6 Innovative Lead Generation Strategies in Digital Marketing

Are you a small or medium-sized business owner who finds generating leads challenging? You are not alone. Regardless of size, this issue affects the majority of businesses worldwide. Let's check out some Lead generation techniques that will help you grow

Whether your business is small, that you’re operating it from your car garage, or a big one with an army of the workforce, one thing is sure in both cases – your business will fall flat without quality leads.


Yes. Quality leads are inevitable for not just thriving but also for prolonging your business.


It doesn’t need you to be equipped with super-human capacities to comprehend the role of business leads; it is pretty simple – Leads keep your business running and help you evolve.


In their best-seller book, David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried said: “Evolution happens on Success, not on Failure.’


Unfortunately, lead generation is a key area in which businesses fail most and fail fast.


And, here is a research study showing that over 50% of marketers find it hard to convert leads. And, especially in competition-packed niches, it is overwhelmingly prevalent.




You don’t need to worry because I will discuss 6 innovative lead-generation strategies in digital marketing.


1- Create Lead Magnets


Believe it or not, the lead magnet is the game-changer. If you want to stand as ‘Lead-generation machines', you’ll have to come up with practical ideas for lead magnets.


Let me ease it up if you’re unfamiliar with a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a free item, or anything marketers offer to their visitors and potential customers in exchange for contact information i.e.,free powerpoint templetes,  videos, eBooks and coupons, etc.


What could be an easy way to maximize your leads other than this?


Isn’t it?


Just build an email list and start capturing quality leads. There are secret sauces to create an effective email list that will lead to the success of your lead magnet:


Develop a perception of ‘Being highly valuable’ in your domain: You should add more value to the readers than your competitors offer. For example, although most companies use video tools, although they are time-saving, on the other hand, eBooks and coupons have more value.


Showcase your USP (Unique Selling Proposition): When your target audience gets their hands around your lead magnet, there should be a reason why they should use your service or buy your products and what makes you different than to other services providers and product suppliers.


Be a Problem-Solver: Likewise, your audience wants full-fledged solutions online, so your lead magnet can resolve their needs and issues. Great; you can build an email list anytime. The best thing is when you create lead magnets in your contact list; your chances of converting leads increase. Therefore, increasing your email list subscribers means you can comfortably convert leads into customers.


2- Make Intelligent Use of Social Media


Do you think social media is only for befriending people, sharing their thoughts, and criticizing the US president for eerie remarks on climate change?


No way, social media has power over it. It has big opportunities for businesses to market their products and services and make the most of their presence. Rest assured: If done right, social media marketing can generate massive traffic to your site.


On average, 55 % of internet users make flings on social media. Trust me – they use it daily, giving various platforms enormous data. This humongous data is vital for social media generation. So why don’t you rightly use this vast data to target your audience?



Possibly, there are reasons why businesses should use social media to improve lead generation:


1. All new and old websites have to spend big bucks of money just to get ranked on search engines for the keywords of their choices.


2. Search engine marketing is more challenging than ever before. Every year there are new updates by Google and various other search engines. That’s why; many websites that had previously ranked without effort are now on the verge of losing their traffic. As a result, these websites are looking for alternatives to succeed in the digital marketing landscape.


3. A social media campaign costs $1 for conversion, whereas, on search engines, it could cost $4 – $5.


How can your business generate leads through Social Media?


Most businesses use social media platforms for their campaigns because they are cost-effective to the selective target audience.

Social media campaigns will always be an inevitable part of the digital marketing sphere. At first, people thought of social media as another way to build a brand presence. However, over time, this approach has changed. From small businesses promoting their content on social media to big companies producing gated content, social media has completely changed dimensions. By creating gated content on WordPress, businesses can effectively capture leads by offering valuable resources in exchange for contact information.


Following are the best social media lead generation tips that will help immensely:


  • Run contests on social media
  • Share links to gated content on your social media platforms
  • Social media advertising
  • Live videos and webinars
  • Click through to a landing page
  • Use geo-targeted search intelligently


3. Use Effective and Smart Lead Generations Tools for Digital Marketing Campaigns


A thing that can help businesses leapfrog from mediocrity to best outcomes. It is marketing automation. Since all lead generation tools are AI-powered, this process has become more streamlined and targeted.


Let’s say a visitor comes to your site for a solution and is looking for helpful information to help him make a purchase decision.


Won’t it be good if you could prioritize the content you want to show to your target audience based on their preferences and demographics? Or should they be guided on a personalized journey of discovery unless they are not ready for conversion? Won’t it make buyers’ journeys more manageable, right?


