Interview with CEO of Techgropse- Aman Mishra

Selected Firms in an exclusive interview with Aman Mishra, CEO of Techgropse

Selected Firms in an exclusive interview with Aman Mishra, CEO of Techgropse


1.Tell us briefly about your company and how this journey began for Techgropse.


We have over 7+ years of experience in building custom applications for various industries such as healthcare, real estate, food, and many more. We also have 200+ developers who have years of experience and better skill sets to build one of the best solutions. Our team of dedicated developers is up to date with the latest trends and technologies, so it is not a tough task for us to build dynamic solutions.


From creating a mobile application to designing UI/UX and launching applications, we do everything for you. In simple terms, we create a digital presence for your business that will assist you in making a profit and getting a high return on your investment.


Moreover, we work closely with the clients, listen to their desires, and start the development process accordingly. On the other hand, we also share the details that will help you know your project's progress.


2.How do you lead the Techgropse team as CEO, and what do you expect from your team?


I want to share my experience with all my readers. If you have an idea, implement it into reality. No doubt that there are lots of activities that require more attention. So you need to keep an eye on the objectives that will help ensure your business's success. Sometimes, you may face some challenges and issues, but never give up and concentrate on the solutions that will help you overcome the situation.


To overcome the situation, you work on several ideas and build new strategies that will assist you in reaching your goal. If you stick to a single idea, the chances of success are limited. So, it is good to work on several ideas. Moreover, the team also plays an important role in the success of the business.


Henceforth, it is necessary to motivate them to work hard and dedicatedly. This will give inspiration to the team members to do their best. In simple terms, motivation is most important, so we also offer rewards to our team members for their hard work and dedication.


3.How many awards and recognition has Techgropse achieved so far?


We have received many awards and recognition from multiple internet leaders such as GoodFirms, and Top We have provided more than 100 clients worldwide. Hence, we are a leading name for providing ultimate solutions to our valuable clients.


4.What project management approach does Techgropse follow for mobile app projects?


Mobile app development involves several aspects and skill sets. Our team of dedicated developers have different responsibilities, but they work together to create the best solutions for your business.


TechGropse follows a unique strategy and technology to build mobile applications for different platforms and also fix bugs at every stage of development. On the other hand, we keep our clients up to date with the latest development process.


5.What makes Techgropse unique from the rest of the competitors in the industry?


We started as a web and app development company. Over the years, we have become more popular because of our unique ideas and strategy to build the best solutions for your valuable clients. At TechGropse, we have a team of experienced developers who believe in providing quality services and ensuring customer satisfaction.


We also make sure that our client's work is delivered with perfection. Plus, we are available for round-the-clock support and maintenance services to our clients.


6.What are the key factors Techgropse considered before selecting the software development platform?


We want the success of our clients, so we listen to the pain point or personal preferences of our clients and advise them about which platform would best suit their application. We also take care of the latest trends and popularity of the platform, which will ensure the success of the application.


7.What futuristic technologies do you see driving growth and innovation in coming years, and how?


Technologies will gain more popularity in upcoming years so that you can see the uses of IoT, AI/ML, AR/VR and NFT in different industries. However, the technology that will be driven forward in game development provides a real-life experience to the users.


Today's gaming industry is expanding rapidly and enhancing the user game experience so that these technologies will get more popular in upcoming years.


8.As we see all the hype around "Metaverse", what is your take on this?


Metaverse has been gaining popularity over the years. Generally, the metaverse exists in the form of AR/VR and XR technology that will create real-life scenarios with the appropriate physical equipment. In order to enjoy the real-life experience, you need to wear headsets and goggles.


9.What optimum factors do you consider to achieve maximum client satisfaction?


Each client has different requirements, so we understand their requirement to provide satisfying results to all the clients and make sure all their requirements are fulfilled. We also communicate with our clients and ensure that they are satisfied.


10.You've been in this sphere for a long time; what is the final piece of advice you would like to give all entrepreneurs out there?


Customer satisfaction is the primary thing in each industry. Therefore, we cover the extra mile to make sure that our client is completely satisfied. It will assist in understanding what exactly our client wants.


To provide the best result, you also need to raise questions that will assist you in solving their problems.

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