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Look no farther than the WordPress Development companies listed below if you want to start your blogging site or design a feature-rich and interactive business website. These WordPress development firms offer a one-stop shop for top-notch WordPress development services delivered quickly. WordPress developers know how to create ground-breaking web solutions with cutting-edge WordPress technology. We provide professional WordPress design and development services, focusing on the complexities of each web project and delivering highly optimized SEO-smart WordPress solutions within the agreed-upon time frames. Top WordPress developers use clean and straightforward coding practices to create secure and scalable websites. Dedicated project managers assist you with a seamless delegation of your WordPress Development Services as result of this. You can choose between a project-based strategy and employing resources through our dedicated resources model to handle your projects autonomously. As a result, WordPress now accounts for at least 31% of all web traffic worldwide. Respecting and recognizing the importance of this endeavor, these WordPress development businesses provide world-class WordPress website development services to various industry verticals.

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The Thomas Agency


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The Thomas Agency has been active in the advertising and design world since 1988 and is constantly coming up with new innovative ways to reinvent both itself and its clients. All facets of advertising and design are offered by our office. A collaborative effort is necessary for effective advertising. We consider regular meetings between account executives and our clients to reinforce plans and communications efforts to be a crucial component of our business. We think it's critical for the account executive to thoroughly understand the clients' businesses. The Thomas Agency is not only an advertising agency. We appreciate outcomes and work tirelessly to achieve them. The Thomas Agency can do many things. We function as a full-service marketing business for our customers. We can also work on a project as a fulfilment company.


What is WordPress Development? Why is it needed for your business?

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source content management systems worldwide. It is an application that allows you to develop websites and publish content online. To put it in simple words, WordPress acts as the operating system for a website, just like iOS or Android. Therefore, it is trendy amongst individuals who want to build blogs and websites but do not have coding knowledge or experience. Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has become the world's most popular website building platform. As of today, 43.3 percent of all websites around the world are built using the WordPress platform, which has over 60 million customers worldwide. So, what makes WordPress so popular, and why should you use it for your business?  

The reasons why you should use WordPress to build your website are,

  • Open-Source Software: WordPress is free of cost to download, install and use.
  • SEO Friendly: By using WordPress to build your website, you can customize your permalinks, add metadata automatically, optimize the images, create a responsive site, and integrate your social media campaign with the website. These features help you make an SEO-friendly website.
  • Flexible Functionality: The availability of multiple plugins in WordPress can help you create an advanced website with various features. WordPress has several plugins such as survey and poll plugins, landing page plugins, eCommerce plugins, stripe payment plugins, contact form builder plugins, etc.
  • E-commerce Integration: With the presence of the WooCommerce plugin in WordPress, you can easily create an e-commerce website. Also, WooCommerce, the most popular choice for online store owners, integrates perfectly with WordPress.

Other reasons you should use WordPress for your business are that it has plenty of design options, requires little coding knowledge, and focuses on user experience, safety, and security.


What does a WordPress development company do? What are the signs of hiring one?

A professional WordPress Development company specializes in the infrastructure and ecosystem of the WordPress platform. The development company has a team of experienced developers who design and launch websites for businesses using the WordPress creation tool. The development company is responsible for both the front-end and back-end development, including implementing themes and plugins. Apart from developing and launching websites, WordPress development companies will also build sitemaps or wireframes for a potential website, migrate an existing website to the WordPress platform or redesign a website to optimize its SEO or conversion rate. The ultimate aim of the WordPress development agency is to create a user-friendly, attractive, and engaging website that meets the needs and requirements of the client.

A website of a business is often the first and only thing that a customer sees in this digital era. Therefore it is necessary to create a good first impression. The need for an attractive, engaging, and user-friendly website that captures and retains the audience's attention cannot be understated. Here are the top signs that you need to hire a leading WordPress Development Company to develop your website,

  • Your website has a high bounce rate.
  • Your website is not responsive (i.e., it is not optimized for mobile devices)
  • The website has confusing navigation and is not user friendly
  • The web pages load slowly
  • The site is not SEO optimized
  • Your conversion rates are low
  • Your site lacks vital functions such as custom web forms, e-commerce checkout, etc.
  • Your website is not secure.
  • Your website does not reflect your unique brand image or message

These are the top signs that your website needs an overhaul and that you should consider hiring a leading WordPress Development company.

WordPress Development: How does a WordPress development company do it in the right way?

