Interview With CEO Of Softermii - Slava Vaniukov

Get inspired by the journey of Slava Vaniukov, CEO of Softermii. Learn how he followed his passion and turned it into a successful business. Slava shares his advice and insights on how to stay motivated and reach success.

Selected Firms in an exclusive interview with Slava Vaniukov, CEO of Softermii


1. Explain your business and the beginning of Softermii's journey briefly.


Softermii is a technology ally for personalized software engineering and personnel enhancement. Established in 2014, Softermii has abundant expertise in constructing solutions for startups and SMEs around the globe. Our team has designed over 100 B2B and B2B2C software products, each with their level of intricacy in sectors like real estate & proptech, healthcare, fintech, and e-commerce. We seek to assist companies in boosting growth and novelty, revolutionizing operational effectiveness, bringing new products to the market, and advancing profitability and customer satisfaction.


My partner and I have extensive experience in software development and management; thus, in early 2014, we saw the potential of starting our own company to share our expertise and help clients from multiple industries and in different markets.


2. As the CEO of Softemii, What strategies do you employ to inspire and energize your team?


I'm lucky to have a team of high-skilled professionals who don't need additional encouragement to create great products since they're motivated enough to grow and help clients thrive. Also, we've been creating a perfectly functioning system that works without a hitch for more than eight years.


3. How many accolades have Softermii received so far?


Clutch has already recognized us, Good firms, Wadline, and Upwork. Also, our clients have gained multiple awards for their products. 


4. How do you envision the future of advanced technologies like cryptocurrency and blockchain?


Blockchain is gaining even more popularity as many businesses from different industries actively implement it in their banking, financial services, insurance sectors, and other products. In addition, the entertainment, event, and healthcare areas also don't fall behind and make blockchain their field of tech interest.


Blockchain allows to optimize internal workflows, provides protection, and ensures data reliability. Consequently, the business is advancing at an exponential rate. However, it's still the early days of this technology, and over time it'll be popular and essential in creating successful products.


Even though 2022 hasn't been the best year for cryptocurrencies, they'll regain their popularity and positions. Since more and more companies are adopting cryptocurrency as a payment solution alongside classic currencies, this could lead to higher returns and increased liquidity in the coming year. Also, cryptocurrencies will strengthen their position in fintech as even more businesses will join the ecosystem in 2023. This will drive the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies even further.


5. What gives Softermii an edge over its competing companies?


Exploring the advantages of collaborating with Softermii reveals many enticements, such as:

  • Team: Our collective efforts are the cornerstone of the company's success; therefore, we prioritize collaboration and camaraderie!
  • Responsibility: Assuming responsibility for each assignment enables us to optimize our operations, quash confusion, and supplies everyone with a tangible way to progress in unison.
  • Result-driven: We strive to achieve tangible outcomes while having a great time, so we remain wholly devoted to our work.
  • Development: Every team member in Softermii invests time in self-education and training, as the company's goal is to help the team achieve common development synergies.
  • Professional second opinion: If you need to boost your product's performance and improve user experience, conduct a professional audit for software.
  • Valuable market insights: Our specialists keep abreast of the latest technologies and market trends and are always ready to share ideas.
  • Timely and cost-efficient completion: We guarantee a maximum of a 10% deviation in timeline and specifications for project completion.
  • Software support after the release: We offer continuous Quality Assurance and upkeep for your software once it has been released, ensuring lasting reliability and satisfaction.


6. What experience and expertise do your software and app developers have?


We present a suite of software and design growth services as part of or independent of the whole venture evolution lifecycle:


  • Branding and UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • QA Services
  • MVP Strategy Consulting
  • AR/VR
  • Blockchain
  • DevOps
  • Project Management
  • Product Management


We specialize in crafting software solutions tailored to various industries, ensuring top-tier quality and unparalleled customer service:


  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Fintech
  • Telecommunication


Besides our core expertise, we have achieved many successful ventures in multiple industries, including hospitality, entertainment, education, media, etc.


Our esteemed squad consists of only highly-adept experts that are versed in the subsequent technologies:


For web development

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • C#
  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • React.js
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML 5, CSS 3
  • Web API Services
  • WebRTC


For mobile development


  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Java 
  • React Native


Also, we offer development services in other less common technologies upon request.


7. How do you foresee AI and ML promoting success and innovation in business in the future?


I see huge potential in AI and ML. 2022 has been another great year for AI/ML-based products, and this technology will only grow further. It is used in almost all industries nowadays as we've seen AI/ML becoming a key point bringing growth to such industries as healthcare, fintech, e-commerce, telecommunications, and those less obvious such as real estate or entertainment.


The World Economic Forum's investigation discloses that, by 2025, Artificial Intelligence will generate a net increase of 97 million occupations across 26 nations, notwithstanding displacing 85 million jobs.


8. Given the hype surrounding "Metaverse," What is your perception of this?


Everyone is captivated by the metaverse. However, it is much more than a mere buzzword; it is an actual breakthrough in the tech industry. Envision gathering with your colleagues through vibrant 3D avatars or virtually strolling with your companions. All these and other daily rituals are attainable within the metaverse. Consequently, I am convinced that metaverse technology has an optimistic future ahead.


9. What pertinent factors do you look after to give your clients maximum customer satisfaction?


  • More opportunities to concentrate on cultivating their venture 


Partnering with us affords our customers ample time to concentrate on nurturing their enterprise. Moreover, we execute our operations proficiently, thus sparing them the hassle of having to participate excessively in the process.


  • High Professional Development Team  


Our clients can be confident that our team of experienced IT experts will be available to fulfill their project needs. We will only assign engineers who are appropriately qualified for the job.


  • The product-oriented method in software development 


Whilst furnishing our software engineering services, we concentrate our energies on the client's commercial objectives and how our digital offerings can satisfy them.


  • Inexpensive and Effective Solution 


When collaborating with Softermii, our patrons pay solely for the software engineering services we give, and there are no mandatory fees for recruiting or extra outlays for squad backing.


  • Control Over IT Costs


Outsourcing IT projects to Softermii will reduce running costs as our clients fully control their IT spending. In addition, we will determine a definitive cost for our service to assist clients in properly allocating their financial resources.


10. What would be your final counsel for all business proprietors based on your significant knowledge in this area?


I'd advise them not to be afraid since business is always a risk – many unexpected hitches might occur in their professional way. Still, if you have set clear and achievable goals, you should follow them no matter what. Also, the key to a successful company is the team. So hire only the best professionals who share common goals and vision and are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

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