Top 9 Python Development Trends in 2021

Alvin Toffler’s words – “The greatest growling engine of change is technology,” reflect the amount of importance technology has in our lives and the amount of impact it has had in every sphere of our lives. The finest examples that can reflect this import


Alvin Toffler’s words – “The greatest growling engine of change is technology,” reflect the amount of importance technology has in our lives and the amount of impact it has had in every sphere of our lives. The finest examples that can reflect this importance and impact are the apps that we make enormous use in our day to day life. The apps could be so popular only if every aspect of smaller detail is at its best – from the features, add – ons, accessibility, support in all devices and platforms, to the nice blend of add – ons and much more. Thus, the constituting platform has a core essence of high regard. Did you know recently the IEEE spectrum ranked Python as the top platform for mobile and web applications with a 100 score?


What is Python and its history?


Python is one wonderful platform with a demonstrated history of great user experience for the users. Similarly, seniority, versatility, ease to code, and the multiple advantages offered, usage in data science, and ability to assist in building both web and mobile apps are all the spectacular benefits it offers to the developers. Thus, it’s great to invest time in learning and practicing python programming, solely due to its multiparadigm. Additionally, it’s open-source software, free to download along with ease in using it. 


In the same regard, Python didn’t restrict itself with these lucrative advantages offered to the users, but constant strives to render more and many unique features by upscaling itself since 1991. It is the reason behind all the upgrades/ trends of Python to get the greatest popularity among the sea of other platform’s trends that went unnoticed due to their inability to stick to the changing times. This consistency and peculiarity made Python the favorite of even top companies. The top companies that can be quoted as python applications examples are Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram. Thus, it’s highly essential for a developer to learn about the development trends to employ the latest trends in his/her next project, and it’s essential for the customers to know for exploring all the available features. Here are the top Python Trends in 2021.


Top Python Development Trends in 2021


1. Automation Flexibility & Data Analytics


The twin trends that are at the peak of the Python trends are a data analytics and automation flexibility. Firstly is the data analytics – Data is the new fuel, and without data, one would be just another person without an opinion. Far and wide, across the globe, small businesses and big businesses alike all rely on data analytics for making better and informed decisions. Amazingly, the very crucial analytics that has touched every portion of professional and personal development is one of the important trends of Python. 


By statistics from sources, it is revealed that at least 50% of Python developers exclusively use Python for analytics. Python is used in such a wide range due to the fact that Python has numerous libraries that can support analytics. These libraries are predefined, task-oriented, and are a product of the Open-Source Python community. Thus, Python is an amusing blessing for all who wanted data analytics until now and would continue to be wonderful magic in 2021 and years to follow. 


Yet another awe-inspiring benefit from Python is the ability to foster automation flexibility. Humans always tend to focus on other important tasks than repeatedly doing the same one again. Thus, they expect programs that one trained can help in automation or mimicking the tasks once it’s taught. Python is a great source of help in that and can aid greatly in streamlining all the tasks that are bound to repeat and would allow the professionals and users to concentrate on other things than focussing on the same tasks again and again. 


2. Seamless integration 


The next renowned feature of Python is that it facilitates seamless integration. Python architecture is designed in such a way that its system can easily collaborate with other programming languages. It is one of the splendid and breathtaking features that Python offers provisions to integrate with other languages in need easily. This flexibility to the needs and compatibility to all desired features makes it highly preferred among the other languages. 


Additionally, to add to Python’s value, the language facilitates the developers by coding partial bits in Python and then covering the rest with other languages that are needed. This fairly extensible nature has made it one of the unmatchable tools in constructing an enterprise application from scratch. Hence, Python allows integration, even when the projects/ codes are incomplete without it. Thus, the best benefits would accrue with just partial integration that would require a little learning and little working.


3. Cloud Computing


Data security is one of the inevitable aspects that every individual and firm aspires to have. Diffusion of data can dilute the essence of the firms’ work, and at the same time, access of the data to the wrong individuals can lead to misuse of that information that can cost a lot of time, energy, efforts, and cost to the firm. Thus, for the prime essence of data security, the Python framework is much sought after, since Python prioritizes data security first than anything else. This greater importance to data security is possible with Python because of the cloud – computing technology that can be easily integrated with Python & vice versa; Python is one of the few languages with which cloud – computing can be integrated. 


Cloud computing is one of the most prominent technologies that aid in data security presently. Cloud computing’s core essence is using the internet to store data in the remote database and secure it. These security measures can be made the best use with Python, which has exclusive frameworks and packages like Pika, Django, etc. On the massive scale, Google uses Python for preserving its data, which clearly states the significance of Python for storage, with its killer feature of cloud computing. 


4. Multipurpose Programming Language


One of the essential skills that the job market expects today from the individuals is wearing multiple hats, i.e., multitasking. The same is expected from other regards too – be it an app, or a programming language, the ability to be a one-stop solution for many needs is required today due to the fact that the world is fast-paced, time is less, and people expect exquisite returns from a single choice. Python does precisely this. It’s not just a single programming language that would cater to individual needs like python application development. Instead, it goes a greater edge and has a great potential to offer a wide variety of benefits like assisting in both Front-end and Back-end Development and executing the tasks in data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and contributing to Python web application development and mobile application development.  Moreover, the language can also aid in scripting as well as achieving information.


