Top 10 Free Food Delivery Apps In The UK

In today’s technologically advanced era, delivering food to your home at any time is easier than ever before. Our doorsteps are now filled with everything from clothing and furniture to food and packages. Fortunately, there are numerous on-demand delivery

It is possible that you work at the office every day or are simply tired of eating the same foods every day. It can also happen that you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home. What can you do? Someone would likely have suggested calling the local restaurants a few years ago when this question was asked. They may not have been able to satisfy all your needs at home. However, in recent years, several online food-ordering applications have been developed that allow you to order food conveniently from the comfort of your own home.


Why have food delivery apps been so successful? The restaurant industry is notoriously challenging when it comes to turning a profit. The simple answer is convenience. 


As a tech entrepreneur, you can make money by simplifying consumers’ lives. Today, consumers are ready to pay more for convenience. Globally, the online food delivery market is soaring, and if we talk about the U.K. then, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on third-party food delivery and pickup. The shift in spending market share began the week of March 23, 2020, when many restaurants closed due to social distancing.


The coronavirus pandemic consequently helped to boost the food delivery market by +£3.7 billion, according to Lumina Intelligence’s U.K. Foodservice Delivery Market Report 2021, which corresponds to an annual growth rate of 48%. As other eating occasions were severely limited, foodservice delivery accounted for two dollars out of every ten spent on eating out.


With the expansion of aggregator services such as Just Eat, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats, consumer demand for food delivery has been relentless since 2017. In this blog, we are going to discuss some popular U.K. food delivery markets and which apps are ruling the delivery market.


U.K. Food Delivery Market is Skyrocketing


In today’s technologically advanced era, delivering food to your home at any time is easier than ever before. Our doorsteps are now filled with everything from clothing and furniture to food and packages. Fortunately, there are numerous on-demand delivery apps available to help.  


Due to our constant reliance on mobile applications for all kinds of tasks, e-commerce companies have begun to take advantage of the trend. Due to their busy and competitive lifestyles, most urban dwellers lack time to prepare meals at home. As a result, they are looking for possibilities of ordering food online. The food delivery service, in general, has provided people with a lot of conveniences.


The Coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected several businesses in the United Kingdom and globally. Still, food delivery companies like JustEat, UberEats, Zomato, etc., have seen growth. The convenience of online delivery platforms is cited as the biggest reason consumers use them, besides the usual safety precautions.


Most people nowadays work longer hours owing to their busy schedules. In that case, they would prefer to have a quiet time at home and eat ready-made food. Online food delivery platforms and restaurants are advantageous in this regard. With the arrival of instant food to consumers’ homes, they have a great chance of attracting them. Have a look at the below eye-popping states to know more about the market, 


  • Globally, online food ordering platforms are expected to generate $2.4 billion in revenue by 2021.
  • It is estimated that the annual market size for online food delivery platforms will grow by 47.4% between 2020 and 2021.
  • A consistent per year growth of 39.7% has been the driving force between 2016 and 2021.


Even though online Delivery was already gaining popularity before 2020, it’s evident that the epidemic significantly impacted how the industry is evolving. Moreover, features such as contactless Delivery and payment have enticed more diners. 


Adding more customers is a priority for many restaurants to boost profitability and growth. When many of our favorite restaurants, bars, and cafes closed due to the pandemic, it was impossible to have people occupy the seats. Continuing to serve their customers, but from the comfort of their own homes, required them to shake things up in a way they had never done before. 


There was only one way to do that: provide home delivery. And this is why many restaurants turned their businesses online and developed an app like JustEat as it allows customers to change taste buds and escalate business growth. Several restaurants found themselves at a bit of a loss, scratching their heads and wondering how to survive during what was predicted and which turned out to be a pretty rough and turbulent period. 


Top 10 Best Food Delivery Services in the U.K. 


We live a digital lifestyle as tech nomads! Today, we have learned that anything we need can be acquired simply by tapping on our smartphones. There are numerous reasons why the U.K. is considered the world’s leader. One of the main reasons they contribute to the advancement of technology is because of the breakthroughs they usher in. They always establish the trend, and the rest usually follow their lead. On-demand food delivery apps and smart devices implemented the same principle.


Food delivery apps have transformed the concept of dining and ordering food. These apps provided us with considerable convenience, providing us with the option to dine out from the comfort of our homes. There has been a boom in the food delivery industry in the U.K. due to the increasing number of food delivery apps. In this blog post, we will go through the list of the top 10 food delivery apps that are dominating the U.K. market share and serving modern diners in real-time. 


