Top 11 Most Popular Taxi & Cab Booking Apps To Use Around The World

Top 11 Most Popular Taxi & Cab Booking Apps To Use Around The World

Ever thought of booking a cab and riding to destination with just one click? If the answer is no, then it requires a reality check! The world is changing, and so the technology. With the arrival of mobile apps for industries such as automobiles, their management is looking for new ways to offer smooth services to their customers.

In earlier times, one has to wait at the end of the road for a taxi for longer times. Even after finding a taxi, they have to bargain with them to reach their destination at affordable prices. Now, not the case anymore!
Several companies have recently come with a novel plan by developing user-friendly cab booking apps that have not only reduced the time taken to reach one’s destination in the given period but without losing much from their pocket.

Now, everyone possesses a smartphone where they can download a taxi booking app and swipe through it to book a taxi to reach their last stop without much difficulty. What’s more, there are some interesting facts revealed by Statista. According to it:

  • Revenue generation from taxi booking apps will reach US$365,912 million in 2024 from US$192,276 million in 2020
  • Forecast of 1,588.20 million users of taxi booking apps by 2024
  • User penetration rate will be at a higher position to 20.6% by 2024

If there is further analysis of the given facts, one can come to the point that traditional taxi services have been moving towards online mode. Why? To make their facilities more transparent to their customers those were not present before. Furthermore, automobile manufacturers are pouring millions of dollars’ worth of investment in developing taxi booking apps. It has resulted in significant growth in the given market segment manifold.
Apart from the given fact, the continuous requirement of cab sharing applications has also created an opportunity among cab booking app development companies in offering the best cab services to their beloved customers.

Before moving further, let’s understand the economic value of the online taxi business in creating a profitable venture for companies to indulge in developing taxi booking apps. With the presence of such online applications, the commuters and companies alike are in a favorable position because:

  • Passengers can book or cancel their ride without losing their money
  • Drivers can check the customer’s details, and then only accept their request
  • The payment option is through an online medium that is suitable for both the drivers and passengers
  • Passengers can send their reviews and feedback immediately after completion of their ride

With such benefits, why should one dial the taxi agencies or wait on the road to call a cab? Just take out a smartphone, tap on the booking app, book the taxi, and ride to their destination. That’s it!

In the given article, there will be a complete discussion about the top players who offer robust taxi booking mobile apps that comes with modern technology, keeping in mind the latest trend.

So, one must tighten their seat belt and quickly escape to the world of comfort and easy ride just using the numerous world-class cab booking apps!

1. Uber

Uber is one of the most loved taxi booking apps with a presence in more than 60 countries worldwide. And it has more than 110 million active users as per the reports of Statista. Besides, it has generated global net revenue worth US$ 26 billion during the early 2020s (before the COVID-19 pandemic played havoc). At present, 67% of the taxi booking services in the USA are under the radar of Uber.

How Uber comes to dominate the taxi services whole over the world? The answer lies in the fact that it is the perfect choice for every commuter who wants to travel to their destination at an affordable price. Also, its app is more customer-oriented as it is evident in offering customers to track the vehicle wisely. Even, it promotes online payment more to the convenience of the customers.

An interesting note about Uber is that it offers a discount option called UberPOOL, where the customers can ride with strangers with little expense.

Besides, there are varieties of riding services from Uber with different pricing options and includes: Uber X, Uber XL, Uber Select, Uber Black, and Uber Comfort. So, Uber can rightly be called- “The Big Daddy of Taxi Riding Services.”

2. Ola

It is the second-best taxi booking app after Uber and is popular in rising economic power, India. It is expanding at a faster pace with a presence in more than 100 cities across India. With just a few clicks, one can access the traveling options as swiftly as possible.

How Ola get access to instant fame in just a little time? The answer is that it tracks the location in real-time with the help of GPS. Moreover, it offers a great range of security to its commuters by allowing the collaboration of customers with drivers for hassle-free travel.

It has a wide range of vehicle types, starting from Ola Auto (more commonly ‘tuk-tuks’) to small carts to high-comfort sedans.

Since its inception, it has not seen backward. They had a net worth of Rs. 2,222 crores by 2018. What’s more, it has also expanded its user base in foreign countries such as Australia, The UK, and New Zealand.

One of the best parts of Ola is that it offers verified drivers and gives high priority to cleanliness resulting in a high satisfaction rate among its customers. As it operates mostly in India, it accepts both cash and online payments.

