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Top eCommerce Marketing Agencies | 2023

Over the last decade, online retail has made a huge difference by going from nowhere to be a massive market shareholder. We have noticed that in a concise time frame, E-commerce has proved to be revolutionary in shopping. Through eCommerce, there is an increase in online retail spending in emerging markets above typical levels. The list of top eCommerce marketing firms is provided to you by SelectedFirms based on the caliber of their client testimonials, reviews, and portfolios.

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List of Top eCommerce Marketers

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What is eCommerce marketing?

The process of using promotional strategies for driving traffic to an online store, then converting the traffic to customers, and after purchase, the retention of those customers is known as eCommerce marketing. A comprehensive marketing strategy for eCommerce consists of marketing schemes on and off the website. A good marketing tactic can help build brand awareness, develop customer loyalty and increase online sales.

For promoting an online store, one can use eCommerce marketing tools for the whole business or even focus on sales of some chosen products. There are many practical methods, and some of the best ones are:

  • Instagram integration – One of the keys to mastering the organic presence on Instagram is engaging with followers; with detailed photos, strategically chosen hashtags, and posting at active times, one can grow well in terms of followers and people who will be genuinely interested in that product.
  • Facebook store launch – Facebook can also be seen as a good platform for eCommerce and social media marketing as it is pretty easy to make sales through the Facebook store. In addition, integrating the Facebook store directly with the eCommerce platform means keeping inventory will not be required.
  • Upselling – Upselling sells a marginally more premium product than the customer initially considered and anticipated. In some businesses, this approach can be more beneficial than gathering new customers as there are times that the customers aren’t aware of the availability of a premium product, or they need proof of how a premium version of the product they want better fits their need.
  • Email campaign improvements – Rather than acquiring a group of email addresses, for the channel to have a sound eCommerce activity, there is also a need to send valuable and regular emails.

Why is it important to hire an eCommerce marketing agency for your online business?

It is crucial to hire eCommerce SEO companies as they help online businesses achieve sales and revenue growth. Nowadays, around a couple of billion users are doing online shopping around the world; it is to be concluded that in the eCommerce business, eCommerce agencies play an essential role.

Here we list down some of the top reasons for hiring an eCommerce agency:

  • New idea flow – By working with an eCommerce agency, new ways and approaches for eCommerce tactics can be known for generating more sales. With the help of an in-house marketing team of eCommerce, a firm can get new and fresh marketing ideas for winning new customers for the business.
  • Low operational costs – In the long run, hiring eCommerce agencies can initially cost a fragment of the running cost. However, it is important to see that an eCommerce agency can meet all the needs of all the phases of the business, like a one-stop solution, by cutting out unwanted efforts and wastage of extra resources. Hiring them can also eliminate the unseen costs of healthcare, subscription of tools, recruitment, salaries, etc.
  • Customized experiences – When someone visits an online store website, the first impression is essential because if they don’t like the layout design to be attractive, they will leave the site. Hiring an eCommerce agency here gives the business advantage and stands ahead of its competitors. With hands-on experience in custom design creations and shopping techniques for engaging more customers to buy from their store, a good eCommerce agency can boost up the online shopping site.
  • The use of SEO technicalities – The form of marketing that deals with the creation, publishing, and distribution of content to online targeted audiences is called content marketing. Hiring a good eCommerce SEO agency can help optimize the content with SEO to reach different customers, leading to the generation of leads and providing good results.

What different services does an eCommerce marketing/advertising company provide?

The bigger goals for managing an online store are to increase transaction volume and generation of revenue. There are many ways and channels to accomplish it with the help of an eCommerce marketing company that knows what tactics and channels will best fit the business. Understanding the services provided through these channels and their relationship with each other is important to get positive results.

  • SEO – Almost 80% of those who use Google only focus on organic search results. It is possible to generate higher figures on conversion rate if the eCommerce site gets noticed by these organic users. Here is where the SEO services help.
  • Social Media services – The figures of online buyers show that, on purchases from Instagram, there is an extra 40% more spent than the other channels; also, around 60% of users buy products after clicking on a Facebook search ad. Here we see the power of eCommerce marketing experts' social media marketing services.
  • Content services – Through content marketing services, products can be distributed to customers using infographics, blog posts, videos, etc. In addition, content services help reach them through the internet.
  • Media which is paid – This service helps display the product to the right customers at the best possible time, i.e., when they are primarily looking for it. It is a good tactic, especially for sales leads of the "in-market" type.
  • Email services –  Email services provided help the eCommerce business a lot. The more contextual and engaging emails give good results as they help decrease carts that are abandoned escalate up-sells and improve engagement and loyalty of customers.
  • Optimizing conversion rate – As increasing traffic in the shopping site is essential, it is more vital if the traffic meets desired goals. There are many ways to increase conversion rate through A/B testing, behavioral analysis, video recordings, and many more.

