Interview with CEO of WebMeridian

Discover the story behind WebMeridian's success with this interview featuring their CEO. Learn about their journey and the lessons they've learned along the way.

SelectedFirms in an Exclusive Interview with Yuri Sulima, CEO of WebMeridian


1.  What inspired you to start WebMeridian, and what are the company's core values and mission?


Digitalization affects every industry sector and gives rise to new technologies, tools, and solutions. To adapt to the changing environment, businesses need to embrace innovation, but this process is both challenging and costly.


WebMeridian specializes in eCommerce and helps companies address their technical challenges. Our essential mission is crafting efficient, premium-grade eCommerce solutions and assisting businesses in accomplishing their tasks and attaining remarkable results. This mission relies on our fundamental values, which include openness to innovation, transparency of the working process, complete responsibility for project results, and commitment to customer goals.



2. Can you share some of the most challenging projects that WebMeridian has undertaken, and how did the company overcome those challenges?


A common challenge our clients face is migration to Magento 2. The platform features an upgraded database, improved design, and greater security and scalability. These were the primary reasons that Everest Music, a popular music store in Ireland, turned to us for migration services.


The store sells musical instruments and provides one-on-one music lessons. They already had a website, but it needed updating. The main project goal was migrating from OSCommerce to Magento 2.2.6. The whole migration process is extremely tedious yet complicated and intricate. However, since we knew it inside out, we planned and prioritized the work and performed it seamlessly.


We chose the new release of Magento 2 as the most appropriate framework for Everest Music to maximize the music store's value. We also focused on resynchronizing third-party extensions, adding functionality, customizing features, and improving the website design. Thanks to the resulting improvements in usability and customer experience, our client's web traffic doubled.


3. What are the key trends currently shaping the eCommerce industry, and how is WebMeridian adapting to these trends?


Today, the success of your web store is determined by customer experience. Another area to focus on is client retention, as it's up to seven times cheaper to retain an existing client than to acquire a new one. Harnessing tools and solutions to improve customer satisfaction will help your business prosper. I would emphasize the following in particular:


  • Mobile retail and PWA implementation. Mobile-friendly interfaces are crucial as more people use mobile devices for online purchases. PWAs (progressive web apps) have many features and functionalities, including the opportunity to work offline.
  • Artificial intelligence. AI is about to take eCommerce by storm. It applies to many areas, including highly personalized client experience.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality. These technologies make online shopping as real and exciting as ever before.
  • Voice search. Besides searching for items online, voice search services enable users to create shopping lists, order products, and fulfill other housekeeping tasks.


At WebMeridian, we can implement any of these solutions, but we would start by analyzing which would bring maximum value to the client.


4. What sets WebMeridian apart from other eCommerce development companies, and what are some of the company's unique strengths?


By leveraging our tech proficiency and domain expertise, we help eCommerce businesses reinforce their online presence. In addition, our focus on quality and our passion and commitment allow us to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.


While our core specialization is Magento 2, we can provide robust solutions and competent advice regardless of your platform, be it Shopify, WooCommerce, Shopware or a custom framework.


5. What are some of WebMeridian's long-term goals and ambitions, and how does the company plan to achieve these goals?


We aim to help companies implement the most innovative solutions, so we enjoy being at the forefront of breakthrough technologies. Therefore, in our activities, we emphasize the following:


  • Innovation and technological advancement. We drive innovation in eCommerce by developing cutting-edge solutions that meet evolving user needs.
  • Customer satisfaction. We approach each customer as our long-term partner and build a relationship based on trust and friendship.
  • Adaptability and agility. We foster a culture of innovation and continually maintain our domain expertise to meet and anticipate clients' needs.
  • Market growth. We focus on sustainable growth and strive to reinforce our European and global presence by establishing WebMeridian as a leading eCommerce software developer.


6. How do you prioritize customer needs and requirements when developing eCommerce stores?


We start each project with the analysis and consulting stage. During this phase, we examine the client's requirements and identify the optimal path for project implementation. Then, based on the business's goals, needs, and desires, we develop recommendations on the specific platform, scope of work and timeline, and the most appropriate team for the project.


Our profound knowledge of the eCommerce sector helps us comprehensively assess the tasks and opportunities involved and develop a solid proposal. Finally, we carefully discuss and finalize the plan with the client, then begin executing the project.


7. Can you speak to the company culture at WebMeridian and how it contributes to the business's success?


We cherish a culture of innovation that is not limited to technology. We encourage our team members to share any ideas they may have. The best proposals win awards. It helps us retain a competitive edge and keeps our staff motivated.


We also maintain a positive work environment where our colleagues can take advantage of many learning opportunities and team-building activities.


8. What are your thoughts on the recent buzz surrounding AI, ML, and RPA?


Can you believe that RPA (robotic process automation) will soon equal the output of 110–140 million workers? These advancements live up to the hype, delivering incredible benefits, and more are yet to come. They save employees' time, cut costs, raise accuracy, boost data collection, expedite operations, skyrocket client satisfaction, provide scalability, and do much more for businesses to help them succeed.


9. As a CEO, how do you motivate and inspire your team to achieve their best work?


Team members perform at their best when they feel valued and encouraged. The tech industry is exceptionally dynamic, so we need to maintain a quick pace.


I ensure each colleague has clear, inspiring goals and recognizes their contribution to the company's development. I grant them the power to make decisions and take responsibility for their work. Every achievement is rewarded.


Continual learning is also one of our core values. Therefore, the company provides training for all employees to raise their skill level.


We recognize the power of internal communication and are dedicated to strengthening team bonds regardless of location. Our team-building activities take place both on- and offline.


10. You've been in this sphere for a long time.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a successful software development company?


Firstly, explore the market and identify how you can stand out. Next, study the audience and their pain points. What specific need could your enterprise address? What value could you bring to your clients?


Next, focus on your team and your product. Employ skilled and motivated individuals who will deliver superior quality.


Put the customer at the center of your business.

Every day, ask yourself: What can I do better? This is the only way to stay ahead.

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