Interview With CEO Of MoogleLabs - Ganesh Verma

Get an inside look into MoogleLabs and the inspiring journey of CEO Ganesh Verma. Learn how he went from a small-town boy to leading one of the most innovative tech companies in the world.

Selected Firms in an exclusive interview with Ganesh Verma, CEO of MoogleLabs


1. Tell us about your company and how MoogleLabs got started on this journey.


MoogleLabs is an IT solutions company leveraging technologies such as blockchain, data science, AI/ML, metaverse, Web 3.0, and DevOps. Our company is entirely dedicated to providing services that can deliver vast scope for innovation and next-gen technologies.  


Our seasoned developers and tech enthusiasts believe in making people's lives easier with futuristic technology. Therefore, we develop brilliant, bespoke services per our clients' core requirements.


MoogleLabs commenced its operations under the umbrella of Seasia Infotech, the mother company of MoogleLabs. From there, we began our journey of building great solutions; throughout the years, we have achieved milestones every day.


2. As the CEO of MoogleLabs, how do you guide your team, and what results do you anticipate?


As a CEO, I strive to inspire my team to reach their full potential. I find the most effective way to do so. I founded MoogleLabs with a vision to deliver services that can leverage next-gen technologies. Conversations must be approached with an open mind and a progressive outlook for optimum results in running an organization. As far as my expectations from my team, I expect them to be able to communicate their ideas without any hesitation and give their best daily.


3. What is the greatest achievement of MoogleLabs so far?


So far, MoogleLabs has grown only by leveraging the latest and advanced technologies such as machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), DevOps, Blockchain, and Data Analytics. Overall, 2022 has been a remarkable year for us. We have come up with profitable solutions in less than no time. MoogleLabs has seen a massive growth trajectory thanks to our team's consistent efforts in the right direction.


4. What methodology does MoogleLabs take when undertaking a mobile app project?


MoogleLabs follow Agile methodology for a mobile app project, as we know that agile methodology processes a project by breaking it down into several phases. Agile involves constant collaboration and continuous improvement at every stage throughout the project's progress. Our team begins and cycles through the project with valuable planning, on-time execution, and consistent evaluation, which drive an excellent outcome.


5. What gives MoogleLabs the upper hand compared to its other competitors in the industry?


MoogleLabs is focused on working with the latest technologies; we are competitive, which drives us to deliver the best. Keeping up with brilliant technologies and ultimately tapping into the power of advanced methods gives us an edge over the rest of IT companies.


6. What parameters does MoogleLabs consider when deciding which app development platform to use?


Before commencing a mobile app development project, we consider the following key factors:

  • We do extensive market research and define the app's target audience,
  • Then comes choosing the right development platform,
  • We, as a team, work on a planned set of actions,
  • Development of marketing strategy, and
  • Work on the app's user interface and user experience.


7. What technological advancements can we expect to see over the coming years, and how will they drive growth and innovation?


Future technologies such as metaverse, Web 3.0, and blockchain are expected to grow greatly. As an organization focusing on bringing revolution, we are ever-ready to work on exciting projects. In the coming few years, we can witness extraordinary technologies sprouting from every corner of the world.


8. Given the recent buzz surrounding the term "Metaverse," what are your thoughts?


The metaverse is a technology that is bound to grow. The internet has evolved, which has made metaverse the new sparkling technology. Companies are curious to experiment and practice innovation with the metaverse. As an organization that works with advanced technologies, we have delivered a few successful metaverse solutions and plan to provide more with excellent features.


9. In your opinion, what would be the key components for ensuring the utmost client gratification?


Customer satisfaction is a priority for MoogleLabs. For beginners, a company needs to gain in-depth insights into clients' behavior, needs, and preferences. Many different factors impact a consumer's experience throughout the entire journey. 


To meet customer satisfaction, you can practice the following:

  • Develop a robust customer support system,
  • Ensure your employees are healthy and happy,
  • Use customer data to full potential,
  • Do your best to figure out what your consumers want,
  • Cash in as many honest clients reviews as you can.


10. What would be your ultimate advice to all entrepreneurs after being in the game for so long?


Always be focused and deliver what you promise. As an entrepreneur, you need to take risks to know what works best but, at the same time, remain calm and attentive. It is imperative to be present and explore what can be turned into an opportunity. Plus, I'll add the below tips:

  • Be attentive and look for solutions before giving up,
  • Ensure to understand your client's requirements entirely before starting a project,
  • Craft solutions that bring out the best innovative approach,
  • Don't go too harsh on yourself; practice self-love often.

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