An interesting aspect of the Ola is that it is the first taxi service provider in India that comes with electric charged eco-friendly vehicles with funding from non-other than Ratan Tata. Besides, its app comes with offers such as free Wi-Fi with many discounts and cashback offers.

3. Lyft

Lyft is the largest taxi booking app Company with headquarters in California, USA. It has a base in about 300 cities that includes New York, San Francisco, and many more and has now extended its services across nine cities present in neighbor Canada. It is capable of managing more than 1 million rides daily in the most effective manner.

Many people who have used its riding found traveling through Lyft smooth, convenient, and secure, and thus made their journey a memorable one. Lyft booking app comes with five riding types that include: XL, Lux, Lux Black, and Lux Black XL.

What is its most outstanding feature? It lies in the fact of permitting the commuter to schedule their journey a week in advance. Besides, it offers jobs to only those drivers that fulfill the following criteria: clean background, valid license, and clearance from DMV.

An interesting fact about Lyft from Zebra Magazine is that the average waiting time on its app is only 6 seconds. Wow! One must say that it is an interesting taxi booking app compelling all the commuters to reckon with awe!

4. Hailo

It is the fastest growing online taxi companies across the UK and is one of the most trusted cab booking services. Besides London, it has expanded its wings to countries such as Ireland, Spain, and many other countries of the European Union. To date, it has been able to raise funds of $125.1 million successfully with investment from personalities like business baron; Sir Richard Branson also.

It comes with features such as the presence of verified licensed drivers, real-time tracking systems, and simple payment options. However, what differentiates it from other booking apps is a unique feature that permits a user to book a cab for their guests.

Plus, it has recently added a new feature called e-pay in its app so that people can pay their rent directly from the app. What’s more, its premium users can also ride business class comfortably.

Another interesting fact about Hailo is that even physically disabled people can book it to ride to their journey as it also comes with a wheelchair-accessible vehicle especially to the nearby airport terminal. A much social service app contributing to the well-being of every person!

5. Gett

Formerly known by the name GetTaxi, it is an Israel-based mobility enterprise that now operates in more than 100 countries across the globe. It is a perfect option for booing and riding to the destination and why not? It is known for its punctuality in arriving on time, recruiting only expert drivers, and taking only cashless payment.

Gett works on simple, yet innovative idea-‘Treat drivers like family, and they will carefully treat their passengers well.’ Keeping the given idea in mind, it refuses to accept extra charge during the festive season, busy hours, and even during heavy rainfalls.

So, its flawless services have created interest among leading automobile enterprise, Volkswagen to invest around $300 million to ensure the smooth running of its business. Till date, it has been able to raise another $520 million funding that has led to becoming one of the top 15 fastest expanding companies by Forbes.

It comes with exclusive features such as booking for cab two weeks prior and offering traditional taxis and luxury limousine services. In the USA, it has collaborated with Lyft to offer its clients Lyft taxis through the Gett app at affordable prices.

6. Grab

Grab, formerly known as GrabTaxi, is one of the after sought taxi companies across countries of Southeast Asia and Japan. It has gained high popularity in these countries due to the offering of the fastest and easiest taxi booking options. Further, it has the largest fleets of vehicles with whooping 75,000 drivers at the service of the passengers. Its operation utilizes the location-sharing system model.

It comes with numerous choices to their commuters and includes GrabBike, GrabHitch, GrabShare, GrabFamily, etc. Besides, it is also known for taking extra care for its drivers by buying smartphones for them and earning through a cut obtained from booking fees.

Apart from that, it has ensured the selection of only the quality of private car services through Private Hire Care Vocational License (PHCVL) to prevent route fraud. Recently, it has also started a service called GrabPet (only in Singapore) where passengers with their pets can travel to their desired destination.

7. Heetch

A cab booking and sharing services started from Paris, France, and is now spread whole over France and French-speaking African countries. Its user-base consists of mostly those who seek transportation late at night.

The riding from Heetch taxis is cheap and with 200 active drivers present in the service of people a late night. Recently in a few months before the pandemic, it has been able to raise a good amount of $74.5 million that is no mean feat for a booking app like it.