Professional WordPress Developers have a streamlined development process for website development that will both ensure a quality end product as well as save on time and costs. The step-by-step process that a professional development team uses is as follows,

  • Define the strategy for the website, including the goals and requirements
  • Build a wireframe or sitemap
  • Choose the domain name
  • Get the web hosting
  • Decide on a WordPress theme
  • Install all the necessary WordPress plugins
  • Develop the administrative pages (i.e., Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, etc.)
  • Complete your website by adding all the relevant content
  • Integrate an SEO and social media plan
  • Ensure that the website is user-friendly and easily navigable
  • Backup the website
  • Launch the website and keep it up to date

By following these steps, WordPress development agencies can develop a website that meets your needs quickly and efficiently.

Different services offered by professional WordPress development companies

A professional WordPress Development company will offer a wide range of services that cover all the phases of design, development, maintenance, and support. From consulting with you to understand your goals and objectives for the website to developing a website that reflects the essence of your business to launching the website to providing constant support and maintenance, WordPress Development companies do it all. The services offered by top WordPress Development agencies are,

  • WordPress Development Consulting
  • Custom Design and Development
  • Integration and development of WordPress Plugins and third-party tools
  • Third-party theme customization and integration services
  • Performance and Security Testing
  • Installation and Setup
  • Custom CMS Development
  • Content Migrations
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Website Hosting

WordPress Development agencies offer blogging solutions, e-commerce solutions, Payment solutions, PSD to WordPress conversion, bug fixation, and site up-gradation.


What are the different sources to shortlist WordPress agencies?

Given that there is no shortage of options, finding and hiring a WordPress Development company or team that meets your needs and requirements can be pretty challenging. Here is a list of credible and quality sources that will help you find the right WordPress Development agency for your business.

  • Elementor Experts: Elementor Experts is a networking platform for web creators, designers, developers, and marketers. You can choose and hire a WordPress developer by going through the elementor projects showcased on the platform. In addition, the platform can help you find a WordPress developer who can perform installation, migrations, and full stack development.
  • is a designed WordPress freelancer platform where you can find and hire quality WordPress developers or development teams for your project. The platform follows a strategic six-step screening process to help you find the right person for your job.
  • WordPress Jobs: This platform is an official WordPress job listing page that allows you to post jobs in specific categories for which WordPress developers can apply. There are particular categories for WordPress design, development, performance, migration, plugin development, and theme customization that makes your hiring process hassle-free.
  • Stack Overflow Careers: Stack Overflow is a forum that will help you find, connect with and hire an expert WordPress developer seamlessly. Apart from being a technical help forum, it also has a forum board where you can post jobs for which the interested candidates can apply.
  • Toptal: Toptal is a global freelancing platform that connects businesses with software engineers, designers, project managers, and much more. You can identify and employ a skilled WordPress developer who suits your demands even though Toptal offers services in numerous areas of development, not just WordPress development.

Other sources that will help you find quality WordPress development agencies or developers are LinkedIn which is a professional networking site, web directories such as Selected Firms, and referrals from former or current clients.

What are the best locations to outsource WordPress development services, and why?

Businesses often outsource their WordPress development services instead of an in-house development team. The main reasons behind the decision to outsource WordPress development services are that it allows companies to save on time and costs, gives them access to a pool of talented and experienced developers, and access to the latest tools and technology used in WordPress development. Outsourcing is a wise decision for small businesses or startups because it will not be feasible or economical  to have a full-time in-house WordPress development team. The best countries to outsource WordPress development services are,

  • Poland
  • Ukraine
  • Romania
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Taiwan

The reasons that make these nations the top choices for outsourcing WordPress development are access to a large pool of skilled and talented developers, economical outsourcing rates, advanced technology, and constant innovation. Outsourcing to these countries' businesses gets quality work at economical prices. The best locations to outsource WordPress development services within the United States are,

  • Seattle, Washington
  • New York City, New York
  • San Francisco, California
  • Trenton, New Jersey
  • Austin, Texas

These US cities are preferred destinations for outsourcing WordPress development services due to several well-established industries, a large pool of talented developers, and constant innovation and research.

Cost of hiring a WordPress development agency

One of the critical factors in deciding to take up a WordPress development project and hire a WordPress Development agency is its associated costs. The average price of hiring a WordPress Development agency to build a WordPress website ranges from $ 3,000 - $ 1,00,000, whereas hiring a freelancer for the same will cost $ 500 - $ 5,000. The actual final cost is dependent on various factors and will vary from business to business. A professional WordPress development firm will also charge around $ 120 - $ 450 monthly for website maintenance and support.

While the WordPress website is free, the actual cost of building the website can vary depending on its features and functionality. The main factors that will affect the cost of the WordPress development project are,

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting Provider
  • Website theme
  • Plugins
  • Website traffic
  • Website features (e-commerce functionality, payment gateway, etc.)

Other features that will affect the cost are the number of pages, redesign frequency, security, storage, bandwidth, etc.

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