Interview with CEO of Closeloop Technologies- Assim Gupta

With over 20 years of expertise, Assim has developed software and other technologies for prestigious businesses, including Apple, Google, Oracle, VMware, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Here is an insight into what he had to share about his learnings:

Selected Firms in an exclusive interview with Assim Gupta, CEO of Closeloop Technologies


1. Tell us briefly about Closeloop Technologies and what was the idea behind this move?


Closeloop Technologies is a promising app and software development company headquartered in California. For the past 11 years, we have developed groundbreaking IT solutions for a diverse range of clients from finance, Healthcare, Education, Recruitment, Entertainment, Banking, and others.


Serving industry behemoths, small and medium scale enterprises, and start-ups, we provide mobile (iOS & Android) and web app design and development services, CRM and ERP development services (Salesforce, NetSuite, Zoho, and Zuora), eCommerce strategy, design & development, and cloud solutions (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Kubernetes).


Closeloop Closeloop was started to empower businesses digitally by catering to their software engineering needs. Starting with a small team of five back then, we are a team of over 100 today. At Closeloop, we strive to simplify and streamline business processes with our smart IT solutions.


2. What is your ideal or philosophy about CEO's role at Closeloop Technologies?


With the growth of digital technology, IT now can directly impact an organization's bottom line by using software and analytics to increase productivity. We help companies worldwide operate smarter, quicker, and more efficiently with our intelligent AI-powered software, apps, and analytics. In addition, we assist firms in solving their software engineering problems through advanced tools and trending technologies like IoT, Blockchain, AI, AR/VR, cloud computing, etc.


I believe business innovation and automation are the real game-changers, providing businesses with a competitive edge, which we promote at Closeloop.


3. Your key achievements so far in the Industry


The success of our patrons is the biggest achievement for us as a unit. Our work speaks on our behalf. Our apps have helped business owners secure funding from the industry's reputed investors. A loan portal for homeowners in the US that worked on clean energy secured funding of $1,000,000.


Aside from this, we built custom software for a recruitment company with powerful features like an unbiased hiring process and automated interview scheduling. It is one-of-its-kind in the industry and has proved to be a game-changer. The project scaled from a custom enterprise solution to a subscription-based product with out-of-the-box features in a year and a half.


There are plenty more examples and case studies. You can visit the website to know more.


We are a top-rated company on, AppFutura, DesignRush, and others. Besides, we are a member of leading IT portals, including BusinessOfApps, AgencyVista, TopDevelopers, SelectedFirms, nitrate. co, and more.


4. Where do you see your company in the 10 years of your administration?


We are clear about our goals. We want people to see us as the most friendly, cooperative, and innovative technology company globally. To be recognized as one of the world's brilliant IT companies is what we aim for - driven by innovation, intelligence, professionalism, and passion.


5. What does Closeloop Technologies' hierarchy look like?


It is a functional organizational structure that starts at the top with positions with the highest degrees of responsibility and works its way down.


Employees are primarily arranged according to their skills and the company's related purpose. Each department is run independently of the others; coordination among them is essentially taken care of by the respective department heads or leads. Not very stringent, but we have protocols. The employees are, however, free to reach out to leaders for guidance across divisions for the benefit of the company and clients we work with.


6. What are the important aspects of selecting the right framework for web and mobile app development?


The framework selection depends on the project’s requirements. Our business analysts study the requirements and understand the business model before suggesting an appropriate framework to the client. At times, the client's budget is also a factor we need to consider when suggesting a platform.


7. What are your thoughts on emerging technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, and Big Data?


Technology like Blockchain offers reliability that fintech companies, banks, and other premier financial institutions are banking on. IoT, on the other hand, is trusted by industrial enterprises and companies for unwavering connectivity. They are game-changing technologies that will drive businesses forward with informed decision-making and predict the best possible outcomes for absolute preparation for companies to grow and scale.


8. In terms of corporate strategy, what do you think are the main factors that make your company stand out in the Industry?


I'd say it is our customer-focused approach to building customized software, websites, and mobile apps. And the team behind that's responsible for managing things, addressing and overcoming every challenge that comes their way, and helping the organization grow.


9. What optimum factors do you consider for attaining client satisfaction?


At Closeloop, we do everything possible to satisfy our clients. As a result, we maintain a healthy relationship with them during the project and post-completion. Our transparent policies, no hidden charges, regular progress updates, weekly interaction, and crystal clear communication, among other things, help us serve our clients better.


10. You've been in this industry for a long time. what is the one piece of advice you want entrepreneurs to take seriously?


Money-making should not be your ultimate goal; solving a problem should. Dynamic solutions that solve real-world problems automatically attract money. Dream big and build innovative solutions for a better tomorrow through dedication, passion, and hard work.

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