All You Need to Know Before Your Business Go Online on Shopify

Just a little more challenging work for pushing the sales, and your brand is good to go with the help of seamless Shopify features. Read the complete guide to get to know more about Shopify.


Are you planning to establish an eCommerce store? Shopify is the right platform, then!


Shopify is one of the most sought-after leading platforms for launching and running online stores. Shopify is the most preferred platform of the bunch due to its flexibility and is feature-rich and complete as a platform due to its ample benefits. Shopify has everything one needs to run an online store. The best Shopify development Companies in the USA help build the right eCommerce store, allowing customization of the design and adding various feature extensions.


Shopify removes all the major fuss of managing an online store with server management, development costs, etc., and makes the launching process easy. The launch of servers can be done through self-hosted platforms such as Magento.


If you are not a tech-savvy person and you want to build an eCommerce store and you are exhausted of platforms like Amazon or eBay, resort to Shopify.


Now we are sure you all must have heard about Shopify plus.


What is Shopify Plus?


If a merchant is selling in high volumes and needs to focus on expanding the business, Shopify offers an Enterprise level plan known as Shopify Plus.


Sneak peek into the features of Shopify Plus :


The admin feature


It allows you to manage an organization's components from a single location. (Shopify organization admin)


Unique access to apps and channels


Shopify Plus gives access to advanced features to high-growth merchants such as launchpad, wholesale channel, script editor, bulk account invite, etc.


Supports API resources


Shopify Plus supports many API resources helping you to integrate with other custom applications. Special API features include REST, GiftCard, Multipass, etc.


Exceptional Launch Team support


The Top Shopify Designers and Developers help launch the store faster by guiding in work related to migration tools & strategy, custom integrations, and solutions to meet the desired requirements.


A wide array of Themes


Shopify Plus allows you to add up to 100 new themes to your Shopify account. In addition, one can keep seasonal versions of the published themes or make and test changes to the currently published theme.


Expansion of Stores 


Shopify plus supports the growth of up to nine stores for different locations and nine expansion stores for internationalization and other purposes.


Partner program  


Shopify Plus has tie-ups with special shopify plus partners who come when we need advanced technical assistance for high-growth business solutions.


Let's look at some statistics on the number of users using Shopify. Well, it's a whopping colossal number of 10,000+ brands leading to high growth sales. Shopify Plus is available in 175 countries and 21 languages to sell in. What's come to surprise is that the number of checkouts per minute across Shopify is 10,978.


Did you know that more than 5,300 businesses out of 10,000 use Shopify plus? Shopify Plus is generally open to merchants who have crossed revenues of $1 million up to $500 million.


Shopify has a significant impact on the economy globally. It has contributed $319 Billion to the total Global Economic activity of the world. This number will surely increase as more companies will use Shopify to manage their online store in the coming years.


Benefits of using Shopify


Shopify is a versatile platform where both new and experienced sellers can benefit. There are some advantages of using Shopify:


No fuss in starting up


With no fuss about servers or developmental costs, Shopify offers an easy way to launch an online store. The admin interface is easy to use as all steps are logically explained. One of the best features of Shopify is that it has a lot of pre-recorded video guides to sell your product.


Tech worry becomes zero


While launching an online store, to get you up and running, all the software and the secure hosting part are provided by Shopify. Shopify can accommodate any level of traffic you may receive on your site. While they even take care of software updates, you have to worry about nothing once you have your business online through Shopify.


Secure & Authentic


Online stores deal with sensitive customer information such as credit cards, queries, customer complaints, etc. As this is a global platform, the team constantly monitors the network 24/7 for any hacking issues, attacks, bugs, etc. The add-on services protect you against the risk of viruses and trojans. Opt for SSL certificates or PCI compliance to accept credit cards, encrypt the data, and pass it through a secure connection. Shopify takes care of all upgrades and maintenance, making it the most reliable platform to host your brand.




Shopify offers over 100 themes (free or paid) to choose from, which are mobile responsive. Thus, creating an aesthetically beautiful theme with unique features becomes simple.


