Interview with CEO of WebyKing- Ravi Makhija

Selected Firms in an exclusive interview with Ravi Makhija, CEO of WebyKing

Selected Firms in an exclusive interview with Ravi Makhija, CEO of WebyKing


1. Tell us briefly about your company and how this journey began for Webyking?


Our company, Webyking was established two years back when Covid-19 was at its peak. During that time, I realized that most companies were facing lockdown. Therefore, to give small businesses an economical solution to improve their digital presence, I launched Webyking. I created this company to provide high-quality website solutions at competitive prices.


I have worked in the IT field for many years. As an entrepreneur, I understand the challenges small start-ups and mid-sized companies face in enhancing their brand visibility online. We endeavor to help small and mid-size companies to realize their dreams through innovative ideas and intelligent online solutions.


My team and I are very passionate about our job. We understand that our passion and result-oriented strategies will help us find optimum solutions to meet customers' needs. We strongly believe in giving small and mid-size businesses the same voice that a large organization has online, and this will help to level the field. Now, even a small business can hope to make it big with a great product and unique services.


2. How do you lead Webyking as CEO, and what do you expect from your team?


I have started this journey from scratch and believe in leading from the front. I take a hands-on approach to this job to ensure our clients get the best service they deserve. I have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable web designers and web developers. We offer an end-to-end web design, development, and digital marketing solution. We also offer a comprehensive maintenance service for our clients so that their websites work flawlessly and attract new clients.


I believe in motivating my team through inspired leadership. As the technology related to web design and development continues to evolve, I believe that my team should keep pace with it. We regularly train our team so that they can imbibe the best technologies. This helps our clients as they get the best service at a highly competitive cost. Our team has a nice mix of fresh faces drawn from top universities and highly experienced web developers. This excellent blend of youth and experience has helped us to execute some of the most complex projects to the complete satisfaction of our customers.


3. How many awards and recognition have you achieved so far?


We have received many awards and recognition from internet leaders such as Clutch, Good Firm, Selected Firms, and Design Rush. We have provided web solutions to 100+ clients all over the world. Hence, this proves that our service adopts according to particular industry trends.


4. What project management approach does Webyking follow for a web design project?


Every client has unique requirements. Therefore, we first set a meeting with our clients (virtually) to understand their requirements. Based on the requirement, we propose various solutions and explain each approach's pros and cons. Once our client makes a choice, we create a prototype with a website's basic structure and some essential features. Once our client approves the prototype, we allocate the tasks to web designers and developers. Our web designers work closely with our clients, incorporating their feedback to create an attractive website design that is entirely SEO optimized.


Once the website is created, we test it rigorously to ensure everything works as designed. Any bugs found at this stage are removed to finally give the green light to launch it on the Internet. At each stage, we keep our clients in the loop of what we are doing and promptly work on any feedback they give.


Once the website is launched, if our client so desire, we also provide a comprehensive marketing strategy. Our SEO experts, along with our marketing team, work on a strategy to provide maximum online visibility for the website.


5. What makes Webyking unique from the rest of the competitors in the industry?


For us, this is not a regular job. We love to fulfill the needs and dreams of our customers. We work on a well-thought-out strategy, which helps to bring our client's dreams to reality. We have a highly effective roadmap for building websites of various complexities from scratch. It is a step-by-step process that offers a hundred percent success in giving our clients a highly secure and feature-rich digital platform to sell their products and services.


6. What are the key factors Webyking considers before selecting the web development platform?


Some of the crucial factors we consider when selecting the right web development platform include security, scalability, online community support, and overall platform reliability.


7. What futuristic technologies do you see driving growth and innovation in coming years and how?


We are working with WordPress and Shopify. These two highly dynamic and robust platforms offer the best functionalities and are tailor-made for e-commerce platforms. The beauty of these two platforms is that they can be used effectively by both small and big multinational retail giants with equal ease.


The technology and functionality of these two high-performing platforms are continuously evolving, and in the coming years, we will see more innovative features offered by the two platforms. It will make the websites even more attractive and give the users a great experience when they visit the websites.


8. As we see all the hype around “Metaverse”, what is your take on this?


Metaverse is still in its evolutionary stage. The range and scope of virtual reality that the metaverse is envisioning are mind-boggling. However, it is still unclear, and we must separate reality from the hype. Although it is showing a lot of promise, only time will tell how great an effect it will have on the digital platform.


9. What optimum factors do you consider to achieve maximum client satisfaction?


We work hard to ensure that our customers get what they want when they approach us to build their websites. However, I always motivate my team to work even harder to ensure that we offer our clients more than they expected while hiring our services.


10. You’ve been in this sphere for a long time, what is the final piece of advice you would like to give all entrepreneurs out there?


As I mentioned earlier, as an entrepreneur, I have started small in this sphere. Still, over the year, I have created a name for my company in the market through hard work, innovative approach, and perseverance. Therefore, my simple message to all entrepreneurs is that there is no shortcut to success. You should have a vision of at least five years and envisage where you want your company to be in that period. Always think long-term and have a workable plan. However, if your plan is not working perfectly, you should be flexible enough to make changes. Do not lose hope, but try and try again until you succeed.

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