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A PHP developer is a software developer who is skilled in the use of PHP and the different technologies that are based on it. A PHP developer is typically thought of as a backend developer because they are familiar with the following backend technologies. For a variety of reasons, PHP is regarded as a very approachable language for web development. It's simple and inexpensive to set up, making server-side apps straightforward to deploy. PHP is also thought to be simple to work with, making it easier to find PHP talent than some other more specialized programming languages. A significant amount of PHP has been maintained and modified over the last few decades to guarantee that it remains highly useful and current. The PHP development team has even modified the language to support object-oriented programming, allowing it to compete with Javascript. PHP is built to work with the most popular database languages, such as MySQL, right out of the box. Given below is a list of the top companies that provide PHP development services and solutions.

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PHP Development Companies

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What is PHP development? What makes PHP better than other backend programming languages?

PHP is considered to be an open source scripting language which is used in a widespread way. Its primary ability is to produce page contents which are dynamic in nature. As an overall backend language, PHP is responsible for mainly business logic. It also possesses the capability of data collection, sets and cookie receiving. PHP can also influence data by changing, updating or deleting it in the database as well as can set access of a user on that data and its encryption.

A solution of PHP can be executed on different operating systems like Linux, Windows, Mac, etc. This type of language of programming can be compatible with many servers. It is also easy to learn and works rapidly in an efficient way on behalf of the server side in many cases. PHP helps in supporting different kinds of databases. It is a framework of open source and can be obtained by free downloading.

Some of the features of PHP that distinguishes it from other programming languages are:     

  • It gives support for many databases like Oracle, MySQL and many others.
  • PHP’s coding and usage is much easier while compared to other languages of scripting.
  • PHP’s workings are more efficient than other languages of scripting.
  • Since being open source, it is free to be downloaded and used for free.
  • By creating a summary of the user’s latest accesses, PHP provides access logging.

Why should you invest in hiring a PHP development company for your web project?

In this new age, with the constant technological advancements, the latest tools and platforms are also constantly progressing. As there are many benefits of choosing PHP, it is right for a company to select PHP as their platform for development.

Aside from its qualities of being less costly and open source, it helps businesses to be ahead of their competition as it has less time to market. The other advantages include smooth integration, elasticity, speed and scalability, and many more. The benefits of hiring a PHP development company for a web project are:

  • Skilled professionals: A renowned PHP development company consists of high quality teams of professionals and top PHP developers that possess all the skills and expertise about PHP platform and programming, which is why after getting hired, they exhibit and make the most out of their experience and deliver their best skill wise.
  • Awareness of tools: The professionals from best PHP development companies are well aware of the newest technologies and tools for development as well as the older ones too, which are previously used for a long time. They make good use of this knowledge in order to meet the requirements of the projects assigned to them.
  • Saving of time: Hiring the PHP development professionals to complete the development jobs will save a lot of the company’s time. So, this extra time could be used for more important things like business expansion planning and tactics which can move the business a step towards their goal.

What to expect from a PHP development company?

PHP nowadays is very popular in the context of programming languages around the world, having over 6 million PHP developers.  Some of the reasons like simplistic style, independence of platform and a community that is excellent, are just a few reasons why PHP programmers from PHP development firms keep increasing.

PHP is a good choice to develop various types of websites, whether static and dynamic, along with fast prototyping. It is for this reason only PHP is preferred by business, startups, IT organizations, and media as well as advertising companies.  With the flourishing of those markets, the demand for PHP coders and their agency for hiring grow yearly.

Usually a PHP software developer can also be observed as backend developers as they are supposed to have expertise in technologies like Linux, Apache and MySQL, which are included in the LAMP stack.

The PHP web Development Services that PHP full-stack developers from PHP agencies provide are very much dependent upon their position and workplace. For understanding what to expect from the professionals of a PHP web Development companies better, some of their common responsibilities are mentioned below:

  • Programming of upcoming applications of websites.
  • Testing as well as deployment of websites.
  • Conveying the specifications that are technical, in terms of different structures, budget, procedures, etc.
  • Website testing with the help of different types of devices and browsers.
  • Improvising the prevailing codebases with the help of refactoring.

Different hiring Models for PHP developers and development companies

There are different hiring models, which are flexible in nature, for PHP experts and the development agencies. Some of them are:

Fixed Cost Model:

After the elicitation of requirement, in this model, the final payment regarding the development of software is then declared. Here, the cost of the project is not modified, regardless of the time and resources it took. Based on the older projects taken up by the development company, the price is set.

In case of any modification between the processes of development, it is carefully analysed for costing of the extra charges, as the scope of the project is already defined at the start. All the steps in the processes are predetermined, and the technology which is relevant is used for the development of the application.

Dedicated Resource Hiring:

In this type of model, teams are scaled up and resources are modified for a project’s development with extensive needs in business. This is appropriate for projects which are of long term and have requirements that shift throughout the process of development. For speeding up the creation of the software, teams which are dedicated and are well experienced are utilized.

This model leads to alerts of progress in real-time and total control over the utilization of resources. This type of model is friendly on the budget side along with having outstanding assets and infrastructure.

Hourly and Time-based Hiring Model:

This model proposes clear communication between the parties involved for smoother development. It also involves fast changes in the structure of the project, which also includes the team’s timeline and tactics. Here the project’s in-scope as well as out-scope can be transformed on the run.

The whole budget is not decided in the start, due the prospect of addition of new resources with respect to the business’s demand. The software which is developed is allied with the newest trends in technology and guidelines of security.

Hybrid Hiring Models (Combining Fixed Cost, Dedicated Resource and Hourly Models):

When the defined necessities of a business are not accurately evaluated, in that case this type of model is appropriate for the development of the software. Once the initiation of the project is done, the analyses of the requirements happen simultaneously, and basing on extra iteration the execution takes place.

Here, the resource cost is added to the budget of the project and the completion of the development phase happens on the basis of fixed hours. This model helps in the timely completion of the project, within the limits of the cost, as well as adds the needs of stakeholders into the finalized solution.

How to pick the right PHP development company?

These are several of the steps involved in picking the right PHP development company for a business:

  • The first step is to check the portfolio of the company
  • The next step is to visit the company’s website
  • The testimonials presented by the company or those on their website is helpful too
  • Check the total experience of work they have.
  • Get to know about the methodologies they follow and work on
  • Obtain a set of questionnaire from the PHP development company
  • Check whether the proposal done by the company fits with the company’s budget or not. It is okay to request a quote as well.
  • The last step in this process is to check for the company’s service towards customer support

What skills to look for while interviewing PHP programmers?

Some of the skills to watch out for while interviewing PHP programmers are:

  • The will to learn and knowledge expansion: To meet the deadline of a project, the PHP programmers must need to learn new abilities for the deployment of a new app.
  • Knowledge of other languages of programming: The programmers should also be conversant with programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript for detecting and correcting any web design errors.
  • Skills of problem solving: These kinds of skills are important in all sides of web development.

How much does a professional PHP development company charge for their services?

The charges for hiring services of a professional PHP development company depend upon the rate of their developers. The hourly rate on average to hire a junior level PHP developer is around $20 whereas for those who are in mid-level, it is about $30. Finally, for developers in senior level, the charges vary from $40 to $50 project wise.

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