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The interview with Oleg Maykher, CEO of Exoft, on SelectedFirms provides valuable insights into the company's approach to software development, its overall philosophy, and its commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to its clients.

Selected Firms in an exclusive interview with Oleg Maykher, CEO of Exoft


1. Can you provide information about your company and what motivated you to embark on this venture?


Exoft is a company that specializes in developing software solutions to cater to various business needs, backed by extensive experience in the field. Since its establishment in 2013, our company has experienced significant growth, with a team comprising over 80 members.


Me and Ivan Shikht, co-founder at Exoft, decided that by gathering the right people, we can help more companies to build quality software.


Exoft specializes in software development, web and mobile app development, QA testing, and IT consulting services. Our main specialization is healthcare software products. Exoft's mission is to help businesses leverage technology to improve operations, increase efficiency, and drive growth.


Our company places great emphasis on ensuring quality deliverables, maintaining transparency throughout the process, and ensuring customer satisfaction, all of which we take great pride in.


2. How would you describe your leadership style for Exoft, and what makes it successful?


Democratic leadership. The success of a leadership style depends on various factors, including the context, the people involved, and the organization's goals. The key benefit of democratic leadership is that it can lead to better decision-making, as diverse perspectives and ideas are considered. In addition, the company creates an environment that promotes motivation and productivity by encouraging a sense of ownership and dedication among its team members.


3. What challenges can one encounter as a software development company leader?


The field of custom software development is highly competitive, and the recruitment and retention of skilled employees can present significant challenges. A leader must attract and retain top talent while managing turnover and ensuring employees are engaged and motivated.


A leader must have technical and business acumen. They must understand the technical aspects of software development while also managing the company's business side, including finances, marketing, and sales. Balancing these two areas can be challenging.


4. How has Exoft adapted to the ever-evolving technology landscape?


Digital transformation is necessary for businesses to stay competitive in today's market. The prevalence of digital transformation in today's world is undeniable. The implementation of innovative technology has the potential to enhance various aspects of business operations, including the expansion of your company and the improvement of employee productivity. Therefore, I actively participate in networking events and self-development opportunities to continuously learn and stay engaged within the technology community.


Through the years, we have built a highly efficient practice to support and inspire our employees to learn and implement new technologies on our projects. Whenever we have any new challenges - the first idea is to take a solution or technology that we know well and have been using multiple times. As a CEO, this is the right approach, as it mitigates the risks and is generally a way to go. However, this is the impulse I usually try to suppress, and rather inspire our developers to find new solutions and embrace new technologies. And usually, it works out well. As a side effect, it also gives a valuable lesson to our employees on how to take the initiative and take risks but get a reward once it turns out well. It is what makes us a better company.


5. Can you share some of the initiatives that have proven to be the most successful for your business?


My best decision as a CEO is to find and hire the best people in management positions in our company. Although it might sound trivial, when you have a team, you can rely on; you can sleep well knowing that your daily operations routine is in good hands. And also it gives me time to concentrate on new ways to do business, find new challenges, and improve our company on a high level.


Another aspect I'd like to discuss here is the family-like relations we try to build and keep in a company. We are still about that size when everyone from our company knows everyone else faces to face. We invest a lot in lots of activities and build internal communication to keep us a 'team' and not just a bunch of individuals that happen to work together.


6. How has customer feedback impacted decisions regarding developing new software products?


Customer feedback is crucial in software product development. It helps teams identify user needs, prioritize features, improve the user experience, enhance functionality, and increase customer satisfaction.


Customer feedback is an invaluable asset when developing software, whether a mobile application, web application, or any other type of software.


7. In what ways do you anticipate that emerging technologies will facilitate growth and innovation in the years to come?


Although it might sound a bit conservative here, I'm sure that software development in the way it was for years will remain actual for a long time. AI, ML, blockchain, and so on sound like good 'selling' words in marketing. But as a CEO, I have to decide what kind of things we should concentrate on, and at this stage, we should still put our efforts into further improvement of ourselves as a software developer.


However, once we continue our growth, we will inevitably need to build a strong competence in AI. In the new world of IT, it would become a must-have in our daily work.


8. What sets your company apart from other custom software development companies?


Our passion is to provide excellent products for clients. We bring much insight to the project. The Exoft team must ensure that we created a product that would be useful once the project was over.


9. What strategies do you employ to ensure that the software your team creates is of the highest quality and gets maximum client satisfaction?


Before the software is developed, the requirements must be clearly understood and penned down. It guarantees that everyone agrees and will prevent misunderstandings that might cause dissatisfaction. The finished product ultimately meets the client's demands.


The software sector depends heavily on innovation to help businesses create quality products, services, and business models that will revolutionize projects are delivered. By continually exploring and experimenting, we discover new ways to improve software quality, reduce costs, and enhance user experiences.


Encouraging research and development (R&D) is essential to promoting innovation. It can involve investing in new technologies, processes, or tools to help teams develop better software faster. As a result, teams may feel empowered to experiment with fresh concepts and methods without worrying about failing.


10.What essential inputs would you like to provide aspiring business owners looking for directions?


Remain patient; good outcomes take time. For example, starting a company that develops custom software takes time and effort. However, high-quality work can create a successful and profitable firm with the right team and procedures.


These are some crucial hints that can aid anyone wishing to start their own bespoke software development company:

  • Learn what types of custom software development are most in demand or what issues firms face that can be resolved by such development.
  • It is crucial to do R&D on the types of software development services in demand or how creating custom software can help fill the gap in the market.
  • Your business can be successful if you hire qualified personnel who care about producing high-quality work and developing special software.
  • Projects must clearly define, organize, and align client needs, goals, and expectations.
  • Delivering top-notch work is essential to the success of any bespoke software development company.
  • It's impossible to resist keeping up with the most recent trends and technology.
  • Be adaptable and flexible.

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