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Top 100+ eCommerce Development Companies in India | 2023

eCommerce industry is thriving. It has clearly evolved as a valuable resource for businesses today. According to Statista Indian eCommerce industry is estimated to reach revenue of US$ 188 billion by 2025. Today almost every business is expected to have its’ own online or eCommerce store to survive in a competitive market as digitization spreads, and new technologies emerge. It is very crucial for a positive ROI and will aid in acquiring not only local customers but also individuals from all over the world. Furthermore, the growing use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other portable devices has significantly contributed to the growing popularity of online shopping, and creating your own eCommerce store would be very beneficial for marketing and branding. However, given the tremendous competition and demand for eCommerce development companies in India, it’s quite a challenging task to find the right eCommerce web development company In India that can satiate all your eCommerce services-related needs. So in order to connect the service seekers to the best possible eCommerce development company in India, SelectedFirms conducted detailed research and analysis of hundreds of eCommerce website and app developers and comprise the hand-picked list of only the best eCommerce development companies in India. Here’s a list of top eCommerce development companies in India, assisting eCommerce and m-commerce businesses in setting up an affordable and attractive eCommerce platform to reach more potential customers and generate more revenue. Helping many B2B and B2C clients achieve their business objectives by providing best-in-class services.

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List of Best eCommerce Development Agencies in India | Top Ecommerce Developers in India

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Different types of eCommerce development platforms popular among Indian eCommerce development companies

It's exciting to launch an online venture, especially in India, where the majority of business nowadays is being carried out online. You can choose your company name, develop your logo and branding, and build your eCommerce website. While it's easy to think about your desires right now, to become one of India's top ten eCommerce websites, you need to consider where your business is heading and what other tools you will need.

It is no longer sufficient for businesses to just select the best online store builder. Entrepreneurs that want complete control over every area of their business and the capacity to scale as their firm grows look for the finest eCommerce platforms to give them an ecosystem of tools that seamlessly interact.

A list of the four top options for you to consider for the best platform to develop eCommerce is listed below-.


Shopify is unquestionably one of India's most significant eCommerce platforms. Its robust platform includes multi-channel selling tools and features, allowing you to sell directly through your eCommerce website and your retail shop, social media, and third-party marketplaces.


eCommerce platform Magento is widely utilized across the globe. Despite its complexity, this platform offers several advantages that make it the top spot on our list. In addition, the release of Magento 2 has elevated the medium to new heights, spurring a flurry of B2B eCommerce solution suppliers to action.


Cloud-based eCommerce platform BigCommerce is renowned. The platform's low TCO and versatile APIs are additional well-known features. BigCommerce has a wide range of features and solutions to help you run a successful online business. It makes it possible for your shop to interface with the majority of the eCommerce ecosystem's essential solutions.


As one of the most accessible eCommerce systems, Wix allows you to create a complete website with serverless computing and no code required. With 72 free themes and an extremely easy setup, it's the finest choice for fresh new online companies. The platform allows you to design a website in whatever manner you like. Customize every part of a template to make it seem precise as you want it in your business.

What does an Indian eCommerce web development company do?

E-commerce development businesses are experts at designing and developing innovative, user-friendly, and secure websites for your company. They manage completely and provide extended customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their eCommerce solutions for businesses assist in gaining a stronger online presence and a larger pool of potential customers. Here are a few services they undertake:

Services for web design and development

Websites exist in a wide range of shapes and sizes, as seen by the millions of company websites that can be found online. The above list of the top Indian Ecommerce development companies may create a website tailored to specific demands and preferences. Since the previous decade, websites have been built with a mobile-first strategy. A mobile-first approach implies creating a site that can also be accessed on larger computers like laptops and desktops.

Development of mobile applications

It has become clear to business owners that they must take a mobile-first strategy. The vast majority of people's time is spent on their cell phones. Apps, like web pages, are designed mainly for use on mobile devices. As you prepare to develop an app, here are a few things to keep in mind: comes to app development:

  • The social platforms on which you want to release your mobile enterprise app
  • The application's purpose
  • What is your budget for the app's development and maintenance?

What approach does an eCommerce development company follow to develop an eCommerce website from scratch?

Building an e-commerce site from scratch involves these six steps:

Identify a domain name first

Start by registering a domain name that customers will recognize. You should select a name that is simple to remember and type. To prevent losing traffic and money, avoid domain names that are too similar to those currently in use.

Select a website-building tool.

