Web Trends That Will Help Grow Your Business This Year

What are some current web app trends every business should know of?

Internet users want an excellent experience when visiting a website or app. A failure to deliver this experience could lead to a business falling behind competitors. As online shopping has taken off, thanks in part to the global pandemic, every business must have an outstanding website and app or risk losing customers and having leads look elsewhere for information, products, and services. What are some current web app trends every business should know of?


Grid-Like Layouts


iPhone and Android app developers are using grid-like layouts to help visitors find information. They work with grids, lines, frames, and borders to separate this information into distinct sections. The visitor then scans the grid to find the desired content. They won’t become overwhelmed by the amount of information presented, even when the app contains large amounts in a small space.


Bold lines and borders serve as one way to achieve this goal, and there are others the app designer may choose from. Expect to see more of this trend in 2022. It not only helps to present the information in a logical way, but it helps to distinguish a website from others in the industry that have yet to make use of this technique.


Night Mode


Often referred to as shadow or dark mode, night mode features a low-light user interface with a dark-colored background. Many app designers use a light-on-dark design, as they have been doing for decades. The trend reverses the look.


People spend more time today on their devices, and night mode helps to reduce eye fatigue. Facebook and Google currently use night mode, and others are following. Why is this trend taking off?


Sites become more appealing to users, which means they stay longer and engage more. Page contrast also improves. Visuals pop, so users find it easier to focus on them. In addition, the use of night mode saves battery power, which also encourages the viewer to stay longer.


Motion UI


In 2015, researchers reported the attention span of the average human was 8 seconds, which appears even shorter than the attention span of a goldfish. Why is this important? If a web app developer doesn’t capture a person’s attention, they will leave the app, and they may never return.


Motion UI helps to grab the person’s attention. In addition, it serves as a valuable tool in conveying a message to ensure the viewer sees it. The motion UI directs their attention to relevant information the business wants to deliver.


This simplistic technique delivers excellent results. It doesn’t overwhelm the viewer as flashing advertisements do. However, it does allow the website to stand out from others in the crowd. It gets the viewer’s attention and helps them develop context.


Longread Content


Google prefers lengthy content with well-structured texts. Hence having long reads will help you get more conversions and traffic. Though short contents are very popular among the readers, a fair number of users favor extensive and interactive content, which gets them more engaged.


Make the most important content bigger to ensure it captures their attention.


Oversized fonts serve as one way to draw the visitor’s eye. However, the site may also wish to use oversized images or videos. Combine this content with a color that catches the eye for more visual impact.


However, don’t overdo it. Limit oversized elements to one or two a page. Any more than this will distract viewers. This leads to the site not offering the desired results.


Progressive Web Applications


Imagine having a website that looks and acts like a mobile app. Today, anyone can have this with the help of a progressive web application. These applications come with native mobile device features, but the user doesn’t need to visit an app store to benefit from them. They aren’t required to make a purchase or download any software to their device.


The user finds the progressive web application just as they do a website. Once they click on the link, the app loads in their browser, and there is no delay in loading speed. These apps come with a higher conversion rate than seen with native apps. In addition, they cost less to maintain, and users engage with them significantly more than they do with other apps.


Mood-Evoking Colors


Use color to evoke a mood. Bright colors have taken off in recent years, as these colors leave the visitor with a positive impression of a brand. They see the brand as warm and vibrant. Consider combining bright colors to provide a strong contrast. Another option involves using gradients, shadows, and shades for depth and texture.


The Metaverse


Mark Zuckerberg recently changed the name of his company to Meta to reflect the metaverse he would like to establish. This online virtual world allows people to come together and communicate or collaborate. They no longer need to meet in person to do these things with the help of the metaverse.


It benefits from the latest technology, as users engage using virtual and augmented reality, along with other technologies. App developers must consider and design for the metaverse if they want their products to remain relevant in the coming years.


Web designers will need to incorporate high-end visual effects and interface designs in their products. They must integrate with the different technologies people use to succeed. The focus will remain on online meeting collaboration and games, but other industries must prepare to use this technology in the coming years for their apps.


User experience is the future of web development. When users express satisfaction, the site’s ranking increases, and the business sees the accompanying benefits. If help is needed in providing this experience, turn to web development professionals. This is one area where no business can afford to fall behind competitors. 


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