having tremendous knowledge in deploying compelling vue.js applications.


They have gained huge popularity in a short span of time and continue to grow cross-borders. They have been recognized as a top VueJS development company by many reputed review platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, and many others.

  • Product Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Development(VueJS, .NET, Laravel, NodeJS)
Location: Belarus Employees: 10 – 49 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 2017 Avg Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 Contact: +375293441113


4. Digital Scientists

With the aim of transforming products, services, and solutions, Digital Scientists enables organizations to pace up their growth and strive for productivity. They are passionate about promoting business undertakings through technology-rich applications. They build nice-looking, robust, and maintainable apps with Vuejs as the framework of their choice. Besides offering an expanse of development solutions, they rank as one of the best vue development companies in the USA  with a group of expert developers and engineers.

Digital Scientist


  • AI, machine learning
  • Full-stack development
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Web application development(React.js, React Native, Ruby on Rails, Laravel PHP, Python, Vue.js)
  • UX Design
  • Digital Transformation Program
Location: United States, UK Employees: 10 – 49 Email: Undisclosed
Founded: 2007 Avg Hourly Rate: $150 – $199 Contact: 404.654.3855


5. Sunscrapers

Sunscrapers is one of the leading  Vue JS development service providers that has been headquartered in Poland.  Sunscrapers Team is a group of highly skilled professionals who create outstanding software for clients worldwide and help their businesses grow thanks to extensive knowledge, varied experience, and deep business understanding. Their mission is to find a perfect match between some of the best Polish engineers and ambitious international projects.


When you don’t have enough time or resources to build your product as you wish, an ideal solution lies in the support of external consultants. They can help you find them and provide your business with tailor-made specialists. Their recruiters have experience in sourcing specialists for clients all over the world, at every level of experience, and in every technology stack.

Sunscrapers Teams has been created in 2020, but they have 10 years of experience in building and managing remote development teams.


  • Web development
  • Data science
  • Python development
  • Django development
  • JavaScript development
  • React.js and Vue.js development
  • Agile development
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Digital Transformation
  • DevOps
  • PWA development

Key Clients:  Samsung, ESPN, Spotify, Unilever, Volvo, The Observer, and Canon.

Location: Poland Employees: 10 – 49 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 2010 Avg Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 Contact: +48 22 370 24 16


6. Keenethics

Robustness, performance, and throughput are the three factors focused upon by the company for front end application development. They have a vast team of consultants, designers, and developers who take an immense interest in developing high-end, flexible apps. Keenethics has an annual growth rate of more than 100% and that is what keeps them thrilled and pumped up.


They offer an array of vue.js services like custom VueJS development, VueJS Consulting, API development, Support Services, migration,  etc. They are keen to help entrepreneurs deploy lightweight applications and optimize their business operations.


Web Development(NodeJS, VueJS, React, ReactJS, Angular), Mobile Development, Minimum Viable Product, Progressive Web Apps, Dedicated Development Team, Cloud App Development, Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things

Location: Ukraine, USA, Netherland Employees: 10 – 49 Email: Undisclosed
Founded: 2015 Avg Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 Contact: +38 (094) 710 61 05


7. Scand

Progressively growing as one of the top Vue js developers, Scand offers both mobile development and web application development. They also facilitate outsourcing or outstaffing of projects, in case additional expertise is needed. The in-house team of Scand comprises of the best minds in the industry and each of them is passionate about developing problem-specific applications in the given timeframe.


With more than 20 years of experience, they continue to surprise customers with out-of-the-box features and cost-cutting solutions.

Location: United States, Belarus Employees: 250 – 999 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 2000 Avg Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 Contact: +1 (718) 395-2241


8. XHTMLchop

Pixel-perfect designs and compelling architectural patterns, xchop is known for its on-time delivery. The company is backed by a team of skilled consultants and development experts who have a dearth of knowledge and expertise in the domain. They have been developing custom-fit Web applications with javascript (React, vue.js, Node.js & React Native) for industries across all business verticals. In addition to these, they also excel in providing dedicated solutions rich in technologies such as IoT, AR/VR, etc.


XHTMLchop covers the entire development cycle starting with planning, development, testing, and support.

Location: United States, Russia Employees: 50 – 249 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 2007 Avg Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 Contact: +1-888-825-8745


9. Redvike

A software development company based out of Poland, Redvike emphasizes on the development of software applications based on high-end, scalable JavaScript frameworks(Node.js development, Vue.js Development, React.js development, Angular.js Development ). Of all their projects and applications built, the one backed by Vue.js happens to be the most influential and engaging. They have well-updated VueJS developers who can utilize all the opportunities Vue.js provides and can offer the best quality output possible.


They have customers and clients from across the globe. What makes them unique is their flexibility to work with multiple industries or varied domains.