When building an eCommerce website, you have many alternatives. Before settling on one, you should try out a few various site builders' demonstrations. Choosing an easy-to-use website builder is essential.

Creating an effective content strategy

Creating real content with visuals, texts, and other elements plays a very crucial role in boosting conversions and engagements. Indian eCommerce development companies create a full-proof content strategy before the beginning of the development phase. Based on customers’ likes, interests, and needs the eCommerce expert creates a strategy to target current and potential users.

Choose a theme

Choosing a shop theme is the next step. they create a uniform, polished appearance for your online business with a piece.

Defining the product categories

A list of top eCommerce developers in India then structures a well-defined set of Product categories to get customers to your products and related items easily and conveniently. They also add a navigation menu, and CTA buttons to make the process more simplified.

Add images and descriptions of your products.

To develop a successful online store, product photographs, and descriptions are essential. Your items won't be in the hands of your online consumers until they purchase them. High-resolution photographs and extensive explanations are the best way to re-create this event.

Create your additional pages

Even though your business is the show's star, you still need to construct supporting sites for it.

Create a payment gateway

As a final step, you must create a payment method. You may utilize a third-party payment processor like Shopify Payments, use PayPal, Stripe, or both. Make a test payment before launching your business to ensure everything is working.

Why should you hire top eCommerce development companies/developers in India?

Employing an excellent e-commerce development firm has several benefits.

In-depth knowledge of a particular field

Employing eCommerce developers in India with the necessary talents and understanding to build an expert website is often tricky for modest businesses. However, online business advancement companies provide a cost-effective method for engaging specialists.

On-Time Delivery of Projects

Specialists in an e-commerce development firm must complete all duties on schedule. They see each project as a series of complex challenges, and they approach them all with the same level of perseverance and commitment. Indian developers are also committed to establishing long-term relationships with their clients by completing projects on time and under budget, as stipulated in the contract.

Get the Job Done Right

It's safe to say that if you choose a reputable eCommerce development company, you can expect excellent outcomes. Because they are well-versed in the principles of operating in a competitive and driven industry, they guarantee exceptional results for the design and growth of your online business.

Time and money are saved.

In the long term, outsourcing website development services would be beneficial. The cost of employing a team of skilled developers will be avoided. The time and money you would have spent on recruiting and maintaining a development team to build the site would be saved. Rather than looking for suitable experts to design their website, website owners can focus on their activities.

How safe is it to outsource eCommerce development services from India?

Outsourcing web development projects to India has become tough due to various factors, including growing pricing, failing infrastructure, and high personnel turnover. For these reasons, outsourcing IT projects/tasks to India is dangerous.

There can arise significant issues such as -

  • Communicating with the client and then translating the web development project requirements to the Indian programmers and back can be dangerous.
  • Risks To Confidential Data And Personal Data
  • Problems with licensing and copyrights etc.

However, these dangers can occur in any country, and it is important to realize that India is no exception. The Indian IT industry has a large and established customer base in several American and European countries. Its success is mostly determined by global economic factors rather than domestic factors. India's infrastructure has space for improvement. However, compared to other countries with similar operating costs, India has better on-the-ground amenities. India has a well-developed network of government-approved IT promotion organizations.

Advantages of outsourcing eCommerce development services from India

It might be nerve-wracking to outsource a section of your business operations to a third-party eCommerce development agency. Consider these advantages as part of the journey, whether you're the decision-maker or part of a team attempting to acquire buy-in for a development agency. Outsourcing mobile and web development to India have grown in popularity. This is due to several benefits, but the most important one is that Indians have a high level of technical knowledge.

Quality Guaranteed

Mobile and web development businesses in India are booming and with this comes cut-throat competition. Because there are so many brilliant top eCommerce website development companies in India and a list of top eCommerce developers out there, experts realize that the only way to outperform your competitors is to provide innovative and standard solutions. So when you hire an eCommerce website developer from India, you expect nothing but the finest quality.

Cost-effective services

To receive high-quality web development services at a lower cost than in the United States or Europe, you can go to India. The per capita income of Asians and Europeans is vastly different. Even a labor-intensive task may be completed in India for a fraction of the cost.

All-day, every-day service

Because of the particular advantages of time zones, development centers may quickly provide round-the-clock services to clients located overseas. When working for an Indian company, you may make the most of your downtime. Your eCommerce development agencies in India endeavor to be more productive and efficient.


