Don’t Miss out on These 7 Tips to Grow your Ecommerce Business in 2023

With the rise of AI and machine learning, it's more important than ever to ensure your ecommerce business is up to date. Learn how to use some of the latest technology advances to stay competitive in 2023.

If you’re still believing the common saying “Build it and they will come,” then you are making a huge mistake, which most eCommerce business owners made in the past. After all, you are living in this highly competitive world where you can’t just expect the buyers to navigate to your eCommerce business website when the first few pages of search engine rankings are already occupied by the top brands.


The competition is tough… really tough!


But that doesn’t mean there’s no chance for your brand to grow and reach the target audiences. Everything is possible, provided you have a great marketing strategy and a clear understanding of attracting potential customers. To grow your eCommerce business and sell, you have to aggressively market your store with an aim to beat the competition to attract customers and traffic.


As a team of digital marketing experts , we’ve analyzed the recent eCommerce business trends and some businesses to come up with a list of tips that can actually help you grow your brand.


1. Influencer Marketing


Did you buy anything after watching an ‘unpacking’ video on YouTube or after seeing it trending on social media platforms? If yes, then you’re already among those millions of people who get affected by influencer marketing. These influencers are social media celebrities with millions of followers who see what these celebrities are endorsing or publishing on their social media posts.



It is just like advertising your brand or product through TV commercials or radio advertisements, but it’s done over the social media world. Influencer marketing is affordable and can bring great results to your brand, provided you choose a good and effective influencer.


2. Affiliate Marketing


This is another form of promoting your products or brand online and bringing it close to the targeted audience. Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing where the marketer is rewarded with a commission for every product that is sold online through the affiliate links of the particular affiliate website.


This is an effective form of online marketing as you only pay the commission for the products sold and not the promotion, which is handled by the affiliate marketing website owners themselves. There are many affiliate software available that can be helpful in creating an affiliate program for your eCommerce business growth.


3. Go Mobile Ready


Let’s have a glance at a few figures – over 2.8 billion people use a smartphone, over 75% of online searches are made via mobile devices and 26% of all online sales referred by affiliates were made from mobile devices. You see, the world is on mobile and if your website is not ready for these small devices, you are already losing a huge percentage of sales. Even Google allocates a higher ranking to the websites that are mobile optimized.


So, if your website is not designed with mobile devices in mind, it’s high time to invest in mobile-optimized website design services. Creating a mobile app is also a great choice as this lets your target audiences buy products with a mobile app that is designed exclusively for your brand.


4. Automate Cash Discounts


People love surprises and gifts… what about a cash discount for people on their special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and work festivals? That’s the catch here; you can start offering customized cash discount offers to the existing customers on their special occasions to boost customer loyalty and lifetime value in a personalized way. There are many tools and plugins available to implement automated cash discount functionality on the website. Pick anyone, install it on your website and you’re ready to surprise your existing customers with something amazing on their special days.


With the automated cash discount plugins, you’d need not take the hassle of keep sending multiple emails or keeping a record of the special days as the software will handle everything itself.


5. Test Everything


There’s a reason why global businesses and digital marketers invest a great time in A/B testing. This is more effective and result-oriented when it comes to results. There is no sense in launching any marketing campaign without conducting proper research and A/B testing is an integral part of the entire research and planning process. Testing lets you figure or what is working or what needs to be eliminated from your marketing or development process.


It is recommended to make it a habit to regularly test everything before you apply and also the different aspects of your eCommerce business development and the marketing campaign that you know could be improved.


6. Focus 80% Of Effort On Best-Selling Products


Almost all the global leading brands prefer focusing more time and investments on promoting the best-selling products. This is why it is recommended to be more focused on the products that people are already loving. Just imagine what would be the sales rate if more people can know about the products that are already best-selling? But this doesn’t mean that you can neglect the other products. So, make sure to divide the efforts by 80% on best-selling products and 20% on the other products.


7. Search Engine Optimization


Although search engine is not new to the digital world, many businesses make the same mistake of underestimating SEO and emphasizing more on paid marketing more. Of course, paid marketing is a great choice and delivers immediate results, SEO, on the other hand, helps in the long run. It is a long-term process that may take over months for your e-commerce website to appear on the top of search results with specific key terms, but it will surely help you beat the competition.


Above all tips, you should not forget about your eCommerce web security. To do so, it is wise to have an SSL certificate as an insecure website will flag security warnings, and customers will leave your site soon. If you have a dilemma in which SSL is fit for your website then, you can mull over multiple options like multi-domain, single domain, EV SSL. For example, if your eCommerce site has multiple subdomains, then it is an ideal option to go with a cheap wildcard SSL certificate as it will not hurt your budget and secure the business.




Selling products online is trending, but that’s not too easy to beat the competition. It requires efforts, strategies, and hard work to shine in this competitive world. The above-mentioned tips are tested and recommended by the experts after thorough research and are sure to deliver results that you may have in your mind. So, buckle up and get ready to be the torch-bearer in the race so everyone can follow in their footsteps and be a part of the leading league.


Author Bio:


Ajay has over 6 years of experience in digital technologies like SEO, SMO, ASO ORM & Google Ads. He holds a sound understanding of technical requirements/problem analysis and resolution for providing the best solutions to clients.

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