Location: Poland Employees: 10 – 49 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 2016 Avg Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 Contact: +48 733 533 135


10. TAG

Incepted in 2008, TAG is a Ukraine-headquartered full-cycle web development provider that specializes in VueJS development. They have rich expertise in creating websites, applications, and platforms, systems & bots,  from an idea to life. All the stages, whether specification, estimation, development, testing, or production, have been passed by them more than 1000 times and through it, they gained strong expertise. They have catered to middle and small business, but also have experience in Enterprise solutions (they develop projects for fortune 500 members). For them, Every project is rather a challenge than an experiment.


Being one of the top Vue JS companies in Ukraine, they possess a team of highly skilled and experienced VueJS developers and done more than 100+ projects.

The major part of their projects and partners is from the industry of Business/Consumer/Financial services, the Internet, and Information technologies.

Services: Mobile App Development, Web Development, Vue.js development, Node.js development,  Software Development, IoT Development,

Location: Ukraine Employees: 10 – 49 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 2008 Avg Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 Contact: +38 066 907 70 47


11. Radiansys

Radiansys is a leading software development company with tremendous expertise in designing and developing applications backed by Vue.js technology. They offer an all-round development and support service starting with consulting, planning, designing, and integration. They also hail in transforming enterprise-grade business applications to the cloud.


All of their solutions are tailored to render industry-best features and applicable to organizations irrespective of their size. Whether a new startup or a big brand, radiansys has customized software solutions for all.

Location: United States Employees: 10 – 49 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 2007 Avg Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 Contact: +1 (510) 790 2000


12. MVPDoer

MVPDoer is a Poland-based software development company that specializes in VueJS web development. They have 8+ years of experience serving the IT industry with some lucratively designed applications rich in features and functionalities. They aim at deploying industry-leading technologies to build agile applications.

MVP Doers

Covering the entire software development lifecycle, they guide their customers from the planning and consultation phase to testing and deployment.

Location: Poland Employees: 10 – 49 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 2012 Avg Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 Contact: +48 726 042 116


13. Bluewhaleapps

Known for creating exceptional applications and web software, Bluewhaleapps has years of experience as a Vue.js development company. They have worked with naive start-ups and fortune 500 companies as well. Applications designed by them are flexible and compatible working with all devices.


Their team includes leading consultants, designers, developers, and strategists, aiming to help organizations benefit from digitally-sound applications. Some of the clients include NBC Universal, Cisco, etc

Location: United States Employees: 50 – 249 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 1999 Avg Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 Contact: +1-571-294-6158


14. jsGuru

Following a customer-first approach, JSGuru is one of the best Vue.js development companies in the USA. They have some of the best Vue.js developers that hold both the expertise and experience in building exceptional applications. Though they excel in building games, their development services include mobile app development and API development.


JSGuru emphasizes on quality and does everything needed to meet their client demands. They have branches in three different cities and are growing at an excellent rate.

Services: Web development, Mobile development, Quality assurance, Integration, and customer support.

Location: United States, Austria Employees: 50 – 249 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 2006 Avg Hourly Rate: < $25/hr Contact: 16465833040


15. Toptal

An excellent marketplace housing thousands of developers, engineers, consultants, and programmers, Toptal is one of the best vue.js development companies. They undertake a comprehensive approach to designing and developing mission-critical apps with ease and precision.


It is their peculiar approach that helps them stand out from the rest. Being one of the top Vue.js web development company in the USA, they offer end-to-end vue.js development services from the initial stage of consultation to planning the final Vue.js web development process, and support. Toptal has worked with some of the leading names in the industry such as Airbnb, Duolingo, Shopify, etc.

Location: United States Employees: 1000 – 9999 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 2010 Avg Hourly Rate: $100 – $149/hr Contact: +1.888.604.3188


16. Netguru

If you are native to Poland, Netguru might be the best bet for your web development need. They are a team of inquisitive minds and skilled technocrats working all throughout to help customers and clients build exceptional applications using React, React Native, Vue.js, TypeScript, Node.js, Laravel, Yii2, Slim, PHP, Angular (AngularJS, Angular.js). for their business. They follow an agile approach to locate and trace business problems.


Once through, they use their understanding and expertise to craft industry-best vue.js applications. Their clients have had a great experience and some were featured in TechCrunch, CNET, and ProductHunt.

Location: Poland Employees: 900 – 999 Email: [email protected]
Founded: 2008 Avg Hourly Rate: $50 – $99 Contact: Undisclosed


15. 64Robots

A digital agency cum software and product development venture, 64Robots is all that you need to kickstart your business over the web. Excellent designs, great quality work, and a sense of personalization, 64Robots leads in offering custom-fit web development solutions to companies and industries across the globe.

64 Robots

As a trusted Vue.js company, its proficient web development team helps you get rich domain expertise in API development and API integrating software. Their team is professional with a warm attitude when dealing with customers and clients. They believe in excellence par standards and hence, align their offerings with trending technologies to stay ahead of all.


  • API Design
  • Product Development(Laravel, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Figma)
  • Code Audits
  • Legacy Code Migrations
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • Security HIPPA / Fedramp
Location: United States, Employees: 2 – 9 Email: Undisclosed
Founded: 2016 Avg Hourly Rate: $100 – $149 Contact: +1 443-773-2228


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