Interview with CEO, Travancore Analytics

In an insightful discussion about new market and customer relationship trends, Mr. Harikumar P, CEO of the leading software development company Travancore Analytics engaged with SelectedFirms.

Selected Firms in an interview with Mr. Harikumar P, CEO of the leading software development company Travancore Analytics


1. Tell us briefly about Travancore Analytics and how did this journey begin?


We are a custom software development company serving global customers. Operating since 2007, we have accumulated experience, enabling us to provide cutting-edge solutions in AR/VR, Embedded & IoT, Test Automation, AI/ML, E-commerce, GIS, Cloud & Mobility, Accessibility Services, and more.


With just six employees, 15 years ago, three of us laid the groundwork for this company that currently employs over 200 people. We had nothing but passion and a sincere desire to change the digital landscape. We paved the path by starting with industrial automation and gradually expanding our service offerings to include a variety of technologies in various verticals. With offices in the United States, Canada India, we have grown our global services footprint.


2. How do you provide direction at Travancore Analytics? What are your role and responsibilities in managerial activities?


Delivering excellent service is the key to achieving the goal we've set for ourselves. Therefore, we ensure that the team follows the best practices to provide the most exemplary service, keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to produce something that adds value to the world.


My role as a CEO includes:

  • Creating and nurturing purpose-driven teams
  • Managing business relationships and collaborations
  • Ensuring fair and ethical business practices globally


3. What achievement of yours are you most proud of in the industry?


The following are the accomplishments that I am most proud of:

  • Building a team passionate about customer success, thereby creating value for them and our team
  • Being an early bird in the mobile application development and ranking as No-1 in the apple store in some game categories
  • Being part of the cutting-edge technology team for Winter Olympics 2018


4. Where do you see your company in the next five years?


Travancore Analytics has no inhibition in embracing new technologies, be it in the AR/VR, IoT, or AI/ML. We see ourselves as Metaspace's most valued platform solution provider in the next two years. Emerging technologies will continue to be the catalyst for tenfold growth from the present strength in the next five years.


5. Who is your target audience?


We are primarily a B2B firm that works on a global scale with equal focus on startups to large-sized businesses. Most of our customers are product development companies. Our business analysts and developers work hand in hand with the customers to understand their business, arrive at solutions, and implement and support them during their entire life cycle. As a result, we are confident that our team can turn any innovative idea into a reality.


6. What are the key things to be considered before choosing the right platform for software development?


Today, a plethora of technologies and platforms are available for software architects to choose from. Some of them are proprietary; some are open source. Some are legacy; some are state of the art. Some will provide you scalability but at a higher operational cost. Some will be quick to build upon but will be challenging to change. There is no 'one size fits all solution. The choice will depend on multiple factors like:

  • Who your end users are
  • How much scalable your system must be
  • How fast should the system work
  • How reliable it has to be
  • How secure would you like it to be
  • How much-running cost and development cost can you afford
  • How quickly would you like to build
  • How easy it is to get resources for developing and maintaining the system


7. What technology trends do you believe drive growth and innovation in the future?


People weren't crazy about the technologies available a few decades ago, but people today want to be more immersed in technology than ever before. Humans can no longer be separated from the technology they own, and technological ownership has likewise become the norm. As a result, I feel that Extended Reality (XR) is the newest trend. But I know that XR won't be able to fully realize its potential without other technologies such as AI/ML, Web & Mobile services, Embedded & IoT, and so on because people don't want to completely switch to a new system but rather have the same incorporated into what they now have.


8. In terms of corporate strategy, what are the main drivers that give your company a competitive advantage?


The following are the primary factors that give my company a competitive advantage:

  • We understand our customer’s business
  • Cost-effective business models to suit different customers
  • Experience with global customers, including some Fortune 100.
  • Experience in developing high-availability software for aerospace and automotive systems
  • Passionate team and strong process
  • Financial stability and nimbleness for fast turnaround


9. What optimum factors do you consider for attaining client satisfaction?


Like any other service-oriented business, our organization survives on the profits made from each project. But we don't strive to get consumers so that we can make the most money out of them; we genuinely care about their best interests and how well we can contribute to the rest of the world. So we provide them options, learn about their preferences, and develop a unique experience for them.


Most of the new business isn’t acquired through marketing strategies but through our long-term clients who are satisfied with our services. So we consider our services itself the best factor in attaining client satisfaction.


10. You’ve been in this digital space for a long time, what is the one piece of advice you want entrepreneurs to take seriously?


Transparency and truthfulness with customers, team and other business partners are cornerstones to last long.

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