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Top PPC Agencies in Dubai

We've compiled this list of the finest PPC firms in Dubai, complete with their strengths and flaws, to assist you in your search for the Best PPC Management Agency for your specific requirements and goals in 2022.

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PPC Agencies

Extern Labs Inc.

Delivering IT Innovation

5.0 (3 Reviews)

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Dubai, UAE

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50 - 200

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$1,000 - $1,000,000

Extern Labs is one of the fastest-growing IT companies in the USA, Dubai, and India that provides web, mobile, and embedded development solutions. We at Extern Labs, Help Globalize businesses by using digital ways to empower the business ecosystem to reach all-new heights.  We use most advanced technologies like Javascript, Rust, Python, Ruby, and Dart, as well as popular frameworks like ReactJs, VueJs, NodeJs, Angular, Django, Flutter, Flask, and others. We also create apps for the iPhone, Android, and tablets (both native applications as well as cross-platform technologies such as React Native). At Extern Labs, quality assurance is an essential component of all business activities. We strictly adhere to our time-tested procedures from project conception to project delivery to ensure that all work is conducted in accordance with best practises and industry standards. As part of our quality policy, we use a variety of technical methods and measures, conduct formal technical reviews, and perform planned software testing.  

A Better Logic

Software Development Agency

0.0 (0 Reviews)

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Dubai, UAE

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30 - 50

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$5,000 - $100,000

"A Better Logic" is a 12 years old company started with the name of "Smart E Touch". We are the team behind India's largest police app. Delivered 500+ projects in this journey. We are the team behind UK's most used restaurant management platform "OMNI". We are the team who managed world's largest event "Kumbh". Our in-house team of designers and developers offers expedite solution for your queries and needs. 

Aspiration Worx

Digital Marketing, SEO Company, Ecommerce Agency

0.0 (0 Reviews)

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Dubai, UAE

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10 - 49

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Started in 2011, Aspiration Worx is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai providing seamless marketing services all over the world. Being focused on taking their clients to new heights, they learn about you and understand your business requirements. Having digital partnerships with Global leaders like Google, Facebook, Godaddy, and Ionos, we have a Google Certified Team that works closely with global clients. Over the years, Aspiration Worx has received a higher rating & reviews on Google and amazing support from all of its clients to established a brand name. By offering the best combination of Digital Marketing Platforms and Digital Marketing Strategies to all the industries, the expert digital marketers at Aspiration Worx work closely with the Google Team for creating optimized campaigns.


What actually does a PPC company do to enhance your marketing campaign?

Online marketers who use the PPC model pay for each click that their search, display, and social media advertising receive. There are numerous PPC ad formats, and the best ones for your company will rely on a variety of variables.PPC agencies can help your business in the following ways:

  • Drive traffic: While organic search is highly valuable for your long-term marketing plan, it takes time to yield rewards. PPC advertisements have the ability to provide immediate traffic to your website, which can be especially useful for startups or enterprises with a limited marketing budget.
  • Brand Building: Building brand awareness among your target demographic and being able to spend your media budget very specifically are two of the main benefits of PPC advertising. Additionally, those who are exposed to your brand's online advertisements will grow more familiar with it, fostering a stronger sense of identity and trust for your company.
  • Helps in SEO: As PPC gathers useful targeted data about your audience, it can help your SEO strategy by enabling you to understand your users better. To find the keywords that your consumers convert better on, for instance, you can use your PPC statistics.
  • Access to tools: Many advertising tools and technologies are available that can assist firms with audience segmentation, and audience data mapping, and enable them to target more precise audiences inside their PPC campaigns to maximize their ROI.

What approach/strategies do top-notch PPC companies in Dubai follow to accomplish the business goal?

You should continue seeking the best approaches used by leading PPC services because the advertising industry is evolving faster than ever. It's a good idea to review your paid media plan to make sure your strategy adheres to PPC best practices. You'll discover fresh strategies and features to add to your paid search program as you review.

