Interview with CEO of Foreignerds Inc.

Curious about the CEO of Foreignerds Inc.? Learn about their journey, leadership style, and future plans in this captivating interview.

SelectedFirms in an Exclusive Interview with Vivek Raina, CEO of Foreignerds Inc.


1.  Tell us a little bit about your company and how Foreignerds got started on this journey.


We started Foreignerds nearly 5 years ago, and the journey was filled with hard work & dedication while ultimately rewarding in its own way. We've stumbled across many hiccups but have always figured out solutions together as a team and have grown 10X since the inception of the company.


2. How do you lead Foreignerds as CEO, and what do you expect from your team?


The idea is never to engage in smaller discussions and micromanage people but to give them their own freedom of expression and space to grow and do their own thing in their respective departments. That has been our secret sauce, and a little bit of luck to go along with that!


3. What is the greatest achievement of Foreignerds so far?


In such a short amount of time without any external investments, we've been able to cater to some of the biggest clients on the planet with the likes of Hero, Hyundai, and BYJU, among others that we've had the pleasure of working with. I think that is a testament to the credibility of our team and a great achievement overall for the company.


4. What project management approach does  Foreignerds follow for an eCommerce project?


We follow Scrum methodology generally from a project management perspective and have a very transparent outlook on our internal dynamics that our clients can experience, and especially in eCommerce projects, we try to adhere to that even more. In addition to that, we've recently adopted headless CMS technologies to deliver eCommerce projects even at a faster pace with more efficiency.


5. What gives  Foreignerds an edge over the rest of the competitors in the industry?


We're very focused, calculated, and aggressively planning toward the future all the time as a company. I think that "best" describes our company in a nutshell. To give you context, we are moving into completely automating all our processes from sales, to marketing, operations, design, and development with the help of AI.


6. What is your formula for a productive digital marketing campaign?


Understanding your customer's business, target audience behavior, user-persona, their product/service as a whole, and current market standing to derive a campaign set up for success. It is easier said than done, but we have an incredible team that makes that happen.


7. How do you see future technologies driving growth and innovation in the coming years?


AI - Artificial Intelligence is the answer. With the likes of ChatGPT, and Bard, among others, out there, we've all got to pick up the pace, see where the best use case for each business/industry would look, and innovate accordingly.


8. Given the recent buzz surrounding the term "ChatGPT," what are your thoughts?


It is a fairly new technology to draw assessments so early. However, the initial impression is that it can be a disaster for people employed in mundane jobs as it will automate most of those processes. As an agency - if you adapt, you're going to be included.


9. According to you, what are the most important factors in ensuring maximum client satisfaction?


Communication, Quality delivery and transparency. Those are the 3 words we abide by as a company, which have worked wonders for us.


10. You've been in this sphere for a long time; what is the final piece of advice you would like to give all entrepreneurs out there?


It is challenging, gutsy, and an out-of-body experience building a business from the ground up. That being said, you should always dream & always aim for excellence as an entrepreneur and study subjects like self-discipline, brand building, human psychology, sales & negotiations, among other things, to stay ahead of the herd. Signing off - Vivek.

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