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Top eCommerce App Development Companies | 2023

eCommerce mobile applications, which began as a foreign concept, are now everywhere. They have become so ingrained in our lives that they are our second favorite hangout spot after social media apps. We directly purchase anything from your favorite prom dress to sizzling hot sauce via eCommerce, or should we say eCommerce app development agencies. We can see the immensity of the top eCommerce app developers by looking at us and our daily lives. According to many trustworthy sources, global e-commerce sale is predicted to exceed the 4.5 trillion USD level by 2021, which would give your vague concept a physical shape. The figures show that the eCommerce mobile app developers are expanding in several directions. The secret is out now, the industry is exploding like a weed, and you can get a piece of the action by developing your eCommerce mobile app. Our expert analysts have ranked the top eCommerce app developers with quality-rich experience in building and maintaining custom websites. Sort the eCommerce app development agencies by pricing and location to find the best fit for your business.

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eCommerce App Development Companies

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What does an eCommerce app development company do?

An eCommerce app development company provides various services like:

  • An eCommerce app development company offers intuitive mobile and web apps that simplify online ordering for customers for retail purposes. They align inventory across multiple channels of delivery, manage schedules of shipping, support payments in multi-currency, and track fulfillment of orders through native or logistics of third parties.
  • These mobile app development companies offer implementation of CRM, with services from Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, or benefits of Open Source and Marketing Automation. The tools used by them are HubSpot, MailChimp, etc. They also offer the development of ChatBot and integration of IoT.
  • These companies bring effectiveness in the catalog of the product and its merchandising by making use of various backend support services during times when there is stalling of its operation due to staff absenteeism.
  • The web-based and responsive mobile applications developed by these agencies tackle the capabilities of their exclusive tools of Business intelligence by helping the retailers achieve visibility into the inventories that are online on intrinsic stores or online marketplaces.
  • They also offer Social Media Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, and Lead generation for driving customer traffic and elevating the engagement of customers across various channels.

What are the benefits of working with an eCommerce app development agency?

Some of the advantages of working alongside the best e-commerce application development companies are:

  1. Mobile eCommerce – It is essential for development companies. The eCommerce agencies help in updating or reorganizing the business on an extensive basis. In addition, mobile commerce allows customers to easily access the products they want from any point in time and anywhere.
  2. Themes that appeal – The first impression of a website is what makes a potential customer remain or leave the website. So we can see that a subtle design is easier to navigate and does not challenge users as it is user-friendly.
  3. Support on the technical side – With reference to the required technical aspects, the top e-commerce app development firms comprehend the flow of work. As per the standards of eCommerce, they understand what kind of software, is best, and is currently available for use.
  4. Customization betterment – The eCommerce development agency can work with other companies or clients to provide them with customized features for their business requirements.  
  5. Experience of users – An eCommerce platform must provide users with the freedom to shop whenever they want, wherever, without any restrictions.

Tips for picking the right eCommerce mobile app development company

Some of the crucial tips for choosing the eCommerce mobile app development agency that fits right with your company are:

  • Checking testimonials and reviews – The initial step in choosing a company for a project on eCommerce development is to check the company's testimonials or reviews online. Doing this can authenticate the company's credibility and help them understand the company from their earlier clients' perspectives.
  • Reviewing portfolio – After the company's credibility is validated, the next step is to authenticate its experience, keeping the desired target segment in mind. Checking their portfolio can help evaluate their experience and check if the design pattern matches the company's vision.
  • Developer’s profiles –  It is initially essential to ask the company to provide their list of designers and developers who will be working on the assigned projects as well as it's also necessary to certify if these profiles are suitable for the requirements of the projects or not.
  • Estimation of cost – Discussing the cost of the eCommerce development project with the company is essential to make sure that it falls under the budget.
  • Good communication – During the evaluation process, validate the communication skills of the chosen technology partner and their communication medium because good communication is vital for good connectivity.

E-commerce app development company Vs. Freelance eCommerce app developers: how to make a choice?

For comparing, these are certain domains in which there are differences in hiring eCommerce app development companies and freelance eCommerce mobile app developers:

  • Level of expertise and knowledge – The benefit of using an e-commerce app development company is the chance to collaborate with skilled individuals with experience in various fields. When employing a freelancer, the likelihood of working with many people is slim, and it is remarkable for one individual to successfully do all the responsibilities assigned to them.
  • Managing power – By hiring a team to handle all web designing tasks, it becomes easier to channel focus on the operations of the core business. However, this freedom and flexibility are not there in hiring a freelancer as it takes a considerable amount of time to make that person understand the specific needs required.   
  • Security – Ecommerce app development companies that are established, know the ways of tracking and mitigating upcoming vulnerabilities and harmful attempts from hackers. A freelancer will not provide that importance for securing the data as such. Aside from that, a singular person won’t have the necessary tools and methods for handling or detecting such breaches.

How to choose – After weighing the various factors and considering both sides, it’s up to the firm to select what is essential for them.

How much does the firm cost for its eCommerce app development services?

The range required to develop an e-commerce app based on Android can go up from $21k to $100k; this includes the design, fees for the annual app store, and costs required for registration of the app on the store. While creating the iOS version can go up from $9k to $90k. But, again, these costs are for apps that are native.

For considering hybrid app development, the cost can go up from $25k to $150k, including wireframing, database, backend programming, designs of the app screen, APIs, etc.

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