Online and Offline Methods to Raise the Profile of Your eCommerce Business

Ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level? Learn how to effectively promote your brand both online and offline with these proven strategies.

Running any sort of online business can be tough, especially with the rising costs and overheads that can cut any profits you are making down to a pitiful amount. As well as the obvious cost-cutting exercises you need to perform, you will also need to look at getting more sales in the door.


Regardless of which niche your business occupies, one way of increasing sales is to increase the amount of people that can see what you have to offer, and to achieve this; you need to increase your profile. You can use several techniques to do this, but if you have only been selling on a platform like Amazon so far, you might not have any idea how to go about it. However, by looking at your choice, you can see which will work for your business or at least which of these methods to prioritize.


Sell on Other Platforms and Create Your Own Website


If you have only been selling on Amazon, then chances are, this is the entirety of your online presence. Having all your eggs in one basket like this does not just restrict your reach; it is also very risky. If Amazon decides they don't like you or what you are selling, your livelihood is gone overnight. You can combat this by selling on other platforms - eBay is the obvious choice here – but there might be others that are particular to your niche – and putting together your own website.


The benefits here are twofold. Firstly, you have an extra platform to sell your products, but just as importantly, you can be found online, and people can see what you are about. It's also not as intimidating as you might think. With tons of pick and pack providers around who can store and ship your products, you don't need to rely on just Amazon fulfillment This, in turn, brings an air of legitimacy to what you do, something that could put you ahead of other sellers who are much more anonymous.


Start or Grow Your Social Media Presence


If you haven't got an account for your business on the major social media platforms, then now is the time to do it – and if you have, you need to ensure you are posting regularly. This doesn't just have to be about your products; it can be about what you do and the values you have in key areas like sustainability. Customers tend to buy from companies whose outlook aligns with their own, so making it clear where you stand can be important when it comes to creating and building customer relationships.


You will need to find the right balance between product promotion and other content, and when you do, you need to look at which posts are shared the most. These will increase your profile and your follower count, which can only be good. If this is taking longer than you would like, using software or an agency can help you post more frequently and successfully.


Use Branded Items to Promote Your Business Offline


Everyone loves a free gift, and by including them in some of your orders, you can impress prospective customers. You need to think of the right gifts for your customer base and get them from a quality supplier so that you give your customers the right impression. By offering branded corporate gifts, they have your brand name on them, whoever wears or uses them will be advertising your brand for you.


Offering one-of-a-kind product that are relevant and needed by your target audience is the best way to stand out in the industry as an eCommerce brand. Introducing custom stitching into your product line can improve the perceived value and originality of your product, allowing it to stand out in a tough marketplace. This not only glorify the product image but can also create a closer bond with customers who value services merely focused on their needs and tastes.



You also need to consider what a quality gift with an order – you might make it for orders over a certain value only – can do for your long-term relationship with a customer. Receiving something extra in their package not only makes the act of unboxing more pleasurable, but a reward also makes them feel more valued as a customer and more likely to order again and become repeat customers. This simple act can also increase the chances of them leaving a positive review, which adds more legitimacy and encourages others to buy.


Offline Methods to Raise the Profile of an eCommerce Business


Businesses must employ a multi-faceted approach to increase their online profile. While online methods such as diversifying platforms, developing a strong social media presence, and using branded items can be highly effective, offline methods should not be overlooked. Incorporating offline strategies can complement online efforts and create a well-rounded marketing approach that maximizes visibility and brand exposure.


One potent offline method to raise the profile of an eCommerce business is through participation in trade shows and industry events. These events provide an excellent opportunity to showcase products, engage with potential customers face-to-face, and network with other industry players. Setting up an attractive booth with eye-catching displays and offering interactive experiences can leave a lasting impression on attendees. Furthermore, distributing branded promotional items like pens, notepads, or tote bags with the company logo can serve as tangible reminders of the business, ensuring continued exposure even after the event ends.


Collaborating with local businesses can also be a fruitful offline tactic. Partnering with complementary retailers or service providers to host joint events, promotions, or contests can significantly expand the reach of both businesses. Leveraging the local community's support can foster a sense of loyalty and trust, which can lead to increased word-of-mouth referrals and positive online reviews.


Investing in traditional advertising channels, such as billboards, print media, and direct mail campaigns, can be advantageous, especially when targeting specific geographic regions or demographics. While digital marketing dominates the modern landscape, some consumers still respond well to tangible, physical advertisements.


Sponsoring or organizing charity events and community initiatives is another impactful way to enhance the company's reputation and raise its profile offline. Supporting causes that align with the company's values can resonate with consumers, leading to heightened brand awareness and positive sentiment. Publicizing such events through press releases or local media coverage can further amplify the company's exposure.


Furthermore, attending industry conferences and seminars can position the business as an authoritative figure in its field. Speaking at these events or participating in panel discussions can establish credibility and expertise, garnering attention from potential customers and industry peers alike.


A well-balanced approach that combines the power of digital and traditional marketing methods can lead to sustainable growth, increased sales, and long-term success in the competitive eCommerce landscape.


A Few Final Thoughts


Raising the profile of your eCommerce business is going to be key to its growth or even its survival. An increased profile means more people are aware of what you do and consider your business when it comes to making a purchase. Selling on other platforms and having your website makes you easier to find, and effective use of social media can drive more interested parties in your direction. It's not just about online tactics, though, as the right gifts for your customers will help build loyalty, and they will promote your brand whenever they use the item.

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