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Top eCommerce Development Companies | 2023

The growth of e-commerce is astounding! The industry had been growing at a rate year on year before COVID-19. As many storefronts closed and people began shopping from home due to the pandemic, those figures skyrocketed. As a result, the competition in the eCommerce sector has increased like never before. Despite this, studies show that a few percent of small businesses still lack an eCommerce website or digital presence. An online presence is more important than ever in a world where people are increasingly shopping from the comfort of their computers or mobile device. To gain an edge over your competitors, your business needs the right eCommerce website to sell products and services to the target audience. Hiring an expert eCommerce development company is the only way to create a custom eCommerce store that meets your unique business needs. An experienced team of eCommerce development solution providers helps you get flexibility and control over your website and offer an excellent customer experience. Finding the right eCommerce web development company can be tricky with millions of companies around. Here we have listed the best 50+ eCommerce companies with genuine client feedback, portfolios, and pricing to help you select the best technology partner.

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List of Best eCommerce Development Agencies | Top eCommerce Developers

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Why Is Ecommerce Development Important for Your Business?

Ecommerce development is one of the most important aspects of running a successful online store. You should understand why it is so important before you start developing your own eCommerce website.

The internet has changed everything. It has made shopping easier than ever before, and it has also opened up new opportunities for businesses. One of those opportunities is eCommerce development.

The ability to sell products online.

There are two main reasons why eCommerce development is important for your business. First, it allows you to reach more customers. Second, it gives you access to new markets. If you want to run an online store successfully, you will need to hire an eCommerce development agency to develop an eCommerce platform that works with your business model.

The ability to track orders and inventory.

An eCommerce platform also helps you manage your inventory and keep track of your sales. It makes it easier to order products and ship them out to customers. In addition, it lets you monitor your inventory levels and make sure that you do not sell out of stock.

The ability to customize their website.

If you have hired the best-experienced local eCommerce web developers team to build an eCommerce site, then you need to consider how much customization you will need. There are different options available when it comes to building an eCommerce website. However, some of these options require more work than others.

Direct selling to consumers globally

An eCommerce website allows you to sell products directly to customers globally through your website. This means that you do not have to go through a third party such as Amazon or eBay. Instead, you can set up your own shop where people can buy your products directly from you.

Leverage social media-

In the current time, people are heavily dependent on social media platforms.  Through an eCommerce website or app, you can let them log in to your eCommerce store through their social media account and can leverage accurate data and information about the users to make your marketing activity and targeted advertising accurate.

The ability to have a mobile app.

Mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. In fact, more than half of smartphone users use them every day. And the list above of top eCommerce development companies create mobile applications along with websites to reach a diversified user base.

Apps are also very convenient because they allow you to access your data wherever you are. They can help you manage your business better by allowing you to keep track of inventory, sales, and other key metrics.

How can an eCommerce development company amplify your online business?

Strategy & Consultation

The top eCommerce web development company provides consultation services on taking your business online and building a custom solution for you.

Custom eCommerce Design

eCommerce development firms have UI/UX developers who create the designs from scratch by implementing innovation, creativity, content, etc. They help your store to stand apart from your competitors.

Ecommerce Website Development

Top experienced eCommerce developers focus on making online stores reliable, faster, secure, and scalable. The leading eCommerce website development agencies have the experience and skill to meet industry trends.

Ecommerce Platform Migration

If you wish to migrate your current eCommerce store to a modern-age, capable, feature-packed, and technology-fulfilling platform with seamless integration and no downtime, this service is also essential.

B2B Marketplaces

Building B2B marketplaces that are sustainable, secured, and rich-featured allows the businesses to deliver their products seamlessly to other potential businesses in the market. The eCommerce development service companies provide efficient B2B marketplaces that showcase pure growth.

Digital Marketing

Get additional services like content marketing, Social media marketing, PPC, Affiliate marketing, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization, which is an essential factor along with the development part.

Support Services

Due to downtime, nobody can afford to lose thousands of customers in seconds. Therefore, the maintenance support services can focus on pixel to pixel to ensure nothing goes wrong.

What should you know and look for in the top eCommerce web development company?

Check for Reviews

While selecting any top eCommerce web development company, always check for the company's reviews. Also, dig into the client testimonials to validate the credibility and understand the company better from various clientele perspectives.

SelectedFirms reviews are the most trusted, authentic, and unbiased customer reviews, which will help you choose the best leading eCommerce development agencies.

The portfolio is the crux

For example, if you want to hire an eCommerce developer for creating a website for clothes and jewelry, check with them if they have done any previous work in the Fashion & Apparel segment. If they have, it's a cherry on the cake for you. But if they haven't, and if your idea is unique, check with them on the nearest segment in which they have worked earlier.

Have a look at the portfolio, design, taste, and experience. It would help you know how experienced or unique the company is in its ideas and help you decide whether you should go with the eCommerce development firms.

Team of developers

The company's experience solely depends on the team of developers you will work with. Hire the top eCommerce development service provider for the profile list and get you acquainted with the right developer who hones the right technical skill sets.

The purpose behind doing this is that the team of developers should understand your company objectives and deliver desired deliverables to your company.

Technological experience

Check with the top eCommerce web development company for the specialized experience, new tools, technology available, and the programming languages they are experts in, such as PHP, Java, MySQL, Laravel,  React Native, etc.


Ask the E-commerce development firms for customization facilities such as Plug-ins, enhanced security features, etc.

Maintenance support

Websites do crash sometimes due to coding errors or domain expiration or plug-in problems etc. and this ask is very crucial and a must when you go live. Your website should be able to handle the traffic.

Hiring The Best full-time eCommerce development agency Vs.  Best freelance  eCommerce developers


Cost Comparison

Remember that cheapest is not always the best, and neither most expensive is the best. Before you choose to hire the best eCommerce developers for your firm, you must check your budget and the factors mentioned above.

Best Freelancer eCommerce developers charge less than a company. Still, at the same time, top eCommerce web development companies have the right expert pool of developers in their company, and they can handle many projects simultaneously without your work getting affected.

Hire the best eCommerce developers who are liable for your processes to get the most profitable solution for your organization during the project and post-project, as customer satisfaction is their top priority. So yes, working with eCommerce development service companies is more feasible and is budget friendly than hiring a single freelancer as you do not have to bear overhead expenses like taxes, employee costs, etc.

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