Interview with CEO of Reenbit

Gain valuable insights from the CEO of Reenbit in this in-depth interview. Learn about their leadership style, company culture, and future plans.

SelectedFirms in an Exclusive Interview with Igor Tabas, CEO of Reenbit


1. What inspired you to start Reenbit, and what are the company's core values and mission?


Our vision was to create a company that provided opportunities for individuals to bring value, be recognized, and be appreciated by others. This led to the creation of Reenbit, which has successfully achieved this goal.


One of the core values of Reenbit is to have a flat organizational structure where decisions are made democratically, without micromanagement. The company emphasizes staying up-to-date with the latest technical advancements, maintaining the highest level of professionalism, being flexible in operations, and ultimately, achieving success.


Reenbit's mission is to deliver superior technical solutions to transform businesses. By focusing on these values and missions, Reenbit has built a successful company that empowers its employees and delivers quality solutions to its clients.


2. Being a CEO, how do you ensure effective communication and harmony among different departments and teams?


I believe that effective communication and collaboration among different departments and teams are crucial for a company's success. To ensure this, we have established clear communication channels, such as regular meetings, emails, and Microsoft Teams, as a comprehensive collaboration suite that offers chat, video conferencing, and integrated document management.


We also encourage employee feedback on processes, procedures, and strategies to identify areas that need improvement and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Organizing cross-functional projects and events helps break down silos and promote a shared sense of purpose.


Lastly, we invest in employee training and development opportunities to improve communication and collaboration skills through workshops, coaching, and mentoring.


These steps have helped us create an effective communication culture that promotes harmony among different departments and teams.


3. In your opinion, what are the key trends that are currently shaping the Software industry, and how is Reenbit adapting to these trends?


In the fast-paced world of modern business, things are constantly changing. New technologies, innovations, and trends emerge, influencing how people think and make decisions. AT Reenbit, we face these changes with optimism and adaptability, always finding ways to adjust.


I would say that currently, two trends are sharpening the software industry: the digitalization of businesses and processes and the widely recognized trend of AI.


Modernizing applications can streamline business processes, automate tasks, and reduce manual effort, increasing efficiency and productivity.


For the last years, we have had at least 3 Clients requesting modernization/digitalization of their internal business processes, which we successfully did. Every time it comes to digitalization, we add our bespoke Business Analyst, who dives deeply into company processes that need modernization and comes up with the solution based on the Clients request.


4. What sets Reenbit apart from other software development companies, and what are some of the company's unique strengths?


As the company's CEO, I can discuss how our strong expertise in developing custom solutions on Microsoft technologies sets us apart from other companies. However, the best answer to this question is given by our Clients.


In particular, they highlight the following unique strengths of our company: high level of communication, proactivity of developers throughout the development period, speed and quality of solving any issue that may arise on the client's side, high adaptability, and, of course, quality services they receive.


5. As a CEO, how do you achieve a balance between short-term goals and long-term growth?


I bear direct responsibility for striking the right balance. I achieve this by consistently making strategic decisions for our short-term goals while considering our long-term growth plan. If a short-term goal doesn't align with our long-term success, we shift our focus to the ones that do.


6. What actions do you take to build and maintain strong relationships with clients?


I prioritize transparency, effective communication, and feedback to build and maintain strong client relationships.


Transparency involves providing clear and open information about our processes, pricing, and updates. By being transparent about our intentions, capabilities, and limitations, we establish trust and enable clients to make informed decisions.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of a strong client relationship. By practicing clear and concise communication, I ensure that clients are well-informed and have access to accurate and timely information.


Feedback is essential in understanding client needs, preferences, and satisfaction levels. Actively seeking client feedback helps me identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments.


7. Can you speak about the company culture at Reenbit and and how do you think, a diversified work culture contributes to the success of the business?


At Reenbit, we prioritize a culture of mutual respect among team members. Respecting each other's diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences creates an environment where everyone can thrive.


8. What are your thoughts on the recent buzz surrounding “ChatGPT”?


GPT has undoubtedly made our lives easier by providing quick and accurate help, aiding content creation, and assisting in language-related tasks.


However, a potential downside is that our reliance on GPT's capabilities might lead to decreased motivation to research and explore information through traditional means independently. It is essential to balance utilizing GPT's efficiency and retaining our curiosity and critical thinking skills.


9. As a CEO, how do you motivate and inspire your team to achieve their best work?


To motivate and inspire my team, I clearly communicate our vision, foster trust and empowerment, and recognize their hard work and achievements. I provide opportunities for personal and professional development, lead by example, and celebrate successes as a team.


10. You’ve been in this sphere for a long time,  what advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a successful software development company?


I firmly embrace the timeless mantra: "It's never too late."


Seek out like-minded individuals who share your passion, boldly embrace new opportunities without fear, remain receptive to novel ideas, and consistently strive for exceptional outcomes.


Remember, success is within your reach when you approach each endeavor with unwavering dedication and a commitment to get things done.

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