Interview With CEO of RadicalStart- Selva Sundarapandian

The co-founder of Radicalstart, Mr. Selva, supports entrepreneurs in accelerating their enterprises. He and his team began their adventure in late 2016 with a desire to create web solutions and mobile app development.

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1. Tell us in brief about your company. How has RadicalStart begun this journey?


In 2017, RadicalStart began its journey with a passion for making web solutions and mobile app development easy for all entrepreneurs. We are specialized in online marketplace development for rental services and taxi app solutions.


2. How do you provide direction in RadicalStart? What is your role in managerial activities?


My role is to lead my company on the right path and also be responsible for developing high-quality products on time that makes our RadicalStart reach greater heights.


3. Give us a brief about your enormous achievement in the industry.

Our achievements so far are priceless in this competitive industry. We have successfully launched our 4 excellent products: RentALL Script, RentALL Cars, Wooberly, and RentALL Space. In addition, our team of experts developed Wooberly with advanced technology Flutter.


Moreover, the most important achievement is that we have joined hands with 300+ successful clients. We have made our clients more satisfied and their journey more successful by working with us.


4. Where do you see your company in the next five years?


We plan to launch many products like RentALL Script, RentALL Cars, Wooberly, and RentALL Space with the most advanced technologies. We are aiming to reach the top position in this competitive market.


5 What are the key factors before selecting the right platform for web & mobile application development? 


Many major factors must be considered before choosing a suitable platform for web and mobile application development. First, the main focus should be on the target audience, financial factors, technical features, ease of development, and so on.


6. We would like to learn about your distribution strategy. How do you take your apps to market, and what approaches have worked for you?


We are doing digital marketing to promote our products in the market. With the help of organic results, we're getting more than enough client base. And also our existing clients will refer to us for their surroundings.


7. What method do you follow for handling web and mobile app development to reach up to a committed timeline for your clients?

We follow 5 stages of development for handling web and mobile app development, including planning, requirement analysis, designing, building, and testing.


On the other hand, we always keep up the commitment to the clients in delivering top-notch products in no time without delay.


8. What are the key trends driving the growth in new-age technologies like IoT, Blockchain, & Big Data?


Developing an app by using these technologies will enhance security and aid us in speeding up our online business operations. In addition, it reduces many man-made mishaps.


9. In terms of corporate strategy, what do you think are the main drivers that make your company stand out from the crowd?


Hard work, dedication, innovation, creativity, delivering extraordinary and quality products, focusing on customer satisfaction, and success are the main drivers that make our RadicalStart stand apart and unique from the crowd.


10. You’ve been in this sphere for a long time, what is the one piece of advice you want entrepreneurs to take seriously?


Starting a company with yourself as a leader makes you more strong and you will learn and experience many things. Be positive, don’t lose hope, and adapt to handle any situation. Your positive energy will make you stronger than anything and helps achieve the goal in the right direction.



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