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Ecommerce companies have traditionally offered their items directly to customers. However, the number of B2B Website Design agencies (those that sell to other businesses) is increasing. The design of a B2B website differs from that of a B2C website. A web development team examines the requirements of various sectors and B2B companies. Our B2B Website Designers and web designers are well-versed in the features and attributes that will ensure the success of your B2B website design. We specialize in WordPress and SEO, therefore we're well-equipped to tackle any site design job. To build a strong B2B Website Design company, you don't need to invest a lot of time or money. There is no magic formula for creating a successful B2B website. All you have to do is priorities the consumer above the design. We'll show you why putting the customer first helps you satisfy their demands at every step of the buying process, as well as how to create a site that attracts, engages, and converts visitors. These top B2B web design companies can help you create stunning websites that will help you establish an amazing digital presence.

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G Squared

Web Design Sydney.

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The Rocks, The Rocks, Australia

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G Squared is an expert in creating websites and content management systems like Drupal, WordPress, and Magento. The business has extensive experience in all facets of website design and development, from one-page campaign landing pages to fully functional e-commerce solutions.


What is a B2B web design agency?

A web design which is effective is important for any strategy of B2B marketing. A captivating B2B website design and well organized plan of content marketing help in gathering leads from inquiry towards an opportunity of a strengthened relationship. Aside from allowing visitors for site navigation in a fast and intuitive way, which is like gathering information with lessened clicks, it also helps in converting visitors into leads.

A B2B web design agency focuses on website building that combines contents and shows navigation effectively by featuring many contents with lesser clicks, so that the message of the brand gets through in a speedy way. The agency makes sure that the content of the website is relevant and compelling for keeping a visitor on the site.

A good B2B website design from a renowned agency also helps in effective communication of the message of the brand which lures the visitors in completing their anticipated action. A good agency leaves no space for a client to choose other firms aside for itself. By creating calls-to-actions which are alluring, clear and well placed; they help in turning those visiting the website into possible prospects.

How can your B2B web design partner give a winning edge to your business?

There are many major ways a B2B web design partner provides a winning edge to a business, and some of them are:

  • Websites which help in the business growth – The design team from B2B website design agencies makes sure of the scalability of the design so that more contents and functions can be integrated on it without having any issue.
  • Driving traffic to the B2B website – With the newest and best practices of SEO in mind, the design partner executes B2B web design, strategy for content and development so that the ranking goes up significantly for the targeted terms.
  • Designing for the speed of the B2B website – The loading time of a website is critical, from the standpoint of an SEO. B2B web design firms understand that for an effective design, page speed is essential. So the agency will develop a website which shows optimal performance for longer stay of visitors on the site along with more number of page visits.
  • Team expertise – For a website to be well planned, a team of B2B marketing professionals are required, for example web designers, brand strategists, web developers, strategists for content, SEO experts and copywriters. It’s essential for the design agency to employ a specialist team on all the projects of B2B web design.

How does a B2B website design company work?

A B2B web design services company is in charge of developing alluring B2B websites with instinctive navigations and eye-catching appearances. They are capable of creating a full-grown B2B website from many types of design files. Their B2B web design experts are familiar with the latest tools and technology of web design, which empowers them in delivering quality solutions.

These companies are well versed in developing and designing customized B2B websites with brilliant layout, typography, excellent imagery, illustrations, and etc. They help in providing top quality B2B web design services with newest principles of design for creating splendid and customized B2B websites for the clients.

B2B web design companies are proficient in engagement creation and making landing pages leading to conversions for that B2B business. For grabbing the attention of visitors, these companies create alluring landing pages by adding different design elements like forms, videos, images, symbols of trust, proper CTAs, etc.

More experienced B2B web design agencies create tough and mobile friendly B2B websites. The developers in the agency use the core concepts of web design for optimizing and building websites which are responsive for the B2B business. These websites also possess qualities of cross browser compatibility.

Questions to ask before hiring a B2B website agency

For identifying B2B website agencies having the talent and matching the approach to the project given to them, it is important to ask the right questions. This will help in discovering a partner which can take upon their work’s ownership.

These are some of the major questions which are essential to ask before hiring B2B web agencies:

  • Is the Agency willing to provide ideas and recommendations? – Any agency can show their best projects and success to their client company but the right one will go through the project given to them and in turn provide recommendations and ideas for meeting specific goals.
  • How will the business benefit by working with the agency? – After looking at the processes of that agency. Ask them about their deliverables, like are they just providing a template for filling it with content later? Or are they planning to build the custom website from scratch? This will mostly depend on the business’s budget.
  • Who all will be working on the project and tasks?
  • Is the agency having experience in projects similar to this one?
  • How will value be provided from this association?

How much time does a B2B website design company take to complete the project?

Roughly, a website project can take almost 14-16 weeks for completion, but as these figures are dependent on the requirements and needs of a client, it might take longer than that. It is important to think and plan properly before approaching a B2B website company to get the gist of how long that web designing project will take.

In spite of the different time ranges, all the projects of B2B websites tend to share a goal in common, which is to make a clear and impressive first impression which will help a B2B business in getting more clients and growing.

What are the factors that affect the cost of hiring a B2B web designer?

The core factors that affect the cost of hiring B2B web designers and the web development are:

  • The type and domain of a Website Development Agency: Factors like the web designers or developer’s experience, the kind of provider of service (freelance or in-house) and expertise of a B2B web design agency matters in pricing.
  • The scale of the project: A website’s size plays a key role in determining the development cost of a website.
  • The hosting services of the website: Different types of packages for hosting are provided by companies, which varies in price. A hosting solution can affect a website in various ways.
  • Types of marketing strategies required: Newest strategies in digital marketing include services of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content Marketing, Pay per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), etc. These services are mostly used for increasing a website’s visibility on different search engines. And therefore opting out these services results in additional expenses for that website.
  • The maintenance and support services provided by an agency: These kinds of services are provided in packages by agencies on a monthly or yearly basis, whereas other types of unlimited plans are also available

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