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User Agreement

We at Selected Firms aim to offer the best services to our users by providing a platform where potential buyers and sellers of e-services come together. Thank you for visiting our site and please carefully read our User Agreement before going forward with the services of Selected Firms. By using any of the services of Selected Firms, you by default agree to and are bound by the User Agreement and Privacy Policy of Selected Firms. The firm reserves the right to update or modify the user agreement at any point of time without prior notice. Thus users are advised to refer to the User Agreement page to keep abreast of the agreement policy. A continued usage of the services of the site will indicate an acceptance of the updated user agreement. The firm also reserves the right to deny access to the services offered to any user. Moving forward, the terms ‘Selected Firms’ and ‘we’ refer to Selected Firms and ‘you’, ‘client’ and ‘users’ refer to the users who visit the website of Selected Firms, provide information and use the services offered by the site.


All users of the website must be 18 years old or above the age of 18 in order to access the website.


All legal proceedings related to Selected Firms, its services and this user agreement must be brought in the state or federal courts located in New York County, New York, USA. All the proceedings are subject to the jurisdiction of these courts and you must consent to the said jurisdiction.


Users have the right to access, view and use the text, image audio and video published on this website solely for non-commercial and personal use. Users also have the right to make copies of the information available only for non-commercial and personal use. Users are prohibited from using any and all of the content available on this platform in any manner whatsoever for a commercial purpose. In order to use the information available on this website and the services offered for a commercial purpose, the users must have the explicit permission of Selected Firms. Non compliance with this will be seen as a breach of the User Agreement.


Selected Firm only serves as a platform between professional service providers and potential buyers of such services. And the firm does not have any involvement in any engagement between potential vendors and clients.
  • Any engagement between the client and any potential vendor is at the user’s own risk
  • Selected Firms is not responsible for any issues arising between the client and the vendor. The firm recommends that the vendors and the clients contract through appropriate legal services with each party represented by their own legal counsel.
  • Selected Firms will not be a participant in any contractual agreements between the vendors and the clients.
It must be noted that Selected Firms does not endorse any particular vendor listed on the site and its service is limited to verifying the authenticity of the service provider. Also the firm does not serve as a representative or broker of any of the vendors listed on the site and does not receive any fee as a broker or representative. Selected Firms reserve the right to monitor all the consultation forms submitted by the users, in order to identify the most suitable and appropriate vendor for the clients. Also the firm reserves the right to not process any consultation form due to incorrect or inappropriate information. Under any circumstances if the firm believes that the information submitted is incorrect, outdated or irrelevant it will not process the form further and deny further services. Any and all information submitted by the client in a consultation form is subject to our Privacy Policy. Selected Firm aims to be an informational platform where clients can choose their potential vendors based on their needs and requirements. Despite our best efforts we cannot guarantee that the information on the website is completely error free, up to date or accurate and errors may appear from time to time due to a variety of reasons. Selected Firms is not responsible for any losses or damages that arise from the user’s use and reliance on the information available on the website. Before purchasing or finalizing any contractual agreements with the vendors, clients are advised to verify all the information with respect to the vendor and the concerned project. Thus the onus of responsibility lies on the client to verify the accuracy, correctness and relevance of the information available on the website.


User content refers to any and all information submitted by users on the Selected Firms website. The information submitted by the users on this website provides Selected Firms royalty free access to the information subject to the terms and condition of this User Agreement and the Privacy Policy of the company. By submitting information via this website, users grant access to the firm to use, publish, reformat, copy, distribute, reproduce, modify, edit, translate and create derivative works from the user content, in whole or in part and now or in the future including for promotional purposes in anu media without any further consent, notice or compensation. In the case of Selected Firms and its service providers using any of the information covered in the User Agreement for promotional purposes, the users are not entitled to any compensation. Any and all information provided by the user as feedback to the services of the firm are also the property of Selected Firms.


Users are prohibited from doing the following activities,
  • Submit any information or content that is objective, unlawful,discriminatory or libellous.
  • Submit any information that is confidential or proprietary or any information that the user does not have the right to disclose under any contractual obligation.
  • Submit any information that infringes or violates the intellectual property rights of another entity.
  • Submit information that is a part of a promotional or advertisement campaign.
  • Gather or collect information for a competitor’s services or platform.
  • Interfere with the security, operations or functionality of the platform.
  • Copy, download or transfer any information for a purpose that is explicitly prohibited in the User Agreement.


Selected Firms respects Intellectual Properties and will respond to all copyright infringement claims that are provided to us with proper proof. In case you believe that any of the user content on this platform constitutes copyright infringement please provide us with all the necessary information for us to validate your claim and take the necessary action. The terms of the User Agreement is applicable to all the visitors of the Selected Firms website and the users of the services offered by the firm. The firm reserves the right to change, modify or update the terms of the User Agreement at any point of time without any prior notice to the users. Users are requested to periodically visit this page to keep themselves updated of the current terms and conditions of the User Agreement. Continued usage of the website and the services of the firm will be seen as an acceptance of the updated terms and conditions.



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