1. Belatrix Software

It is one of the quickest developing software service providers with worldwide operations. Organizations flourish in the digital world by transforming thoughts into innovative and quality software.


Expertise in Agile development, focus on the innovation, optimization of the project management methodologies, empowers to address the particular needs of their project and build software products at a world-class level. Nearshoring gives various benefits and advantages compared with outsourcing models traditionally. They have a worldwide group having workplaces in Silicon Valley, New York, Florida, and Spain, also innovation centers in several countries like Latin America.

Website: http://www.belatrixsf.com/

2. Big Drop Inc

Big Drop Inc is a leading digital agency of web development that has specialties in website designing, mobile apps, custom development with workplaces in Los Angeles and New York.

BigDrop Inc

By more than 55 reviewers and clients, it has been appraised on Google+ 5 out of 5. It handles as full-service abilities crosswise over the web design and development, marketing through branding, working with clients to open value through innovation, technology, and brainstorming. Client portfolio ranges from co-venturing setups to business projects.

Website: https://www.bigdropinc.com/

3. Clarion Technologies

It is an IT outsourcing company with solutions provider having driving technology specializing services in web, mobile and technology. The unique commitment model enables their clients to use the best of the outsourcing world with highly skilled resources, world-class specialized technical supervision, and infrastructure.

Clarion Technologies

For several small and medium companies and pioneering start-ups across the world it has been an innovation partner. Across North America and Europe, it has more than 1000 clients.

Website: https://www.clariontech.com/

4. Commerce Pundit

It is an office of Web Service having Design & Development, Inbound Marketing and Marketplace Management specialization. It worked with various clients going from new companies to set up organizations worldwide. The goal since the advent has been bettering their website design, brand presence, and functionality.

Commerce Pundit

They empower the customers for a user-friendly web experience for online revenue increment and automate everyday tasks utilizing specific website solutions. It has a skilled team of experienced developers who are certified and pride themselves on learning a client’s difficulties and getting a solution. The key to the achievement exists in their creative thinkers, enthusiastic designers and devoted developers who will remain determined to give the most ideal possible services.

Website: https://www.commercepundit.com/

5. Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto is one of the leading companies among its competitors in providing web development solutions with a vast range service like PHP development, Laravel development, Yii, Angular JS, WordPress development and many more.

Magneto IT Solutions

Through web development, they create box web solutions for the clients that assist them in future use for their customers with the implementation of the advanced technologies with good strategy. With 650+ happy customers and 70+ competent and certified resources, What sets them apart from the rest of the crowd is their patience to understand your requirements and their tools and technologies to instill them while developing best websites.

Website: https://magnetoitsolutions.com/

6.Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

It is one of the leading providersof Information Technology Solution. They served a client with a highly optimized solution for effective business development and operations.

Cyber Infrastructure

It has set up itself as the main name in giving remarkable technology solutions and services that adhere to worldwide recognized measures and most recent technology trends. Through the offerings, organizations achieve their business targets accordingly driving them to progress.

Website: https://www.cisin.com/

7. Diceus

It is a technology worldwide partner for market-leading products with high-tech innovations. It works over different workplaces with the development centers in the USA, Europe, and Asia.


It has a skilled technical team with a reliable business partner; it conveys solutions of enterprise-grade to global brands and huge enterprises. Proactively the team works to search the new edges of value to accomplish the detailed business results. Projects are built that facilitate clients’ development and revenue growth. It is to assist enterprises for adaptation to a new IT environment that has become progressively differing and complex. Specialists are selected according to their domain of client’s business and project requirements. It is aimed at discovering solutions for cost-saving to the clients, without loss in service quality.

Website: https://diceus.com/

8. DockYard

It is a production company offering unique strategy digitally, plan the full stack developing, and custom programming consulting. It enables companies to transform ambitious, complex new thoughts into completely deployed into web applications using Elixir, Ember and Phoenix.


On the cutting edge of innovation, it frequently pioneers the field and invests intensely in the open-source network. The firm is brilliant, relatable, and knowledgeable about current required application design, UX and architecture. The integrated methodology enables us to tackle issues rapidly with stability and maintainability.

Website: https://dockyard.com/


It enables the transformation of clients in their businesses digitally by giving expert software developing and consultancy services. It delivers advanced technological developments to huge enterprises and technology challengers, improving the manner in which they work and boosting the esteem they make for the world.


Their 1,400+ experts located in the Delivery Centres crosswise over Eastern Europe and sales offices in Europe, US and UK, give the clients with a full variety of software services. These include product development, R&D and technology-related consulting teams.

Website: http://eleks.com/

10. Terasol Technologies

This firm is to develop apps that would assist people to learn and grow with technology. Every member shares the motivation of working towards creating apps that would not only make history but also give people the chance of experiencing technology they didn’t imagine could become an important portion of their lives.

