Interview with CEO & Founder of RipenApps Technologies- Ishan Gupta

Interview with Founder & CEO of RipenApps Technologies-Ishan Gupta

Interview with CEO & Founder of RipenApps Technologies- Ishan Gupta

Expert’s Active Contribution Assessment – How Mobile Technology will Help Businesses for Enlarging their Foot-Print Globally

1. Tell us in brief about your company. What was the idea behind starting RipenApps?

We are a leading mobile app development company, awarded as Market Pioneer in Digital Innovation. Master in developing new-gen design & technology by creating hot-seller mobility solutions.

RipenApps is a perfect fusion of skills, innovation, passion, expertise, and obsession. We utilize our technical expertise to make business processes smoother. We design and develop scalable, robust, and optimized solutions that cater to massive audiences in a competitive shell.

This zeal and dedication of techies at RipenApps made it possible to deliver awesomely and currently in a concise span of a time interval that our Brand “RipenApps Technologies” has added so many success feathers in its cap via developing a vast count 400+of featured & chartbuster apps, which are, experiencing gigantic counts of downloads and has raised 97M+ USD funds for investors.

The ultimate aim and objective are to design and develop quality applications given that thousands of apps get uploaded to the store each day and only a few are able to create a mark.

 Our prime goal at RipenApps is to build and deliver niche apps that address the purpose of ease up the processes not complicate them.

2. How do you provide direction in RipenApps? What is your role within a company?

It’s my privilege to be a part of the conversation with SelectedFirms, I am extremely delighted that RipenApps Technologies has been titled as one of the best mobile app development companies in the USA by them.

I am more inclined towards production quality; this enables me to remain aligned with the commitment brand ‘RipenApps’ promises “quality alongside quantity” & enables me to direct the line which assures smooth operations. As I have spent more time in product analysis, I also enjoy giving suggestions to clients that add value to their business and, in turn, help them strengthen their revenue model and user acquisition.

Being founder at RipenApps, my engrossment is to transmit energetic-zeal, customer-centric approach & company vision to my team so that we can collaboratively deliver enormous value to the customers who are willing to go digital with their business on the most used and approachable platform i.e mobile.

3. Give us a brief about your enormous achievement so far in the Industry.

RipenApps is delivering outstanding solutions and has already delivered 400+ mobile applications across various industries, and the apps are witnessing a success assigned to RipenApps. Though our product is witnessing success for various of our clients, Education, Healthcare, Entertainment, & On-demand Industries are leveraging the power of hot-seller Apps developed by RipenApps.

Apps developed by us like eGurukul, In The Rooms, Dell, NewLight are creating a buzz on the stores and have cross 1 M downloads.

Our work is getting admired all over the web & huge entities like Clutch, GoodFirms, Mobile App Daily, Whatech, etc. They have given a green flag by entitling us as a leading app development company.

Some of the Key Highlights & achievements Of RipenApps:-

  • Incorporated in 2017, with a headcount of 3.
  • Within 2.5 Years we reach the headcount of 120+ with a total turnover of more than 1 Million USD.
  • Within a short time span, we are featured on many of the global platforms like GoodFirms, Clutch, SiliconReview India, Mobile App Daily, TopDevelopers, TopAppCreators, InsightSuccess, etc.
  • In spite of being a part of an industry where only 40% to 50% get successfully completed out of all those that get initiated, at RipenApps our project completion success proportion is 95%.
  • Got associated with Multi-Trillion USD Global Corporates like DELL Inc., ADOBE, Jana Marines, EP&T Global, etc. for their software needs.

4. What are the key factors to be considered before selecting the right platform for mobile application development?

Target audience, i.e. your user base is the prime factor that needs to be understood while determining the platform for development. If your audience consists of Android users, i.e. around 70% to 80%, then you shall opt for Android first over iOS once you have seen user response.

5. We would like to learn about your distribution strategy. How do you take your apps to market and what approaches have worked for you?