5. Consistent Upgrades


One of Python’s greatest successes in establishing such a magnificent user base is the initial unique features and constant up-gradation to contain uniqueness and foster more productivity. The better updates scale up the app, feature more add–ons, and thus, enhance the project development experience. Python trends have three major pillars, namely, Django, Pyramid, and TurboGears. 


Django is one of the most efficient, flexible, and compatible frameworks that highly reduces the whole development time and efforts and steadily increases the overall productivity and greatly aids in delivering the best and innovative solutions in time. It’s also free and open-source like its parental language, Python. Thus, the entire project development and implementation process becomes easy and hassle-free for the developers, both beginners, and experts alike. Notably, third-party libraries are also boosting Django apps’ performance, in which the major enterprises are YouTube, etc.


TurboGears is one of the most stable and capable frameworks from Python, which by itself is a perfect development trend and is a full-stack variant underneath. The framework renders smooth, instantaneous, and highly responsive applications. Built on the MVC pattern, there is also an anticipation of a novel micro – framework to offer further speed, to save more efforts and time.  The platform innately depends on the “Ruby on Rails” language, which helps in completely giving the sense of business reframed in a different and desired context. But, one can accomplish all of these – smoothness, swiftness, quality, and performance with an added vital benefit – significantly less code. 


Pyramid is one of the amazing platforms that aptly suits the process of constructing web applications. The coding is so simple to read, learn, write, and understand.  The popularity of the framework would absolutely deserve it and result from what Pyramid platform has to offer – the popularity would be a reward for the productivity it renders, flexibility, and light – weightiness it renders. The number of users using the pyramid is expected to rise steadily due to the experience it offers – being as simple as code and crafting the unique applications.


6. Academic Adoption


One of the greatest achievements and benchmarks in the journey of any language is when people acknowledge it. It gains even more popularity and reverence when it is part of academics, as it would reach out to the young and vibrant community. It means that they can explore the language, experiment, and try their hands in different and creative projects. It would be a great step for the language to evolve as a whole. In this regard, Python has definitely got a great reach since it is part of academics in many universities and institutes.


Additionally, students don’t require any extra support in python learning due to the ease the language gives, implying that students always prefer them. It’s cool for them to learn it. Also, the language updates and syncs itself, contributing to more incredible growth. 


7. Community


The community of a language is crucial in getting any support at the time of need. Python has got an amazing community of tech – enthusiasts as one of the world’s senior languages. The entire workflow in the community is also amazing – everything happens spontaneously in a very well – defined matter, right from extending support to documenting everything. Thus, it’s very accurate that along with such killer features, constant updates, one has also got access to a well–defined community that would enhance security, documenting, and troubleshooting.  Additionally, one would also be entitled to the blogs of experts in that community who would write in a variety of themes, and going through them would give great knowledge about the known and the unknown. Also, one can collaborate with and hire python developers from the community, too, if needed.


8. Open-source


Python has so many uses in many fields and dynamic workflow and backup community, too, as a result of which it is so popular. But, it isn’t restricted only to people who would be ready to pay, but anyone who wishes to explore and has the interest and curiosity for the same. Thus, everyone can try python web development since all the aforementioned benefits are available at a free of cost – i.e., Python is an open-source programming language. So, even novice and amateur developers can learn every nook and corner by actually experimenting. The regular cross-platform, flexibility, multiple benefits available at zero cost is something to cherish. 


9. Adoption


The greatest benefit of Python is that it isn’t something really tested with the users but already has established what it is. Many big corporate giants have already adopted it, and the rest are adopting it. Also, it aims for constant progress in development and has no stagnation at a point or doesn’t restrict its growth, thinking it’s enough. Similarly, it isn’t that one should use Python to build mobile apps and web apps alone, but can also be used for games, and other kinds of software, etc. Thus, this positive trend of consistent growth is yet another Python trend. 


Some Final Words


Python is a free open source platform that is easy to comprehend and is preferable due to its number. Some of them include flexibility, feasibility, constant upgrades, seamless integration, integration with cloud computing, automation, and other tasks like AI, ML, data science, etc. These are some of the reasons why python development is a trend for 2021.




1. What uniqueness does the community of Python possess?


Python’s community is packed with highly enthusiastic experts, who would share their knowledge, expertise, and experience and render immediate support when needed.


2. How significant are the upgrades of Python?


Every update of python is fabulous, and the latest three variants with updates- Django, Pyramid, and TurboGears are setting a trend today.


3. Which apps that invoke high traffic use python?


Facebook, Netflix, and Instagram are some top apps that handle even large traffic at great ease with the help of python.


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Anvika is a Senior Software Engineer in Mobinius Technologies – a leading Python Development Company. She is passionate about computers and technology and loves to write on various topics and express her thoughts in the form of write-ups.

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