Moreover, in the words of the CEO of Heetch; Teddy Pellerin: ‘mobility starts just after the dark’. So, to make the nightlife of people more vibrant, it uses the social transport model by reducing the transportation cost by whooping 30%, and even 5€ extra in-app for reference to the friend.

Does there is difficulty riding in an urban jungle late at night? No need to worry, as the passengers can the price and taxi-drivers within seconds and book them to enjoy their voyage more easily. So, a perfect taxi booking app for night-party lovers!

8. Didi Chuxing

Didi Chuxing, formerly known as Didi Dache, is an exclusive Chinese taxi booking app that has more than 550 million users served by millions of local drivers in more than 400 cities across mainland China.

It comes with exclusive services such as Didi Taxi (works on the request-dispatching system), Didi Express (services for same direction rides), Didi Premier (new services such as child seats, seats for disables and arrangement for pets), Enterprise Solution (business traveling services), Didi Luxe (offering luxury services), and many more.

Didi taxi-hailing app is one of the hi-tech apps that uses AI and Big Data to create a secure and intelligent driving system to mitigate traffic congestions and smooth transportation to the passengers.

An important part of the given app is that it also offers women-only services as Didi has 40% of the women employees who cater to the needs of the women well and remove the occurrence of any kind of gender bias faced by them.

9. Cabify

Cabify is the leading taxi booking apps across the world with emergence from a picturesque country, Spain. Besides Spain, it also provides taxi services in Spanish speaking Latin America.

It is well-known for offering one of the most transparent pricing models with no provision of hidden charges (means no price gauging). Moreover, it is ideal especially for corporate traveling, because they can hire cab via their smartphone mobile apps based on iPhone and Android.

How it become the best alternatives for booking a taxi by giving even Uber a run for the money? The answer is that it offers invoices, multiple account support, and an account manager so that people could make their business trip as smooth as possible. Moreover, one can book a cap for their friends and relatives in advance also.

An interesting fact about the Cabify app is that passengers will pay per kilometer, as shown in the given app. It implies that they have to pay only for the direct route, even if the driver has taken another one to reach the destination. Thus, it is dubbed as-‘Uber of Spanish Armada’.

10. Curb

Curb is proud to have over 50,000 taxis that have made it one of the leading USA cab-hailing apps. It has become popular taxi services in NYC, Las Vegas, Miami, and many more. With the help of the Curb booking app, the commuters can track and even reserve the destination for their benefit.

It offers its users three booking options that include: Ride Now (for immediate pickup), Ride Later (reserving taxi up to 24 hours), and Pairing with Payment (use of Curb app to pay immediately after the booking). As it has a high volume of taxis, many customers of Crab recommend using its app to avail of fast taxi services.

If someone wants to reimagine urban mobility, then use the Curb taxi booking app. Why? It is because it offers Para-transit, advertising solutions, and effective business travel to their needy customers. In some places, it has even defeated Uber due to the use of a high-tech system to make the riding more easy and comfortable.

11. Careem

When the taxi booking apps have become popular in every nook and corner, why the audience of the Middle-East left behind? The answer to it is Careem that is ready to give stiff competition to the taxi booking giant, Uber. Although it has now become a subsidiary of its former nemesis, still it has its own identity in the whole of the Arab world.

One of the reasons behind the foundation of the given app was to offer basic booking facilities to those who were unable to find an easy taxi booking solution. It has become so popular in the Middle East that in 2019, Uber acquired it for US$3.1 billion to take advantage of its fame.

An interesting fact about Careem is that 80% of customers are women. And so tap this resource pool, it offers various attractive discounts through its app appropriately. The given app has three payment options: credit card, cash, and invoice. Users can select through the app and pay as per their comfort.

Besides, it also comes with a variable reward system where the passengers can earn a point with every ride that automatically displays on the Careem app. It works with the sole motive to ease the pain of the people and thus known as the ‘Super cab booking app’.

Thought to Ponder

To make any business successful, one has to convert the innovative idea into a dashing reality. In today’s scenario, some of the best popular cab booking apps are breaking the stereotype and have become a necessity for the fast-moving populace across the world.

No matter how better services come manually, expanding them to the digital platform is what will decide the future of taxi services. While during the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is the digital platform where most of the businesses are operating successfully.

So, if one is planning to start their journey, use the best cab booking apps as stated above to book a ride with all safety measures (from Coronavirus) and make your voyage more exciting and wonderful.

How Can Selected Firms Help You?

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