For example, a tool that can successfully employ lead generation is OptinMonster: it can predict and apply the best action for visitors, helping them with a personalized and seamless experience to clients’ websites. As it provides prospects with the concise content required to move them forward in the sales funnel, OptinMonster helps marketers easily convert visitors into qualified leads without relying much on manual work.


Another great lead generation tool that you must try is ‘Marketo’.


Ask any successful marketer, and he will tell you that your form is what separates you from other companies yearning for the lead. Marketo is a tool that can help build high-converting lead captures form. In addition, it has built-in analytics to help you better understand your leads and design forms. I assure you it will pave a new way to generate leads for your business.


4- Revisit your About Page


Your company’s About page is your brand ambassador. It tells 'what you do,' what your mission is, or 'who is in your team', but, despite how it's made or packaged, it should serve your business's only purpose – Lead Generation.


The majority of people neglect this fact. If your about page is conflicting, poorly worded, and missing a persuasion, all lead generation efforts will be wasted.


What Makes a Good About Page?


  • It should be focused on key features and make it distraction-free.
  • Forms on-page shouldn’t be intimidating.
  • Your ‘About page’ should speak to a specific audience.
  • Collect the right and specific information about your prospects and rightly describe them on the 'About page.'
  • Persuade your users to access other pages without any difficulty.
  • Always include a well-defined value proposition in your headline.
  • Small copies with digestible content are handy.
  • End your About page with CTA (Call-To-Action).
  • Add eye-catching images and graphics for the best visual presentation of your ideas.


Two Examples of Best About Page:


1- Pardot


Millions of people use Pardot for B2B marketing automation every day.


It is the smart part behind Salesforce Pardot’s about page.


It’s a great example of how to use such a page as a sort of pre-sales platform. It is simple but effective and shows how greener your lead generation forest will be with it.


2- Band


The band is Portland, Oregon-based multidisciplinary creative studio. Their About Us page defines true minimalism and clarity because it is made with handwritten type.


Such an ‘About page’ adds more uniqueness and personality to design when customers will approach your website with the hope of getting effective solutions. This clean, simplified, and eye-catching look-and-feel is an excellent example of the best About page.


By optimizing your about page, you will be able to strengthen your main connection point for your customers and help you boost lead generation efforts significantly. Although realistically, it is not easy as it seems to create pages and other landing pages for business, you can do this by taking expert web developers on board and you will begin to see results in no time.


5- Engage in Questions and Answers on Quora


Undoubtedly, valuable content on your website is a great way to improve your brand visibility.


But making your content come on the first page of search engine results is not easy. Most importantly, if your website is new and you have no authority in your niche. Then, maybe, it's not surprising to get not more than 100-page views each month.


Here is a way to help you expand your content outreach and brand awareness without spending a cent. And, it is ‘Quora’. By definition, it is a Q&A site but it helps drive traffic and generate quality leads. With this website, you can comfortably reach more than 100 million people a month. In other words, Quora has solutions for everybody and every professional, from content marketers to software developers and academicians, etc.


That’s why; it has become so profound in value that even big tech companies run online sessions in which experts give answers to the question people in real-time. So, if they can, why don’t you?


Quick Fix:


All you need to do is to look for questions related to your area of specialty and domain and answer them with outstanding professionalism. And, once you look more helpful and focused, people will consider you an expert and trusted service provider. Undoubtedly, engaging and producing quality leads is a more resourceful way.


Quora is an arena where the law of reciprocity comes into action, and people will start to reach out to you with timely solutions.


6- Influencers are the Driving force


No one can deny that winning the trust of customers is not easy. They have their doubts, past bad experiences, and so much more. However, with influencers, they know how to promote your products and services, and with their assistance, you can easily win the confidence of your target audience.


Take it this way, someone (An influencer) with authority in your niche endorses your business; won’t it be possible that people will start paying attention to your brand, service, or product?


They and your customers will love to try their hands around your services because you have a back of influencers for your support.


I share a McKinsey Research that tells, ‘Word of mouth generates 2X the sales compared to traditional advertising.’


Therefore, try to team up with influencers with the authority of your domain and niche, but they shouldn’t be your direct competitors. This cross-promotion on social media and your website will improve results for both parties. Don’t shy away from taking advantage of third-party endorsements, and be ready for the conversion of leads into loyal customers.


Final Words:


Lead generation might seem challenging, but it is not a hard nut to crack. If done in the right way, it can drive revenue. These are the lead generation tactics that can generate results within a specified time frame only, and if only they are implemented in the right way, so


1- Create lead magnets
2- Make intelligent use of social media
3. Use practical and smart lead-generation tools for digital marketing campaigns
4- Revisit your About page
5- Engage in questions and answers on Quora
6- Influencers are the driving force


With these 6 innovative ways, digital marketing companies can generate high-quality leads with zero bounce rates within a short period.

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