  • Budget Review: The budgeted vs. actual cost for each account or campaign is regularly reconciled by PPC companies. Monthly, quarterly, or semiannually, depending on the size of the budget, will work as long as you can stick to the numbers.
  • Budget Optimization: To make room for additional efforts, it is now time to drop low-performer campaigns that have been optimized during the year. Moving those budgets to another makes sense if other paid media channels perform just fairly.
  • Test different platforms: One of the most important steps is to test out new paid channels. PPC firms ought to look outside Facebook and Google. Depending on the target population, several PPC companies experiment with new channels including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.
  • Keyword Research: You should have PPC specialists conduct keyword research for you because it is essential for the success of your online business.. Even though it's one of the most crucial PPC management tasks, if done properly, it can take several hours.The knowledge and experience of a Google AdWords firm will be used to identify keywords that are likely to generate traffic and conversions.
  • Developing Strategy: It is challenging to stand out in a highly competitive market. This is why employing successful methods is crucial to your marketing efforts. In order to develop strategies that are effective, these companies will conduct extensive research about your brand, your audience, and your competitors.
  • Campaign Settings: To ensure that the PPC campaign is profitable for your company, a number of things must be done. The most significant among them all is the geographical setting, which includes local, statewide, and national levels. For you to focus your efforts in a certain region to optimise the rewards, a professional business examines everything.
  • Landing Page: PPC specialists know how to ensure you have a decent landing page and are aware of its relevance. Even if your home page is optimised, you can't just send them there directly from Google Ads. Customers are more likely to take the action you want them to by taking the action you want them to by working with a professional who is aware of the type of material needed on the landing pages.
  • Using Scripts: With the use of scripts applied to the account, PPC managers can learn to automate tedious chores in their Google Ads accounts. Scripts that are free or pre-made are widely available online.

What services do Dubai PPC companies offer?

You need a good PPC company that uses technology services to help you reach your goals, and measure and maximize your ROI from PPC, whether your goal is to improve conversions, website traffic, or both.It is essential to work with a reputable PPC firm that offers a full range of PPC management services. The Top PPC Companies in Dubai offer the services listed below. When compared to other companies, those that offer these services produce greater and more significant results.

  • Paid Media Strategy: In order to launch a new pay-per-click campaign or revamp an old one, PPC companies in Dubai use extensive research. The agency selects groups of target keywords during the strategy phase and evaluates the level of competition for those terms. Additionally, they come up with a messaging plan and decide that the client's target audience should be catered to on the landing page.
  • Paid Media Audit: In order to create a clear route for future changes, the audit will show where the client's efforts have succeeded and where they have failed to do so. Examining other media outlets, such as sponsored social media, will frequently be part of the audit as well.
  • Campaign Creation: The team can start developing the campaign after the necessary research has been done. Leading pay-per-click businesses create the copy, set the bids, create the banner designs, and arrange everything during this process. Depending on the complexity of the project, estimate that it will take at least a few weeks because it is a significant job. You can choose to add graphic design services or let advertising use their own original ideas.
  • Campaign Management: This involves continuing day-to-day administration of campaigns. To make sure everything is going smoothly, the campaign manager should verify the ads every day. Ongoing optimizations will take place, but they'll be especially important in the first few months when data is being gathered and initial results are being received.

Why should you hire a PPC company from Dubai?

We can all agree that in the modern world, sustaining brand value is crucial. Although you can get your work done at a reasonable price, the quality might not be satisfactory. Dubai has an evolving market for ads and digital marketing and businesses are preferring Dubai to improve their online presence. Traditional marketing services are unlikely to be offered by a PPC agency in Dubai. Typically, a PPC agency in Dubai works with a business for a considerable amount of time to help it achieve its goals and objectives.PPC management companies in Dubai treat you like a business partner. They work with you in your field because they are wholly committed to the company's success. Always choose a PPC company carefully so that you find someone who respects and comprehends the requirements of the project.

What are the charges for Pay Per Click services in Dubai?

Companies in Dubai only pay for the traffic they obtain as a result of the campaign, as opposed to paying a one-time fee for an advertisement. The cost per click for an internet advertisement can vary substantially depending on your ad, your target audience, and the competition.

It can range from upwards of AED 55 or more per click, while some have a minimum price of AED 0.0037. The cost of an agency's support in planning and carrying out a campaign will also need to be covered by brands. Pay-per-click businesses often charge between AED 290 and AED 640 for professionals located in Dubai and as little as AED 125 per hour for specialized firms in offshore nations.

Key qualities of the best PPC company in Dubai

Google Ads can be managed independently, but it takes a lot of work and expertise. A PPC company will assist in maximizing the effectiveness of Google Ads by devoting the time required. Many firms lack the time or expertise necessary to maintain it on their own. Using a PPC agency in this situation is beneficial. But don't miss to evaluate the following qualities while interviewing the Dubai PPC agency.