1. JustEat 


Since they were first established in Denmark in 2001, JustEat has been around for a long time. Over 29,000 restaurants in the U.K. have partnered with the company since they landed in the U.K. in 2005. Providing customers with convenient, customizable, and reliable food order options while assisting restaurants to improve their bottom line in a risk-free, accessible manner is the company’s business model.


Since launching their platform a few years ago, they have primarily promoted restaurants on it and handled orders. They have switched to a hybrid model in recent years, mimicking what Deliveroo and Uber Eats can offer their partners and customers. Restaurant partners work closely with Just Eat, which now offers delivery services for them.


2. Deliveroo


Launched in 2013, Deliveroo is the fastest-growing food delivery company globally. A recent funding round from Amazon has provided Deliveroo with more than €515 million to develop a world-class food delivery service, more jobs for the riders, and an opportunity to help restaurants reach new customers.


Through machine learning algorithms, food delivery services can estimate how long it will take to prepare a meal, thereby reducing delivery times by 20%.


3. FoodHub


Originally introduced in 2017, FoodHub is a food delivery app that uses a subscription-based model rather than the traditional commission-based model. With 15,000+ outlets they partner with, they charge no service fees when you order. Can’t you imagine how amazing it would be if they could feed you the same meal that you enjoy for an affordable price?


As with any other delivery app, it works the same way. You only need to enter your location code or the city code to locate and order food from the nearest restaurant.


4. UberEats


The service that began as a driving service has grown into something more. In addition to pioneering on-demand applications, Uber has also ventured into food delivery. Food ordering apps like UberEats have become a popular choice for consumers in the U.K. UberEats has tied up with an extensive range of restaurants across the U.K. and allows customers to order food with real-time tracking features. 


5. HelloFresh


HelloFresh is Known for its low-priced meal boxes and ability to save time, money, and stress; this food app is perfect for busy people looking for healthy meals. The fresh, high-quality recipes will be delivered to your inbox each week based on your choice of menu.


Ten years after its launch, HelloFresh, the German company, has accumulated more than 6.94 million active and happy customers and delivered more than 600 million meals. By simply downloading the app, you can also become a part of their success story.


6. Zomato


Based in India, The Zomato app can help you locate restaurants and cafes even if you are in London. In their app, you can view restaurant menus, photos, and reviews to help find the perfect place to eat. You will find the most incredible dishes on Zomato regardless of your budget or taste. 


Zomato offers hundreds of cuisines, depending on which restaurants are available in your city. The site works fantastically in several cities. In addition, this app deserves to be included among the top food delivery apps in the U.K.


7. Gousto


The platform of Gousto, launched in 2012, provides a collection of over 30 recipes each week. Besides providing home-cooked meals, the company ensures that people have access to healthy meals on the go. This company currently delivers over one million meals per month to U.K. residents.


8. Hungry House


Hungry House is One of the most popular food delivery apps, with more than 10,000 restaurant partners. After merging with Just Eat in 2018, it was founded in 2006. Users can browse and order food from nearby restaurants and takeaways using this service before they place their order. Additionally, it charges less like a delivery fee as compared to other food delivery apps. To find the nearest restaurants and order food, you have to enter the place code or the city code.


9. One Delivery 


A restaurant finder app, One Delivery, is a convenient way to locate restaurants in the United Kingdom. This is one of the existing online food delivery apps that covers more than 90 different areas. There is a good presence for One Delivery across over 65 major cities, and it has many partnered restaurants. This website helps you find the food you have been looking for if you live in England. Users can also search for takeaway deals using the app. In this way, you can pick up your order by yourself.


10. Feast


What are your thoughts on fast, affordable, and easy food delivery? Think of FEAST. The service allows you to order your favorite meals from restaurants in your area at affordable prices and within a short timeframe. The process is simple to order food. Based on your postcode, you can use their website to find restaurants near your location. Following this, you select the restaurant you want, select the meal you want, and make the payment via PayPal or credit card.


After entering your delivery details, you may expect your food to arrive at the address you provided within the next few minutes.


Wrapping Up


The pricing strategy and operational model of the top food delivery giants in the U.S. have one thing in common. The pricing strategy and operational model of the top food delivery giants in the U.K. have one thing in common. 


As consumer behavior from 2020 continues and operators focus on the delivery opportunity, the U.K. The Foodservice Delivery market is expected to grow consistently over the next three years. It is estimated that the market will reach £12.6 billion in 2024.


There is no doubt that online ordering software and delivery apps will continue to be popular for the foreseeable future. Consumer confidence is still low despite parts of the country reopening, with approximately half of the customers planning to dine out less often than before. That means more nights spent at home and more online orders.


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