Interview With CEO Of NectarBits Pvt. Ltd- Himanshu Patel

Expert’s Active Contribution Assessment – How Web & Mobile Technology will Help Businesses Enlarging their Foot-Print Globally

Expert's Active Contribution Assessment - How Web & Mobile Technology will Help Businesses Enlarging their Foot-Print Globally


1. Tell us in brief about your company. How NectarBits had begun this journey?


Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, Nectarbits is an eCommerce, mobile app development, and web development company that began its operations in 2009. Our app development services help worldwide clients accomplish their goals and carve out a distinctive niche in the market.


We feel proud that our services are appreciated by the clients in every way, be it consulting, development, designing, flawless delivery, post-development support, and others.


We are keeping up with new technology trends and evolving market needs to fill the gap and provide the best solutions to our clients. With growing demands for on-demand and eCommerce solutions, we are upgrading processes, team size, and skillsets.


2. How do you provide direction in NectarBits? What is your role in managerial activities?


I am a founder and CEO of the company and chiefly focus on sales and marketing activities to expand business globally while keeping the business in a profitable state. I also work as a technical leader and work closely with the team so that all of us can learn, grow, and thrive together as a whole in a company. I provide the directions in coach and collaboration style to keep everyone on their toes towards the work.


3. Give us a brief about your enormous achievement so far in the industry.


In a matter of a decade, NectarBits has served more than 500 clients and managed to sustain a high percentage of the clients because of the top-notch development services. We are also recognized by Clutch as a top mobile app development company for two years in a row.


4. Where do you see your company in the next five years?


We are working in the app development industry for more than 11 years, and the continuous growth in terms of the number of projects, team size, and revenue with no downfall is what we boast about. With scaling project complexity and project budget, we are ceaselessly improving our business processes to maintain top-notch quality and ensure flawless delivery.


Besides, on-demand apps and online commerce are all the rage. Our outlook is to quickly build and deliver quality applications that delight our customers and their customers. We are planning to grow our team size by double to match up with the growing requirements for this type of app.


5. What are the key factors to be considered before selecting the right platform for web & mobile application development?


The discovery workshop was conducted where we note down the client requirements, expectations, and goals for the business application. The preferences for the development platform, technology leverage, and target audience were identified. Later, our business analysts and project manager sit together to analyze the business necessities for the platform, end-users, and competition so that the end product can meet business objectives alongside gives an edge to the business. We make suggestions, not compel the client for anything as we want to guide them through a path so that the app will land the business on a positive growth trajectory.


6. We would like to learn about your distribution strategy. How do you take your apps to market and what approaches have worked for you?


The digital marketing team distributes the apps on different channels leveraging digital marketing tactics and tools. At first, the user segmentation is done using advanced data analytics, then the channels to improve the app awareness are identified for targeted distribution and promotion. Post-app submission on the app store, the social media presence is created to engage the users and then influencer marketing is done to improve the app’s impression on their minds.


Well, there is no one-size-fits-all marketing or distribution strategy as every app is one-of-a-kind. We tailor the strategy based on the app’s nature and the target audience type.


7. What method do you follow for handling web and mobile app development to reach up to a committed timeline for your clients?


We listen to client requirements to understand the business goals completely. Later, the team conceptualizes the app development idea after brainstorming how the app can be developed, designed, tested, and launched precisely. The agile methodology is followed to break the app development project into a couple of sprints. The set of features to include in every sprint and its timeline is defined to finish the development before the deadline.


The project development progress as per the planning, and as the sprints are completed, they are sent to the clients for approval to avoid unexpected pullbacks. There will be a meeting with the client after every sprint development to know their views and the changes they want in the app development so that project can be delivered at the right time with everything that client expects


8. What are the key trends driving the growth in new-age technologies like IoT, Blockchain, & Big Data?


Emerging technologies are the future of every industry vertical. We have witnessed great advancements in these technologies, but their potential is not exploited yet to the fullest, which signals there’s a lot of room to experiment and explore. Our vision is to integrate these technologies with mobile app development to create wonders and deliver brilliant user experiences.


9. In terms of corporate strategy, what do you think are the main drivers that make your company stand out from the crowd?


We engineer the user-first applications wearing a users’ lens so that the deliverables not just surpass the client’s expectations, but help the clients innovate the business processes, optimize the operations, and improve the workflow, which in turn thrive the end-users. Our laser focus is to reduce the app churn rate and provide a profitable solution to the clients. This development approach has helped us and our clients ranging from start-ups to SMBs to grow the business and revenue.


10. You’ve been in this sphere for a long time, what is the one piece of advice you want entrepreneurs to take seriously?


We have modernized the workplace to make the employees always feel motivated on the office premises. The employees are upskilled with advanced technologies through training or workshops to keep them updated with new technology trends, which helps them work on development projects that require advanced technology usage. Based on the up-to-date knowledge, expertise, and experience in technological advancements, we introduce the latest technologies in the app to help the clients make their business future-ready. Keep the people and processes in sync with the evolving technology and trends to step up the development and ROI game.


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