Driven by Data Analytics

Every experiment and activity costs you money when using a PPC campaign for your business. Hence it's very important for PPC companies to pull all the data and share the detailed analytical report with you on a timely basis. A successful PPC manager in Dubai filters out all the data related to sales and industry research with his expert analytical thinking.

Certified and Technologically Sound

When you are running PPC campaigns, you are directly dealing with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. So if your PPC agency is a certified partner with one of these big players, it shows that they have undergone the professional training programs and know exactly what to do to enhance your PPC efforts for that specific platform. In addition, a basic understanding of the software programs like CRM, Hubspot, and Salesforce will be a bonus point.

Industry Expertise

It's very important to find a PPC agency that has experience in your industry. Hiring such an agency will increase conversions as they exactly know what works best for your industry and user behavior.

Direct about Pricing

As the PPC agencies do good with numbers and analysis, they should always be upfront about the campaign's cost. The PPC agency should be able to predict the amount for PPC services as they already have access to the database of your industry competitors' ad campaigns. They very much know about how is the industry performing and how much of the budget industry leaders are spending. 


What are the tools used by PPC companies in Dubai?

The most economical method for luring customers away from well-known search engines and social media platforms is pay-per-click advertising. In this manner, you may connect with your target market and only be charged when a visitor to your website actually makes a purchase. Every firm requires a capable PPC solution to make the most of this marketing strategy because businesses frequently lack the necessary staff to manage PPC ads alone. The best tools for making your PPC plan effective are listed below.

  • Ruler Analytics: Businesses can obtain a complete view of their customers' travels with the help of the simple-to-use marketing attribution tool Ruler Analytics. Ruler operates by keeping track of each and every visitor throughout a number of sessions, traffic sources, advertisements, keywords, and more.
  • Attribution app: Companies can measure and analyze their return on ad expenditure by channel with the multi-touch attribution app. You may correlate spend to certain users and/or accounts by using the cost data it gets from all major ad networks.
  • Adzooma: You can optimize the performance of your advertising in one place with the help of Adzooma, which combines your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft data. You can stop doing tiresome manual operations thanks to its rule-based automation capability.
  • Adhawk: Using a single, simple-to-understand interface, this solution gathers information from all of your paid campaigns. Adhawk examines your data and offers suggestions on how to enhance your performance and maximise your money.
  • SMERush: Semrush's extensive PPC advertising toolbox, which includes strong competition research, good keyword optimization, ad tracking, and special social media advertisements, is one of its strongest features.

What are the advantages of outsourcing work to a PPC company in Dubai?

Hiring a third-party PPC management company is known as outsourcing. For numerous reasons, all organisations in Dubai should consider outsourcing their PPC management to a third party PPC agency. Along with helping organisations achieve their goals for digital transformation, outsourcing to a PPC agency also offers the added advantages of reducing risks and maintaining a cost-effective strategy.

  • Expertise: These agencies have a thorough understanding of paid advertising is one of the main advantages of outsourcing to a PPC company. Because of their experience, they have a thorough understanding of PPC's operation, which helps them carry it out more effectively. You may be able to find a tonne of PPC-related information online on your own, but it won't ever translate into in-depth knowledge of digital advertising.
  • Bigger talent pool: One of the most significant benefits of outsourcing PPC management is Dubai's enormous talent pool. Furthermore, it is always advisable to view and access what is offered on the market because knowledge in all areas cannot be expected at home. Employing developers who can do tasks in a fraction of the time is important, and businesses should keep this in mind.
  • Access to tools: You should outsource PPC since it can give you access to more useful tools and resources. Analyzing your campaign's performance so you can make future improvements is one of the most crucial aspects of a PPC campaign. You can develop your campaigns more successfully when you have superior analysis tools.
  • Productivity: Professional PPC companies are used to working on outsourced projects, so they know how to adjust to their needs and do their work swiftly, efficiently, and correctly. You can be certain that if you give them a task to perform, they will do it correctly. By minimising the amount of time needed to deploy the programme, this will boost your company's productivity.
  • More Revenue: Customer loyalty is maintained and brand value is raised when the task is finished quickly by an outsourced agency. Each of these elements is crucial for generating revenue. It is frequently observed that income generation aids in your company's acquisition of better resources.

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