10+ Stats That Prove the Importance of Website Design

Website design is key to customer satisfaction and conversions. Get the data to back you up with 10 must-know stats that prove the impact of website design. Learn why a modern and user-friendly design matters in today's digital world.

It's almost 2023; perhaps you've recognized by now that your company's quality and perceived legitimacy has a lot to do with the website, content, and general design.


Your company may seem bigger than it is thanks to an internet presence. You can position yourself as one of the big guys with strong content and a modern layout.


But exactly how much the design of your website creates an impact on your potential customers is a major question. Therefore, we need data and statistics to prove the value of a good website.


We've included 10+ sound statistics about business websites in this piece. So if your website isn't going to cost you money in marginal conversions, look at these.


I'm happy to assist you with this blog if any of the problems stated below sound familiar to you.


Come on, let's get started.


10+ Statistics That Every Business Firm Should Be Aware Of


According to stats, about 2,52,000 websites are created every day, 10,500 every hour, 175 every minute, 3 every second, and 2000+ websites by the website design company by the time you finish reading this blog.


Wow, that is a lot of competition…


You don't want to get lost amongst these numbers just because you ignored getting yourself a quality-designed website.


Remember, Good Websites equal High business growth. Still in doubt? Don't worry; we've got you covered.


Here are a few metrics that will prove the value of having a well-designed website.


#1 “48% of people say that website design is the most important element when determining a company's credibility.”

Give customers a cause to believe in your company if you desire their trust. Your website's design is crucial if you want your visitors to trust your company. A good and entertaining website that puts every crucial component in front of customers will undoubtedly satisfy them. It encourages consumers to trust your company and take the next step: making a purchase.


#2 “Google reports 61% of visitors are reluctant to revisit a mobile website if they encounter access issues, and 40% instead go to a competitor's website.”

Visitors tend not to return to your page if they face any issues while surfing your website or encounter navigation and resolution problems. Page load time is also a major issue regarding user engagement. As you are already aware, visitors show patience for just 5 seconds. So, slow and steady is probably going to lose you a lot of customers.


#3 “94% of consumers base their initial opinion of a website solely on how it is designed.”

Various elements, including the layout, colours, spacing, symmetry, text volume, fonts, and others, influence this first impression. Therefore, build a wonderfully designed website that grabs your audience's attention and encourages them to interact with your page if you want to influence your web design positively.


#4  “Internet consumers claim that 57% won't endorse a company if their mobile website is poorly developed.”

Making a user-friendly, intuitive website is a key component of web design, which goes beyond just creating visually appealing websites. If yours isn't, many people will leave your website. For example, 57% of consumers in a Top Design Firms poll stated they wouldn't endorse a company with a poorly developed website.


#5  “To make their brand stand out from rivals, 73% of businesses spend money on Web design.”

This statistic underscores the need for a unique website, making it one of the most important commercial websites. You'll blend in with the crowd if you rely on less adaptable website themes. You'll lose leads to rivals who have more distinctive websites.


#6  “If given 15 minutes to consume material, 66% of individuals would rather look at a beautifully designed website.”

Suppose there's one thing to know about web design, users like aesthetically pleasing websites. A bland and uninteresting website won't hold their attention. Your audience may have differing views on your belief that you should spend a lot of time making your website attractive.


#7  “38% of visitors will stop visiting a website if the layout or content is unappealing.”

Online, first impressions are crucial, so you need to establish a strong one early. Your website's layout, copy, and design must entice visitors to stay long enough to learn more about your company, its products, and its services. They can only do that to become clients.


#8  “On their homepage, 70% of small company websites lack a Call to Action (CTA).”

An effective CTA can direct users, persuade them to take the intended action, increase conversion rates, and ultimately aid in accomplishing your website's stated goals. Conversely, a lack of CTA makes them unsure of how to proceed. As a result, they either recover or have trouble finding CTA.


#9  “Good web design starts with colors because they improve brand identification by 80%.”

One of the essential components of success is color. It's no accident that popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, and others have blue as their brand and design hue. Colors have an impact. It distinguishes your company from the competition and makes browsing more pleasant for customers. To get better results, designers and marketers use color psychology. It's a huge one, too.


#10  “Before visiting any other website pages, 47% of visitors look at the company's products/services page.”

Visitors to your website first land on your homepage, where they anticipate learning a little about you and your background but mostly about your offerings in terms of goods, services, costs, and promotions. Serve the most crucial and helpful information first on the homepage.


#11 “If there is no phone number or contact information, 44% of internet visitors will exit the page.”

Suppose a visitor is persuaded to purchase but still has some lingering questions. In that case, they typically expect to see contact information, such as a phone number, email address, or any social media ID, so they can get in touch immediately and confirm their order. But, unfortunately, you have no idea how often visitors have left a website just because they couldn't find any contact information.


#12  “A smooth experience across all devices is very important, according to 83% of mobile users.”

Customers anticipate that your company's website will adapt to their mobile devices and operating system. In accordance with their device, more than 83% of consumers expect a fluid browsing and navigation experience.


Why Is The Quality Of Your Website So Important?


Looks Do Matter! If they feel more welcome on your page, your visitors will likely sign up or subscribe in the long run. A modern and attractive web design also influences positive client feedback and testimonials. Doing this will give you the appearance of welcoming new website visitors.


Visitors to your website make a judgment about the legitimacy of your company in 0.05 seconds. That's the blink of an eye fast. We can all agree that appearing beautiful has advantages, and if potential clients find your website through a Google search, your initial impression had better be favourable.


There are many possibilities for every search query; therefore, it is only a matter of economics that there is little room for poor design.


You want to retain another potential client for negligence to quality web design. So it is high time you gear up your team and get ready for a makeover.


On A Parting Note...


The only area where professional website design outperforms templates is in terms of immediate cost. But if you're serious about your company's long-term prospects, you'll opt for expert website design.


Professional website design is complex and demands extensive technological expertise. However, the effect it has on digital marketing is immeasurable.


Selected Firms can assist you with that. So please get in touch with us if you're ready to create the greatest website possible for your company.


Step up your website design right away!

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