10 Things That Might Happen Sooner in Web Design & Development

Are you looking forward to something new in web design and development? Then read on to find out what are the upcoming things in web design!

The creation of a user-friendly and highly efficient web application is not a difficult task. What's a web-based application, and how web design is linked to it? We'll examine this later in this post. 


An app is a computer program run on the device in simple phrases. A web-based application is stored on the Internet and accessible through any browser. They don't have to be restricted to one operating system, they don't use up space on your hard drive on your device, and they are utilized by anyone with access to an Internet connection. Does this mean the end of web development? Will web development die?


Web applications can include everything from productivity-enhancing collaboration tools (e.g., Google Drive as well as Slack) to less effective (but often enjoyable) gaming (e.g., Candy Crush and Words With Friends). Of course, popular web apps are frequently accessible on mobile devices too.


This article will examine 10 amazing things to wait for in Web Design & Development industry.


1. Single Page Applications To Be The Future


Single-page applications, also known as SPAs, have been a significant trend in recent years. The hype began a few years ago when the latest JavaScript libraries, like Angular, React, and Vue developed. We know of SPAs being developed among these three. However, let's face it, these three were the ones who gave all the attention.


We feel SPAs have impacted the web developer community positively and negatively. The positive side is using newer, more efficient technologies and accomplishing things that were not feasible using earlier technology, or at the very least, it wasn't simple to achieve.
It allowed developers to design fantastic stuff that could help people engage in a web-based app faster. Of course, they helped developers make their lives simpler.


But the negative side is quite dark! Look at the great websites which aren't SPA. Millions of websites!


Do we have to utilize SPA to do everything? While SPA technologies are remarkable and all that, let's face it, they're not always the best fit for everything. In the end, don't be a fool, even if you're unsure how to create a SPA, and know that you can but do not wish to! Don't let the hype over you and consume you.


2. AI/ML To Be the Future Anytime Soon


Well! It is an exciting topic! Even if you're not a computer programmer, you've probably known about the phrases AI or ML. They refer to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, respectively. Nowadays, everyone is trying to learn about these topics and learn the basics. Even web developers!


AI/ML is great, and there is no doubt about it. But should every web application or website have an AI? Use ML only for basic tasks? It's not a good idea! Nevertheless, we've witnessed our acquaintances who are web developers & became interested in AI/ML, and we were pleased to see them searching for something new to learn.


However, when we asked them why they were interested, most of them said that since we're web developers, we must take a course in AI/ML. It was a clear rebuke for a couple of seconds. Do web developers have to know AI/ML so that they are capable of creating a stunning website with excellent features? NO!


We don't mean to be snide if you're an AI/ML expert. This field is fascinating. Maybe one day, we will also jump into it, but it is not necessary to develop your web application using this. Do you have the ability to use AI/ML in web applications to improve the quality of your web application?


Yes, and you ought to try it occasionally when there aren't other options. If you're trying to build an easy e-commerce application, it isn't necessary to use AI/ML.


3. Blockchain To Be The Future Before 2030


Blockchains have become a widely-known technology in the last few years, even to non-dev users (we must think of a brand new term for people who are not developers, similar to the word civilian signifies non-military people XD) due to Bitcoin.


We are not blockchain experts, but we know some basic principles about the technology and how it works. Blockchains are great for decentralizing data and when data accuracy is essential to individuals. However, it is an area that we believe is susceptible to being used too much.


Blockchain's features hypnotize developers, but at the same time, they don't realize that the technology is not without issues, like other technologies, and may not be suitable for all scenarios.


It is good to know that blockchains aren't as often as SPAs, and we think developers should not be overly excited regarding this one and should use it wherever and at any time. It won't happen sooner in the web development & design industry.


4. Chatbot Becoming Main Aspect


Chatbots can be described as virtual assistants who assist users throughout your application with simple problems they may encounter. Chatbots are much better for users since they can access them quickly and help people on standby to help with queries. It may reduce support response requests.


Chatbots are an excellent choice for apps run by an enterprise that may require assistance. Several websites have embraced this new feature and are delighted with it.


As users, we often prefer to ask simple (or, at times, dumb, to be honest) questions to bots instead of a person and receive our response super quick since it doesn't have to think about the question. Of course, bots aren't quite as sophisticated as we are. However, they can handle some minor issues at present.


5. Voice Assistants/Commands To Be Future


Voice assistants are fantastic and can help us get through our daily routines. You can send messages, create events in your calendars, or even play tunes without touching your gadgets.


One trend that has been widely discussed online is the growing number of websites that provide the option of a voice assistant. However, voice assistants may not be necessary for all scenarios and could be challenging to set up.


However, voice commands are simpler than assistants. So, users can use the voice command to move your app without locating buttons or navigating through confusing menus, sub-menus, and menus.


