Interview with the CEO of Fluper Ltd – Anshul Sharma

Mr Anshul made a name for himself as the CEO and business head of numerous startups, including Fluper and BrandBurp, and helped businesspeople realize their aspirations at a very young age. He gave an insightful interview to Selectedfirms:

Expert's Active Contribution Assessment - How Mobile Technology will Help Businesses Enlarging their Foot-Print Globally


1. How did you come up with this business idea? What was the essential key factor to being a pioneer in mobile technology?


I had no aspirations of being an entrepreneur or business owner, as I always considered it a hard nut to crack. I started my career at IBM as an engineer but, eventually, comprehended several interesting facts that were enough to make him realize my actual potential. Yes, I was born to be an entrepreneur. After a lot of struggle, I recognized the right path to success. I realized that mobile applications are gradually becoming necessary; hence, I started providing app solutions and website designing and development.


2. What is your role in managerial activities & processes for evaluating current operations?


Talking about my role within the organization, I am responsible for bringing an optimistic approach, building strategies to deliver the best, and working toward business growth. We work collaboratively as a team and provide the most profitable solution to our clients.


3. Give us a brief about your enormous achievement so far in the Industry.


We started with only 2 people in the year 2011, unaware of the fact that one day, we would be ranked as one of the trusted app development companies across the globe. The office where we used to operate wasn't large enough. In the beginning, we used to provide CRM & ERP Software Solutions. However, with the changing market scenario, we realized the significance of mobile applications.


Fluper, which started as a startup in the app development sector, gradually became the first choice of users when it came to the development of mobile apps. Moreover, we have been awarded the Best Startup of the Year 2018 by Innovate India and Ranked #1 Mobile App Developers by AppFutura, Clutch, and Good Firms in UAE.


4. What are the key factors before selecting the right platform for web and mobile applications?

These are a few most significant aspects which are going to help you with your difficulty in recognizing and examining the best for web and mobile applications:


  • Know Your Target Audience


Knowing your target user base is the core when selecting the best app development platform. Carry out appropriate research to examine all the essential points and generate a client profile.


  • Operating System


It is the job of developers to decide which operating system they want to implement on the app. However, as per the App Practice Statistics, the whole number of app installs for Android is more in contrast to iOS application downloads.


  • Financial Factor


The financial factor is compulsory to consider while confirming any app development platform. First, consider how much a specific platform will cost to create your investment praiseworthily. Then, always attempt to pick the platform, which can get you a well ROI.


5. How many optimum factors do you consider for attaining client satisfaction?


Client satisfaction is attainable by preserving a transparent and precise project development method. Fundamentally, support & work completed is what the client wants from your side. Therefore, we are utilizing Agile Methodology and carrying out the work by separating the project into different stages and each stage into scrums.


Moreover, we make them comprehend the development of work regularly, more throughout these scrums; if the client wishes to alter something, it could be done right away based on their recommendation, which accomplishes the client's contentment.



6. In terms of corporate strategy, what do you think are the main drivers that make your company stand out from the crowd?


Some of the characteristics that make us unique in the market are:


  • Focus on Users


Every app is neither for your client nor for you. The app is meant for users; thus, it is crucial to focus on users' priorities. Being user-focused is going to lead you to look for their opinions in each stage of the app development, and the constant engagement will make users stick to your app.


  • Creativity


Successful mobile app developers are generally very imaginative. The most significant benefit of creativity is that it helps you to get a standout mobile app. It is crucial to think out of the box so that you can deliver a better user experience.


  • Proven Track Record


Another crucial factor, which I think is quite vital for an app development company, is a proven track record. Experienced app developers get more clients as compared to the new ones since it brings a trust factor.


7. What talent expertise do you employ in terms of new-age technologies like IoT, Blockchain, & Big Data?


The necessity for mobile applications is growing by leaps & bounds across the globe. It makes me believe positive and, simultaneously, thrilled. With accessible or emerging technologies, including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, and more, the chances to produce will indisputably improve.


We have started executing these technologies in order to make our resolutions modern, advanced, and innovative. In fact, we are looking forward to implementing other techniques and tools, as well. We want to become a trusted partner for business owners when it comes to mobile app development.


8. What excites you most about Mobile technology? Where do you see it heading in the near future?


Mobile app technologies are changing every day. With this, we need to look for technical advancements in the technologies we are working in. AR, VR, and IoT will govern the world of mobile app development. Augmented reality allows a user to view live digital feeds using the camera of a Smartphone.


While VR is a similar yet more diverse technology, it shuts down the physical world and takes you to a virtual world. IoT, on the other hand, can make life simpler with its growing network of physical objects. The future of mobile app development is evident but is filled with too many hurdles for beginners. Startups cannot have expertise in AR, VR, and AI-based assistant technologies; hence we are always ready to help startups around the globe.


9. You’ve been in this sphere for a long time, what is the one piece of advice you want entrepreneurs to take seriously?


Yes, I would like to share my personal experience with all my readers: If you’ve got a business idea, start it today. There is no better time than now. Stay focused on your goal and the ones who will be doing well think a new way around to drive the idea ahead. You need to be unique and have a different state of mind than the rest to accomplish your goal. You will have setbacks in this journey. They are normal. Keep a nimble mind. It’s best to stick to your dream, after all, it’s your goal, but things change along the way. Don’t be panic to embrace change and merge ideas.


Fluper Ltd.

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