Popular eCommerce marketing tools used by eCommerce marketing experts

The eCommerce marketing business is rapidly growing, along with the advancement of technology. As a result, it is more competitive than any other business in 2022 and is multiplying as a part of the total sales on a global level. However, along with growth, sophistication matters too, which has led to the development of some magnificent software that helps assist businesses online. So, for the increase in profits for a business and its brand value, eCommerce marketers employ many marketing tools.

Most popular eCommerce marketing most trending tools are, among the eight significant domains, are listed below in the categories of the domain to which they are applied:

  • Analytical tools for eCommerce business: Google Analytics and Kissmetrics are trending in this domain.
  • Tools for eCommerce Store Owners: Elementor.
  • Content marketing tools for eCommerce business: Google Docs, Respona, Grammarly and Canva
  • Email marketing tools for eCommerce business: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaigns, Omnisend, Klaviyo, and GetResponse.
  • Marketing automation tools for eCommerce business: Zapier,, Google Marketing Platform, and Drift.
  • Optimization Tools for eCommerce business: Hotjar and CrazyEgg.     
  • Social media marketing tools for eCommerce business: Facebook Ads and AdEspresso.
  • SEO and SEM tools for eCommerce business: SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Ads, and AdNabu.

A detailed guide to choosing the right eCommerce marketing company for your business

Our search for the right eCommerce marketing agency should keep two parameters as priorities: one, the agency should be within our budget, and another, that agency should align with our timeline and expectations.

Here are some of the top parameters that should be considered while choosing the right one for our business:

  • Target market and goal specifying – Before hiring an eCommerce marketing company, the first thing to do is to have a clear and sound set of goals and target market.
  • Schedule and budget assessment – Money and time are both critical, yet both are limited. These are the resources one should budget for. So, it is crucial to assess how much time that agency will need and what our company's budget is.
  • Background check is crucial – It is vital for the company hiring the agency to do background checks on the latter to verify its credibility as a marketing agency, despite the information on them that is given on their website.
  • Analysis of case studies – For obtaining more in-depth and detailed information about the eCommerce digital marketing agency's performance, analyzing different case studies can be an excellent way to do so. With the help of them, one can be able to obtain data that is comparative, reviews as well as testimonials.
  • Fees comparison – After finding a few eCommerce marketing companies through assessing their services and reviews, the cost will be the last factor in choosing one. After thoroughly comparing the prices offered for each service, selecting the agency that imparts the most value is wise.

In-house eCommerce marketing agency Vs. outsourcing marketing company

Choosing the type of eCommerce marketing agency suitable for an organization depends on what is best for that organization. However, determining it is not simple.

Here are some of the properties and comparisons between In-house eCommerce advertising agencies and outsourcing marketing companies to help businesses to know which one feels like the right option for them:

In-house eCommerce marketing and advertising –

The most crucial benefit of this type of marketing agency is its connection between the brand and the agency. It almost resembles a single team.

An in-house eCommerce marketing agency will know everything about the company and be completely integrated with it. The insiders will handle the campaigns as they share the brand's mission and value. This type of agency aligns its goals and objectives with being the same as the brand to make the company succeed.

Outsourcing marketing and advertising –

The vital benefit of this type of agency is that it is separate from the company itself.

It is important to rely on marketers who have a different point of view, like that of an outsider. Also, since their perspective differs from the company's, they are not projected to the "tunnel vision" of seeing something from a stagnant perspective. Because of this, they can help the company thrive by bringing on uniqueness.

Another benefit of using this type of agency is that the business won't have to worry about layoffs or turnover. Although this implies little turnover, the company is not concerned about the associated costs. Additionally, third-party advertising can adapt to the new requirements in circumstances of growth or contraction.


How much does an eCommerce marketing company charge for its services?

For the complete cost of working with an eCommerce marketing company, there must be a discussion of the range of expenses that are expected to be paid for their different services:

  • Development of eCommerce –  An eCommerce agency's most costly service is to develop an eCommerce solution. The website's functionality, design, and platform impact the cost of a project like that. It is expected to cost around $30k to over $500k when working with that eCommerce company.
  • Cost related to email marketing – To hire an eCommerce email marketing agency to handle the company's email marketing, the price ranges around $2k each month. This monthly range will not be impacted by the campaign frequencies, list size, and inclusion of template design or not.
  • Support plans (annual) –  For covering the things the company requires for online selling and marketing their product, an agreement of an annual support plan with an eCommerce marketing agency helps. The cost will lie within $30k to over $144k annually.
  • Rate on an hourly basis – For a few projects, per-hour charging is the best choice, or sometimes even a necessity. In that case, the expectation of cost among the team members of the eCommerce agency ranges from $140 to $250 on an hourly basis.


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