Also, we think this feature could allow users to make your app more accessible to blind or low-sighted users and help those with disabilities greatly by improving the accessibility of your application for them.


It is a feature we are very excited to see progress, and we think it's excellent publicity. So let's see If it's feasible. But this won't happen sooner in Web Design & Development; we must wait.


6. Mobile Friendly to Become Main Aspect


Smartphone users have multiplied, and people are more comfortable using their mobile phones often than their computers or laptops. It has also led to the need for our web applications to look good and functional on phones' screens.
The good news is that, at present, thousands of UI frameworks are specifically designed for this purpose and can aid you in making your UI design process simpler. It's one of the web development uses of UI frameworks. 


What we must pay attention to these days is the mobile-friendly being of a web app. However, there are some reservations about this, which we discovered through our work as web developers.


Sometimes, clients and developers (especially customers) concentrate on mobile users so that they don't think about desktop users too. Unfortunately, it's not the best thing.


While we must be focusing on mobile devices, we should never ignore desktop users in the meantime. Some people work on laptops and desktops. Therefore, avoid losing one part and sacrificing it to accommodate the other.


7. Serverless Architecture To Be The Future


For starters, we wouldn't say we like the concept of serverless. It's essentially serving as a server since it is an object, but it doesn't have to be concerned about the background.


Anyways! Serverless is now a prominent feature for developers. In the past, websites used PHP and ASP. Their deployment typically required a hosting service that could support these technologies, uploading the files and creating a database, and then accomplished. 


However, with the advent of other technologies and with developers using these technologies, deploying an application was a challenge that typically requires configuring a VPS. Configuring and installing the server isn't easy and could be necessary for web developers to master the process!


The PaaS can come to your rescue! Services such as AWS, Azure, and others provide a straightforward solution for developers! Upload it, and it's finished! Your application is ready, and your database is up and running. There is no hassle in setting up your DNS and FTP or setting up the SSL certificate.


While developers can pick their method of deploying their app, we believe that this is an easy method that nobody should skip over without trying it. A few developers complain about not having access to their deployment environment when they use these web development platforms and services. It is a real issue, and you must consider this too. However, as long as you're just concerned with the app's performance and running, you shouldn't be focusing on the details of that yet.


8. Websites that Make Themselves


At the beginning of the web, each website was created using HTML code written manually. However, as products such as Dreamweaver and WordPress for Business Websites became available and became more popular, the barriers to entry were reduced.
This barrier is set to disappear. CMS engines such as WordPress are advancing to automatically build sales websites using simple text.


Soon, all a company needs is to fill out an online form and answer a few design-related questions, while the application will create everything else. These are the essential web development basic concepts.


When we say all other things, we're referring to the eCommerce industry and just-in-time manufacturing supply and delivery chains. It is likely to reduce the percentage in the web design industry, which works in the front-end part of CMS.


The more skilled in the technology, these developers will move back to more custom-designed development tasks. In contrast, the designers with more experience are likely to move into consulting and working through platforms for service, similar to how graphic designers utilize Designs.


No doubt it will be the future, but this won't happen sooner in web development & design; we have to wait for it.


9. Visible Grids To Be the Future


Visible grids give a clear retro style that gives viewers a quick glimpse of how the designer intended the page layout. In addition, they offer easy navigation of sections and the ability to control the direction in which the viewer's attention is focused. These are the new things in web development.


This structure is perfect when promoting your site via social media. You can easily convert your content into social media posts, so your design efforts will do double tasks. But this is in development, and we have to wait until 2030. It won't happen sooner in Web Design & Development.


10. Internet of Things


As with AI, it is also a part of the Internet of things (IoT), another Web Trends expected to emerge shortly after web development. It's been slow-burning but is currently increasing. IoT is about connecting our everyday objects to let us know more about them and gain more value from the devices. The reason why this can be done in a significant manner is because of cloud connectivity.


It is already evident that IoT is taking place with fitness trackers. For instance, the fitness trackers from the navigation giant can link information about physical activity to health optimization platforms.


Additionally, by tracking biometrics such as sleep cycles, nutrition, and other and optimization of how your body functions. It could even identify food sensitivities by comparing meal timings and heart rate.


In the same way, cars connected to cloud services already transmit their performance and diagnostics to service centers. Soon, cars will also be connected to other vehicles around them. For example, imagine a car that could be hit by a pothole and instantly notify all vehicles in the next lane to prepare their shock absorbers to absorb the impact.
We believe it will break entirely into mainstream applications between 2030 and 2040. But, we have to wait for it. It won't happen sooner in Web Design & Development.


In Conclusion


So that is it for this article, we hope it's useful for you. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below. We are one of the Best Web Design Agencies. Also, you can contact us if you need a website development service.

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