Super App: A Solution That Culminates Business Growth

The rise of super app has changed the way businesses operate. So let's find out what exactly supper app is, what does it take to build a super app, its benefits, and successful examples.

Nowadays, the lives of people are becoming more leisureful, simply because of the invention of mobile applications. They are capable of meeting every requirement of users as they can perform payment processes, stream videos online, learn related to any subject, purchase items, gain services, and whatnot.


The trend of individual service mobile apps lasted much longer. The priority of these apps was raised to such a level that consumers began to spend their money like nothing else. According to statistics, customers from all over spent $5.03 on average in the first quarter of 2022 on mobile applications to fulfill their needs.


But later, a revolution took place among the digitized applications. The launch of super apps in the market took place and has created a lot of hype among users, as there was no single sector left to be integrated into these solutions. Consumers were able to access a wide range of services through these platforms. This disrupted the market to a great extent.


There are many multi-service applications from all over the world launched in across different countries, including Gojek, Paytm, Snapp, Grab, Rappi, Careem, etc. It is due to the major preferences for these apps among people. So, entrepreneurs are motivated to build their super apps to stay on top of all demands.


Hence, for those, this post would help them to create multi-services applications for their ventures through some tips, factors needed to be fulfilled for building them, some perks, and renowned names of super apps market.


Before building a super app, consider the following factors:


Almost every entrepreneur wants to create a multi-service solution for his or her business. But, a few points mentioned below must be considered before going for the development of super apps.


User Base


The early-stage startups might face issues of gathering a massive user base as they don’t have many audiences visiting their venture. So, start by populating a business and making it more accessible to customers if you are facing such difficulty. You need to be popular enough among users to create super apps.




Multi-service platforms integrate several industries into one; if any need arises for combining the various sectors, then there has to be a sufficient amount of money available to you for it to be fulfilled.


Skilled Professionals


In order to build a super app, you can't compromise on skill. It is necessary to hire experienced and dedicated developers who can work on any platform that meets the venture's requirements when developing a multi-service solution.




For creating a multi-service platform, you are required to invest a significant amount of time. If you are unable to do so, it may not be suitable for you to spend time at this moment.
Nevertheless, if you satisfy all the parameters above, you can build a super app for launching an online multi-service business. The question is, how do we build them? Check out the tips in the following section.


What Does It Take To Build Super Apps?


Several business owners have been motivated by the tremendous growth of multi-service platforms for acquiring these solutions for their businesses. Here are some tips mentioned below which can help them for building super apps:


Market Analysis


It is a process that is necessary to conduct before initializing any sort of venture. Thus, to get a multi-service solution ready, it is a must to analyze the market. It includes knowing the existing rivals by seeing the features they serve to users, issues they face, platforms that people desire from them, and other stuff that needs to be noted.


List Out Attributes Required


The features are the key components of any solution that compels users to use the application iteratively. Therefore, before stepping into the super app market, you should list out the properties that make your business stand out from the rest and can help you achieve a reputed position.


Draft a Final Blueprint


A blueprint is a picture of what your application would look like after being developed. It contains business requirements, predetermined designs, and specifications that differentiate your venture from the competition.


Decide the Budget


It is necessary to review the pricing pages of various development partners in order to determine the budget for a solution. Additionally, it will help you choose the right technology based on your budget and business needs.


Crack Deal With Technology Partner


Choose a company that delivers the finest super app development service and possesses the best client satisfaction ratio. Also, keep in mind whether the decided budget as per required platforms for getting implemented the attributes according to the needs of the venture are satisfied by a provider or not. If it passes through all the criteria you have decided earlier, then you can shake hands with a particular technology partner to get your multi-service solution created.


And, if you are interested in creating the application by yourself, then you should follow certain stages of development that can help you build a platform suitable for your enterprise.


Various Benefits of Super Apps to Help Businesses Grow


People nowadays rely on super apps to meet their diverse needs. After a considerable time period, these platforms became popular, attracting users from all over the world. It is estimated that 67% of US customers are interested in using a single app that provides multiple experiences. The following are perks entrepreneurs can enjoy by following an ongoing trend:


Simpler Operation


By utilizing multi-service solutions for ventures, entrepreneurs can easily accomplish their tasks, including managing users, analyzing the earnings of workers and enterprises, approvals/disapprovals of providers, and many other components of a business that can be operated effortlessly and remotely.


Hence, it allows startup owners to run their enterprises fluently without any hassles, which improves the operability of trade to a great level.


More Scalability


If we compare the business with a previous traditional offline approach, then it becomes quite robust to handle traffic entering the application along with becoming scalable enough to execute the functions without any glitches, regardless of the user base.


Also, entrepreneurs can customize attributes as per their venture requirements. It simplifies the lives of local customers by helping them to meet their needs more efficiently.


Customer Service Enhancements


A multi-service solution can greatly enhance the customer service experience. It is likely that entrepreneurs will focus on their consumer segment. Through these platforms, many partners are looking to earn extra income, which contributes to the increase in services. As a result, they earn considerably more from the services they provide.  By doing so, admins and users are able to offer and gain faster service delivery respectively.


Different Revenue Channels


An admin can find multiple revenue streams by investing in a platform that offers a plethora of services. In the past, entrepreneurs were not offered a wide range of income opportunities. Now by this solution, they can yield significant profits through advertisements, referrals, and many other channels. In addition, by generating significant income from a platform, the entrepreneurs can utilize those funds to upgrade and maintain a multi-service solution to improve business results.


These are the benefits that motivate entrepreneurs to build their applications for multi-service businesses. One can refer to the important points on how to find the best software partner to get the most suitable platform. By hiring a reliable software development company, they get a streamlined multi-service platform. Last but not least, you should be aware of the number of well-known names in an industry. You can find them in the following section.


Super Apps From Worldwide:


Due to the enormous demand for these applications, many were launched and quickly became success stories. Listed below are some of them:




The company was founded by Michaelangelo Moran, Kevin Alluwi, and Nadiem Makarim in 2010. There were only two services it offered in the past: courier and ride-hailing. As of today, the firm offers 20 services through its application in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Philippines, and Australia.




In 2011, Tan Hooi Ling and Anthony Tan founded a company called 'MyTeksi' in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Having relocated to Singapore in 2013, GrabTaxi has served multiple benefits to people across most of Southeast Asia, with 187 million users across eight countries and over 330 cities in 2019.




Careem has gained a reputation in the Middle East region for its success since it was founded in 2012 by Magnus Olsson, Mudasir Sheikha, and Abdulla Elyas in Dubai. The company was initially operating a ride-sharing service in the Middle East. Recently in 2021, it was found offering services to 48 million users across 12 countries.


Final Verdict:


As per information discussed earlier in the post on multi-service platforms, from factors to be considered before developing them, tips to follow, some benefits that ventures receive, and a few established names of super apps. In order to survive in the competitive market and to take advantage of major user preferences for super apps, it makes sense to shift to a multiservice venture through an online platform.

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