RipenApps covers every user interaction from the moment they first learn about the product to when they become a loyal user. We entirely focus on the marketing of mobile app that effectively involves defining a target audience, learning how to reach them, how to communicate with them, and analyzing their in-app behavior to enhance its efficiency as users move through the acquisition funnel.

We totally rely on delivering the utmost quality that exceeds the expectations of our customers and use the customer-centric approach to deliver them what they need.

We always deliver products that bridge the gap between customers and their users in the market. Overall, our distribution strategy depends on what our consumers seek and we always exceed at another level in fulfilling their requirements.

6. What are the critical objectives that determine the time frame of mobile app development.

The primary factors that determine the time frame of developing a mobile application are the features it holds. Each feature comes with its level of complexity, and collectively this determines the delivery timeframe of a mobile app.

7. What method do you follow for handling web and mobile app development to reach up to a committed timeline for your clients?

Well, if I talk about the strengths of RipenApps then, our of the prime reasons behind our skyrocketing growth chart other than the presence of some of the industry’s best brains and vast experience of working with different industries, is our ability to develop and deploy mobile apps even before the allotted time.

In this industry, we are known for our services that are of unmatched quality in the least possible time. Our Clients trust us with faster deployment time that is covered by the blanket of quality and innovation.

We follow a secret method that makes us stand out among the rest.

  • We use low-fidelity Wireframes
  • The lean method, we launch MVP
  • Design Review before planning sprints
  • We follow short release cycles
  • We opt Automated Testing
  • We follow agile
  • Flexible Team Size
  • And, that is how we achieve our goal.

8. What are the key trends driving the growth in new-age technologies like IoT, Blockchain, & Big Data?

New-age technologies like IoT, Blockchain & Big data are actively shaping both the industrial and consumer worlds. These advanced technologies find its way to every business and consumer domain there is—from retail to healthcare, from finances to logistics. These technologies providing a new & smart ever approach to the consumers so that they all can deal with the operation in the smartest way.

RipenApps holds expertise in dealing with the new-age technologies, as we develop mobile apps blends with the new & emerging technologies and provide every industry with a smart-ever approach to deal with their target customers.

The key trends that are driving the growth in new-age technologies are- Innovation, VUI (Voice User Interface), Smart-ever Interaction, Standardization, and many more.

9. In terms of corporate strategy, what do you think are the main drivers that make your company stand out of the crowd?

Excelling Quality, Timely Deliverables, Meeting Commitments are the main traits that RipenApps focuses on and these traits give us the potential to stand out from the crowd. Our excelling work to develop apps that get trending and multiply your ROI, turn customers delighted, and make businesses’ Brand Visible is the core. Rest is:

Focused Vision: RipenApps approaches each project as a potential game-changer in the market. It guides its clients to success and assists them until their good ideas are ready to become something awesome.

In-depth Knowledge of Market’s Future Need: In-depth knowledge of different industries and entrepreneurial concepts of startups are at the core of RipenApps’ business.

Agile working approach aligned to the success of customers: It uses agility to bring the velocity in clients’ business and help them respond to the changing needs of the digital economy. 

Open to serve Quality: The prime objective of RipenApps is to make a profoundly coordinated, conductive, and collaboratively working zone with every sort of facility. If organizations want to indulge in the working zone and have a communicational and free cultural environment for any sort of service, then all the doors of RipenApps are open for them.

10.You’ve been in this sphere for a long time, what is the one piece of advice you want entrepreneurs to take seriously?

Anything achieving worthwhile is not a cup of tea, it’s really challenging. The Journey from “Learning How to Develop an App” to “Start an App Development company where I need to pass-on my skills & vision to many talents so that they can also develop the immortal app for every spectrum of business & entrepreneurs” is really challenging yet opportunistic. You need to persevere enough through the hard times and it does pay off. At the time when you really determined to deliver your vision to the world, there should be nothing that keeps you up at night more than thinking, how you can deliver enormous value to the customers who are willing to go digital with their business on the most used and approachable platform i.e mobile. Starting a business or building an app is not a breeze. Everything worthwhile takes work but it’s worth doing, so just do it. Aim to get to the light at the end of the tunnel!

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