Four Effective Methods to Nurture Your New eCommerce Customers in 2019

The main agenda of any e-commerce owner is to establish trust with their visitors to turn them into loyal customers. This is why, as an e-commerce platform, you get new customers visiting your services daily.

The main agenda of any e-commerce owner is to establish trust with their visitors to turn them into loyal customers. This is why, as an e-commerce platform, you get new customers visiting your services daily.


This creates an ongoing opportunity to turn them into regular customers; otherwise, these people are never going to go through the checkout process. If an e-commerce website doesn’t follow the right rules, people will start feeling uncomfortable with the services and even doubt its credibility.


Therefore, it is essential to build that trust rapport with your customers and make them feel safe and secure in buying products from your e-commerce portal.


First-time visitors are very eager in developing a review about you in the market. They provide an e-commerce portal with benefits like new referral opportunities and the latest reviews.


They will try to make an opinion about you and discuss the same with their friends. These first-time customers are more into giving reviews about your product. This happens in two user cases.


First is if they like your product very much and the other is when they hate it. So, try to impress your first-time customers so that they can serve as leads for your business and suggest the same to the other people around.


So now you know, how vital your first-time customers are but the big question is how can you optimize your e-commerce website to build trust with your new customers. If you are new to the e-commerce business, then you need to know the critical steps of hitting the right time for your customers to make them turn into loyal ones.


Have A Clear Description Of What You Are On Your Site:


If you have this feeling that genuine buyers don’t go through such texts and they will have a look at your product gallery, then you are wrong. Every first-time customer is going to read everything about you on the About Us page before they start using your services.


The About Us page is like the backbone of every e-commerce website. It is like the journey of your brand from the minute levels to where you are now. It is the content of this page that determines what type of customers will start placing orders with you. It identifies the quality and number of customers that will be linked to your services.


You can now judge the importance of the About Us page for your services. The page should include your brand’s credentials, certificates, or awards. It consists of the entire journey of your brand with its core values, goals, and mission statements. The page should also include the physical location of your office and contact number and email address.


It is always better to have a page that tells how long you have been in business and any top officials or social media contacts that you have. Do not fill the About Us pages with everything, since that will not leave a good impression on the customers. Explain all the policies of the brand so that first-time customers can read them easily.


Everything about Your Return Policies:


The e-commerce website’s return policies determine how many purchases will be made. All online customers like to know what the different options available for returning the goods are. This description should also include the wrong and late deliveries.


The excellent return policy will consist of free delivery, easy returns, and a replacement guarantee for its customers. Offer your customers will flexible return policies to build trust with them. Go for a full refund on the return of the product, and full money-back guarantees and terms like if you’re not satisfied with the product, you can quickly return it phrases to make your return policy appear more attractive.


You should also include linking it to a form which the customers can request a refund from. An e-commerce website that has a good refund policy also makes its customers indulge in buying products. This will increase the revenue generation process, as well.


Excellent Customer Support Is The Key To A Successful E-Commerce Business:


At times, what customers want is to talk to someone in real and solve all their queries. Customers who are using the products for the first time should feel free to call you and ask about everything right from the delivery to the placing of the order.


Go for a video guide or impromptu options for better navigation of the website. Go for live chats and other customer support channels to indulge with your customers more effectively.


Do Everything That You Say:


If you have a new e-commerce portal and you want it to be successful, then one way of doing it is to keep your promises. Be it with the delivery options, refunds policy, product quality, bonuses, discounts, or warranty; always be transparent with your customers.


This will increase the trust quotient they have in you and will think of you as a brand that stands true to its words. Provide your customers with various options to lure them into buying your product. Go for first-time discounts, which will help you to engage a lot of first customers to your business.


Online shopping is like the hype of the town now. With its smooth and comfortable services, the choice of shopping has been digitalized for people. But staying active with your e-commerce solutions is one way to gain new customers and expand it further.




All you need to do is stay true to your words and think of the customers first. It is common for first-time customers to suffer through a little difficulty while buying products from a new website, but if you make them comfortable with your services and improve customer experience, they will surely complete their purchase. This is also going to reduce the rate of abandoned checkouts in your store and increase your revenue.

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