Interview with the CEO of WeAlwin Technologies– Mohana Sundaram

Selected Firms in an Exclusive Interview with Mohana Sundaram, CEO of WeAlwin Technologies

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1. Tell us briefly about WeAlwin Technologies and what was the motivation behind this journey?


We have the vision to make our WeAlwin zone becoming a huge blockchain hub among industries. However, we firmly believe that "When we want to achieve something great, we must start with the right mindset and attitude".Therefore, our software development company's primary goal is to produce more good skills and create "the best" projects in the world.


2.  How do you provide direction at WeAlwin Technologies? What is your Role in Managerial activities? 


We always recreate the organization chart. We appreciate newbies by making spaces for them to come up in top positions in that chart. As a CEO, along with the CTO, COO, CIO, Team Leads, and senior team members in our software development company, I have supported them.


As we always trust buddies, we never like to control or monitor people on our regular workflow. Instead, we will support them to make things good at work because we need our people to be "self policies" and create great things through the culture.


3. What achievement of yours are you most proud of in the industry?


We have several reputed clients around the world. But, we are still in the building process. We, as techies, don't think as satisfied with what we have done in the past. But, we are so clear on our vision and moving years toward making many significant impacts in the future. On everything, I have one thing to say here "we have a unique identity as a blockchain development company", as for now. 


4. Where do you see your company in the next five years of your administration?


Yeah! We consider being an open office and breaking down barriers in my city. Anyone can become an IT developer or introduce a product and make the world stunning. Since we have a strong core team, 200+ members included in it, we will make all our desks equipped, and the team supports anyone to create products all the time.


5. What makes WeAlwin Technologies different from the rest of the competitors?


WeAlwin Technologies’s slogan is “Stay Unique”. As stated previously, we place a priority on our people. As a result, improving our people's knowledge and uniqueness will directly enhance the 'class' of our products, which will dynamically serve our clients in all business aspects.


6. What key factors should be considered before selecting the blockchain development platform?


The most valuable asset in the world is data, and not gold or money anymore. Blockchain is an Art of Technology. We see It as robust security for that data. The blockchain network creates a tamper-less architecture. Thus, anything around it is highly safe and secure.


7. What technological trends do you see driving growth and innovation in future years?  


Fintech  is complex and challenging. But, the Blockchain makes it simple and elegant for better product delivery. So, we see that fintech and game development are unavoidable and the most thriving thing for the current and future.


8. What metrics do you consider to deliver the project on time and within budget?


Clients are the face value of our every product. We know how to support them and deliver the products on time as per our promise to the investors or people. At the same time, we will not compromise on quality. So, we always give an equal preference to the time and the quality of our services.


9. What practices do you follow to achieve client satisfaction?


Our clients might be from different zones and have different experiences. Some people are clear with what they are searching for; the businesses, plans, and ideas, while others are not. So, first, we understand the matrix and fill the technology gap between the business and the clients. Then, we explain to them and try to showcase the profitability and the win-win architecture in accordance.


10. You've been in this industry for a long time. What is the one piece of advice you want entrepreneurs to take seriously?

Now that I'm in the blockchain application development service market, I've learned and gained a lot. So, my mission is to reward the industry that values the lives of my people. As time passes, give back to the industry you've chosen by investing time and money in R&D (Research and Development) and the industry's growth.

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