Terasol Technology

A lot has changed since they built up their first app; they have developed with each project and refined skills to serve nothing short of perfection.

Website: https://www.terasoltechnologies.com/

11. Innovify

It is one amongst the leading organizations for product development aims at tech-empowered innovation to create front line custom software solutions. They assisted clients from different sectors and backgrounds create a variety of hontheir winning digital products like mobile applications, web platforms and many more.


It delivers projects with simple ideas to develop with innovation into trending businesses. It also manages the whole product development life-cycle over the full range of internet-enabled smart devices, like web and mobile.

Website: http://innovify.com/

12. Intellectsoft

It is a consultancy firm with the advanced transformation that has been helping worldwide companies and built up established brands rethink their business by developing impactful digital programming solutions powered by the recent technologies.

Intellect Soft

It is to guide enterprises to select adoption of new technologies, untangling the complex issues that always arise during digital development, and manage on-going innovation.

Website: https://www.intellectsoft.net/

13. Kohactive

It is a software plan, design, and development organization that deals with clients to create web and mobile products. They assist organizations to explore the vulnerabilities of product development through a proven procedure.


They utilize an agile methodology, a client feedback loop, and the latest tools to deliver unique products. Software is changing the way businesses work and communicate with clients and other organizations. They guide companies to create extraordinary products that carry them closer to their clients, automate their internal procedures, and enable them to develop.

Website: https://www.kohactive.com/

14. Matellio

It is a software developing firm with much experience in providing innovative and leading software solutions. Various clients range from small start-ups to huge enterprises worldwide.


Fully skilled development team to design and create technical solutions and products. The company works closely with the clients to utilize in order to make a great idea into living. They focus on creating strategically a long-term partnership with the clients in the process of exceeding their expectations utilizing their in-depth developing skills and latest design aesthetic.

Website: https://www.matellio.com/

15. MentorMate

It is a firm dealing with complicated business challenges with customized software development. The strategists, designers, architects, developers, and quality assurance engineers involve in onshore movement with considering offshore delivering value for clients economically.


They plan great, design smartly and quickly develop for all requirements of projects and the teams transforming digital ideas with services totally. Working across different regulatory conditions, the skilled employees answer business requirements with connecting experiences in multiple lines of business.

Website: https://rubygarage.org/


It assists business transformation with cloud-based software solutions using advanced technologies.


Working at the crossing point of lean product development, client-driven structure, and developing excellence, it creates dynamic, scalable, esteem software applications that solve serious problems. Execution is created into the DNA assisting into:

  • Adopt current processes
  • Provide guidance at executive-level
  • Transformation of ingrained cultures
  • Deliver quality software continuously
  • Build highly adaptable software optimized for cloud-native
  • Website: http://www.mojotech.com/

    17. Promatics Technologies

    It offers software services for web and mobile platforms end to end. Specialists remain in executing nascent and cutting edge web and mobile technologies with a goal to blend adaptability, productivity, interoperability and versatility to deliver quality service almost similar to the most reliable frameworks in terms of providing client’s operation an edge over the challenge.


    Website: http://www.promaticsindia.com/

    18. Sunflower Lab

    It provides a chance to develop products that assist organizations to transform how they create a business. It is a fast-developing, digital product and innovations firm with workplaces in North America and India.

    SunFlower Lab

    It helps growing startups and worldwide brands create innovative, beautiful custom technical solutions. They focus on developing products that show an impact.

    Website: http://www.thesunflowerlab.com/

    19. Syberry Corporation

    It is to help customers with clear pricing, transparent communication, and exceptional quality. The developing company and a perfect technology partner for the business.

    Syberry Corporations

    The worldwide business model converts to high-quality products and experiences with cost-efficient for customers. It created around 150 customized business applications for companies from growing start-ups and medium-sized businesses, to the level of enterprise systems for industry leaders.

    Website: https://www.syberry.com/

    20. Unleashed Technologies

    It is a client-focused professional team with an interest in creating, developing and managing websites and digital experiences.

    Unleashed Technologies

    In the development and design era it is like a recognized global leader where the proactive development model enhances the clients to highly expect their goals while integrating the team with theirs. A blend of technology, creativity, and strategy needs to transform and generate business.

    Website: https://rubygarage.org/

    21. Uruit

    It is a software development company using agile methodologies to offer web application development solutions with a goal in front-end development for the premiere innovative product companies.

    UruIT Solutions

    The skilled team of software developers and designers is focussed about building successful digital products that give users with valid experiences.

    Website: https://www.uruit.com/

    21.West Coast Infotech

    It has been delivering software related development and IT services. It generates a business based domain knowledge where the proven methodologies and technology specialist of skilled software professionals are to be delivered high-quality solutions.

    West Coast Infotech

    Clients share the requirements to have a software solution developed to generate revenue sources, set the communication channels or streamline the business operations.

    Website: https://westcoastinfotech.com/web-development/