SEO feature


Having a beautiful online store is not enough. With the help of advanced analytics, one can even find out where the customers are coming from. Shopify also provides a Search engine Optimization (SEO) feature, which helps websites rank higher in search results for your target audience to find you faster.


24/7 customer support


The Shopify customer support team is available via phone, email, and web chat. Their response time is relatively quick and is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It means you will never be abandoned. Apart from that, they even have many community forums and documentation in the Help Center covering all the guides.


Multiple Payment Gateways


To make selling easier for clients, Shopify has integrated great payment gateways, and stripe powers their payment gateway. Selecting this option will save you from transaction fees, and you can benefit from lower credit card fees.


Here are some key details that one needs to know to launch an online store and ensure 100% efficiency from day zero. While working with top Shopify Development Agencies in the UK, they would take care of the below points:


Pay attention to Mobile Design while you design a website


Well, if you want to build an easy and quick solution for online shopping, just having a desktop version of the website will not suffice. You will be surprised to know the fact that 79% of Shopify Traffic Comes From Mobile Devices.


A survey states that 8 out of 10 people will leave the website if it is not displaying on their devices correctly. So it almost accounts for 80% of the crowd. That is why having a mobile-friendly designed website is exceptionally crucial.


Shopify does help beautify your website, but your work does not stop there. Always check if it is performing well on all devices and check on certain factors such as fixing the header, enlarging the CTA buttons, making the images clear, displaying as much as less content, minimizing the popups, and optimizing it for different screen ratios. All this can make your mobile version of the website look fantastic.


Shopify Hosting


The speed of the website cannot be risked. Web hosting takes care of it. If the loading speed is more than 10 seconds, the customers may tend to leave. Taking Shopify's hosting, which has a CDN, proves very useful when customers from Japan or the US come to the website.


Always use a custom domain by Shopify


Do not use a free domain provided by Shopify; instead, buy your domain, which might come to a few dollars a year. Your domain lets you build your brand quickly and make the SEO work exclusively for your website.


Focus on Plugins


Shopify has a variety of plugins. As a result, Shopify has maximum customization flexibility and scores high on Apps and community.


To automate marketing, get HubSpot Shopify Plugin. For example, when purchasing requires filling in many details, a customer may abandon the cart. In such cases, to revive them, the HubSpot feature allows you to send an automated email to a customer precisely 10 minutes after they have abandoned the shopping cart. This feature is free and helps you get your eCommerce customers back quickly. Interestingly, this feature lets the customer proceed by clicking just one button.


Another plugin that one has to use is the product reviews feature. Understanding that this feature is significant for the brand to grow and for the users to get authenticated information, it allows the user to leave reviews on the website without any biases. Having specific thoughts helps to display the rating feature on search engines. Statistics from states that 57% of people do not consider buying from a business with less than 4-star ratings.


Great visual images of the products.


Niches like fashion, shoes, jewelry, etc., are entirely photography-dependent businesses. Therefore, always ensure you upload neat and good-dimension images on the website to increase sales. On the other hand, poor photography or blurred images may result in losing customers.




Please spend some time learning SEO basics and using them in your platform. Then, create a sitemap, optimize the images for proper speed, and add essential keywords, unique titles, meta tags, and advertising banners wherever needed. It will make your website google-friendly.


How to start a Shopify store?


Below are some quick steps to glance at:


  • Come up with a business name.
  • Create an account in Shopify.
  • Add products from DSers.
  • Set up a payment gateway.
  • Customize your checkout if needed.
  • Create and generate the policies required for your business.
  • Look into the free shipping rate.
  • Set the taxes.
  • Make an online store.
  • Upload the product images and write product descriptions.
  • Make an About US page for the brand.
  • List the product pricing.
  • Work on the part of the collection.
  • Look out for an appropriate Shopify theme.
  • Create the main menu.
  • Design a banner and upload it.
  • Make a list of featured products.
  • Create the footer


And your store is ready to be launched.


To End Up!


Just a little more challenging work for pushing the sales, and your brand is good to go with the help of seamless Shopify features. With these exclusive features and with the support of the Best Shopify Development Companies in the USA, you will have a smooth experience running a Shopify store online.

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