Customers' top complaint about web development services is that the programmers can't handle numerous development stacks. With web development businesses in India, this isn't the case. These organizations have teams of experts who can work on various platforms.

Important elements to consider before hiring an eCommerce development service provider from India?

The platforms offered to you and the complexity of starting an eCommerce business vary. Whether you start with a complicated platform or a turn-key solution, you may want additional eCommerce development assistance during the life cycle of your firm.
With an e-commerce agency, you get a new viewpoint and access to various services that you could need.


Having a budget in mind is essential before beginning your search for an eCommerce development firm in India. You'll be better positioned to bargain for the services the agency has to offer if you have a sufficient budget. It is possible to acquire a better idea of the cost of a project by using a budget calculator provided by various E-commerce businesses.

Customer Support

The quality of the eCommerce software development companies in India's post-sale support is critical in deciding which eCommerce agency to work with. It's not uncommon to demand additional services long after the first project is complete.

A methodology based on best practices

The most excellent e-commerce firm will follow best practices and use the most effective tools and templates to ensure that high-quality service is supplied. Look for an e-commerce firm with a well-developed transition strategy, monitoring tools, and support systems if your site exists.

How to find the best eCommerce development company in India?

Every brick-and-mortar retailer, from small to large, is attempting to establish an online presence through an eCommerce website. The number of eCommerce development firms develops in tandem with the number of eCommerce participants. Choosing the correct eCommerce technology partner might be challenging given the many possibilities available.
Here are a few steps that will help you find the best eCommerce development company:

Research over the reviews and feedback of the company:

When it comes to selecting a partner for the development of an application, it is vital to check their past performance.
Researching through reviews and testimonials will help you picture a story about the firm you will be handing over the digitization task of your business.

Check for professionalism:

A company has expert eCommerce developers that can work on any challenging project and complete it promptly. 
Indeed, rapid delivery is one of the primary advantages of working with a skilled eCommerce development partner. 
They believe in establishing long-term relationships with their customers. As a result, they concentrate on delivering high-quality solutions on time.

Study the developers' profiles:

Without question, you may rely on an eCommerce website developer to obtain the necessary skills for developing a top-notch eCommerce store. 
If you hire a reputable company to build your eCommerce store, you can tap into their technical skills and subject knowledge to provide unrivaled solutions for your company. 
They understand what is best for you and how to give the most excellent solution for your company.

Deliver results:

When you employ an eCommerce development agency, you can be confident that you will get outstanding results because they understand the regulations, standards, and procedures for working efficiently on a project to give the best quality solutions. There are numerous good companies to deal with that can deliver excellent results.


Website security is critical for every online business that wants to keep its data secure and gain the trust of its consumers. Choosing a technology partner to construct your eCommerce store will undoubtedly result in a highly secure website. They are up to date on the latest trends and features to provide you with a cutting-edge eCommerce store that is also secure. They can create a high-performance and secure online store that complies with PCI DSS and other standards.


The company must be capable enough to build a scalable website for when the company's expansion or growth happens.
The company should carry capabilities of developing multi-vendor platforms while maintaining its performance.


The basic plan of your prospective organization for creating an eCommerce store should be cost-effective. You should check to determine if your budget and requirements align with the services offered by the development firm. A budget is essential for budding entrepreneurs to consider while developing a website for their enterprises.

How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce website in India?

To develop a website on your own, you will need to grasp a wide range of competencies. Your website's appearance, user-friendliness, and variety of features may all be improved using these talents.

E-commerce websites are generally more expensive to develop and might range from $50,000 to $70,000 or more. The project's complexity will ultimately determine the cost, the platform you choose (Shopify, WordPress, Magento, etc.), the features you require, and the sort of eCommerce website firm you choose

The following are the primary factors that influence the cost of your eCommerce website:

Design - There is a significant cost difference between a fully customized design and a template.
Functionality - Custom functionality requirements and one-of-a-kind programmed features will raise pricing.
Data Imports - If you need to import product data or previous order/customer data, this can raise your website construction costs. Ensure that your database contains all of the information required to run your website.
Marketing and SEO - While a fully integrated marketing plan will increase the cost of the build, it may be essential for generating traffic to your site and producing ROI.
Integration - Integrating an eCommerce website with an ERP or other third-party systems can cost thousands.
Organization Selection - Choosing a reputable, experienced company is often more expensive, giving greater value. The project will be less expensive if outsourced overseas, but this comes with its own set of drawbacks.

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