5 Reasons for Choosing WordPress for Business Websites

Over 3 out of every ten websites in the world are powered by WordPress! Let’s take a step back and try to process this staggering info. There are about 180 million active websites in the world (give or take a few thousand).

Over 3 out of every ten websites in the world are powered by WordPress! Let’s take a step back and try to process this staggering info. There are about 180 million active websites in the world (give or take a few thousand).


Of these, about 80 million have WordPress as their guardian!


This is an indication of the sheer simplicity of WordPress as well as its diverse usability. No wonder many big-name businesses like MTV, Microsoft, Mercedes, and many others are using it!


If all these exciting facts fail to convince you to use WordPress to develop your business website, I really don’t know what will! Honestly speaking! But even then-because of my love for debates I guess-I would try to change your mind. Below are the reasons I have come up with to prove my point to you.


1. WordPress is free to use and open-source


WordPress is free to use and open-source, making it an excellent choice as a CMS for your website. Hire WordPress Developers to leverage this platform effectively.


This is one of the profound reasons for choosing WordPress as a CMS for your website.

Since WordPress is free to use, the barrier to entry in eCommerce has lowered another notch. That relieves you of the anxiety caused by the myth “Starting a business costs a lot of money”!


This “Free of cost” doesn’t come with conditions. Meaning you would not be charged even when your online store starts getting heightened traffic volume! The proverb “there is no such thing as a free lunch” is finally disproved!


Along with being totally free to use, the WordPress platform is open-source as well. Know what that means for your business? Well, you can customize your store in any way you want to suit your specific business! Your store would thus be able to stand out among the crowd and engage a more significant portion of the shopper crowd!


2. WordPress is search engine friendly


According to Blue Corona, over 6 out of 10 marketers say improving SEO and enhancing organic traffic volume is their principal focal point.


This priority of these marketers is entirely justified. If their SEO game is on point, the business site they are responsible for will rank among the top in Google SERP. If that happens, their website is projected to receive a whopping 27.7% CTR!


This is where WordPress can be your best of a friend. Its framework has been built in a way that helps improve your website's SEO by facilitating easy navigation for search engine crawlers. To maximize your SEO efforts further, consider using unlimited residential proxies to avoid IP bans and increase your website's accessibility to search engines. That makes ranking in the SERP and receiving more significant organic traffic a lot easier! 


3. WordPress is safe and secure


The beautiful people working in the back-end of WordPress are as dedicated as the United States Secret Service! Don’t ever doubt that!


They are continuously updating this beloved CMS as well as the plugins that integrate with it. Additionally, they are also hardening the core code pillars since 2003 so that WordPress can address joint and the top security threats.


So unless a Thanos-like hacker targets your website or you download a plugin from the most notorious third-party website, your WordPress site is adequately safe for your visitors.


What you would be even happier to know is, all security updates are automatically updated. That means you do not have to lose sleep over it anymore!


4. WordPress can integrate easily with other platforms


Since WordPress is a community-driven CMS, it has over 50 thousand plugins developed for it so far, with many more being developed every day!


Do you know what this means for your business? Well integrating with any other platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, PayPal and many more is a matter of a few clicks!


This feature of WordPress lowers the barrier to entry even further! As you have already figured, you do not need to have your own plugin developed! Without knowing the heads or tails of coding or hiring any developer, you can have your business website up and running!


In terms of both cost and time, this is one of the key reasons many big-name businesses such as NASA, BBC America, Sony, Disney have chosen to host their websites on WordPress!


5. WordPress helps you keep site downtime to the minimum


Downtime is the duration of time for which your site is inaccessible to people. This happens for a whole host of reasons both on the server and business owner end.


If your web hosting provider is running maintenance, your site may be down during that time. Switching your hosting provider is not exactly as easy as changing clothes which means you have to live with the downtime!
WordPress, being the mammoth CMS that it is, is offered by almost every hosting provider under the sun.


So if your business site is WordPress-based, you can easily switch to another host in case your existing one is experiencing temporary downtime for whatever reason!


What should make you happy? Well, no downtime means your site will not face any discontinuity in site visitation. That, in turn, means your site keeps converting, earning, and collecting revenue (whatever your site intent is)!




  • WordPress is free to use and open-source.
  • WordPress is search-engine friendly.
  • WordPress is safe and secure.
  • WordPress can integrate easily with other platforms.
  • WordPress can keep your site downtime to a minimum.


Something extra


Don’t you love it when you get extra fries with your burger? I do. And because I happen to believe in sharing, I have put together a few extra stuff here for you.


Must-have plugins for business websites:


  • WPForms
  • MonsterInsights
  • Yoast SEO
  • OptinMonster
  • Sucuri
  • WP Rocket

And a few more.


In case you are wondering which theme would be suitable for your business, check this list out! One of them wins you over!




So that you know, the list of reasons for choosing WordPress to develop your website is almost endless. As time goes by, it keeps adding features enabling it to cater to a broader range of industries.
Don’t take my word for it.


According to Kinsta.com, WordPress has over 60% of the CMS market share! 60%! Talk about whale-some!
I have tried my best to bring you over the fence. So why not use it for your website development and enjoy its features like millions of other business owners?


Author Bio:


Ryan Aslatt is a web strategist, freelance writer, and independent blogger. He currently works at WebAlive, a full-service web development company in Melbourne. He is used to writing well-researched articles that readers will find insightful, engaging, and highly informative

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