Interview with CEO of Artoon Solutions- Naresh Khokhanesiya

Naresh KHokhanesiya is a Co-Founder at Artoon Solutions Pvt Ltd, which specializes in information technology services, team building, innovation, and the development of mobile and web games as well as games for real money and virtual money.

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1. Tell us briefly about your company and how this journey began for Artoon Solutions?


We started Artoon Solutions in 2009 with the vision of providing web and app development solutions that are both affordable and high-quality, two characteristics that were not commonly provided at that time.


The lack of such services motivated us to grow and broaden our services to include more options that weren't previously offered. Throughout the years, we have grown and eventually branched out into the gaming industry, where we have found our sweet spot in working with Multi-Gaming Platform Games and Standalone games niche.


2. How do you lead the Artoon team as CEO, and what do you expect from your team?


Of course, there are a lot of managerial activities that require my attention. However, we do not have a one-way leadership structure at Artoon Solutions. As a result, a lot of time is spent helping each member unlock their full potential.


With this potential and a better understanding, each team member could make more informed choices and execute their tasks better.


3. How many awards and recognition have you achieved so far?


We have in the past received the SGCCI award for Best Game, 2020-2021 at DIGITECH AWARDS 2021, among many others.


Being noticed by Google and selected into the Top 30 of the Google Appscale Academy for our Teen Patti game app has been the highlight of the year and a true testament to the dedicated efforts we have been putting into broadening our services reach in the gaming industry.


4. What project management approach does Artoon solutions follow for mobile app projects?


Mobile app development involves several skilled experts at different points in time. Although other individuals undertake different stages, the entire team stays informed about what steps are yet to come and which steps are in progress.


The Project Manager is also present to ensure all steps are taken correctly. The project manager will always provide a mobile app project that will reach a deadline and is of the quality expected.


5. What makes Artoon Solutions unique from the rest of the competitors in the industry?


Although we started as a web and app development company, we have established ourselves as capable game developers. You may find many companies with this role today, but when we first started, there was much less competition.


At Artoon Solutions, we believe in win-win-win philosophy i.e. we make sure that the client’s work is delivered with perfection and keeping in mind company and employee job satisfaction.


Also, our long presence in the market has equipped us and allowed us to evolve to rapid market changes, be it web/app or game development.


6. What are the key factors Artoon solutions consider before selecting the mobile app development platform?


With mobile devices continuously changing, staying at par is essential to capturing the market! Clients often may not know about the benefits or drawbacks of native and cross-platform development.


We want our clients to succeed, so while we listen to their pain points or personal preferences, we try to advise them about which platform would suit their application.


7. What futuristic technologies do you see driving growth and innovation in coming years and how?


The future looks bright with many technologies such as Extended Reality (XR), IoT, AR, VR, AI/ML, Blockchain, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) which are used differently in software development.


However, the technology that will drive growth forward in Unity game development for the life-like experience it provides to users. Undoubtedly the gaming industry is expanding rapidly, and it is most likely that technologies applicable to enhancing the user gaming experience will see the most growth in the future.


8. As we see all the hype around “Metaverse”, what is your take on this?


The Metaverse is a broad term! I feel a portion or version of the Metaverse already exists in the form of technologies such as VR, AR, and XR and their ability to create life-like scenarios with the appropriate physical equipment.


The concept is impressive if it comes to pass. Still, needing to wear headsets and goggles could be a drawback. But, developing a more ergonomic and affordable substitute could make the Metaverse idea more feasible.


9. What optimum factors do you consider to achieve maximum client satisfaction?


Every client is not the same, and we understand this from the get-go!


The key to satisfying all these clients is ensuring their requirements have been communicated clearly, and the final solution caters precisely (or better) to these requirements.


Even then, communication should be seamless throughout the development process to keep clients in the loop about developmental milestones.


10. You’ve been in this sphere for a long time, what is the final piece of advice you would like to give all entrepreneurs out there?


Customer satisfaction is essential! Go the extra mile if you have to but make sure your customer is completely satisfied. A great deal of customer satisfaction relies upon understanding what exactly your clients need.  


Don't be afraid to ask questions if it means that you could better solve their problems!


Change is inevitable, one must keep evolving to progress in this competitive world! In the IT sector, we need to accept that it is a rapidly changing field that could easily, at any time.

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