What Makes Laravel the Best PHP Framework for Big Enterprises Apps

As we all know PHP has various web applications framework such as Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter, and Zend which are powering about 80% of the applications created today.

As we all know PHP has various web applications framework such as Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter, and Zend which are powering about 80% of the applications created today. 


Laravel started in the year 2011 and it topped the list of the best PHP frameworks in 2017 by outperforming its competitors. According to a survey by a website, Laravel got the highest vote in PHP frameworks among fifty countries worldwide. Figures uncover that Laravel controls around 20 million web spaces and the figure still advances as time passes.


In today’s world, every enterprise wants to be the best in their respective leagues, and to be on the top they will have to expand their services using the best technology. Technology makes a big difference in enhancing the brand name. 


Let us talk about Laravel more… 


There are various big websites that hire Laravel development to build their main page. If such a huge amount of web pages is using Laravel then there must be good reasons behind the popularity of Laravel in big enterprises apps.


Benefits of Laravel Framework


  1. Web application created on Laravel is scalable. 
  2. Laravel is time efficient since it uses the components from other frameworks in developing an application.


It has namespaces and interfaces which help the user to manage and organize resources.


Composer – It is a tool that has all the libraries and dependencies. It helps the user to create a project with respect to the mentioned framework.


Laravel development framework provides a variety of features:


Features provided by Laravel


Laravel offers many features which makes it an obvious choice for designing web applications.


  1. Modularity – Laravel offers 20 built-in libraries and modules which help to modify, enhance the application, and also every module is integrated with composer which can be updated easily.
  2. Testability – Laravel helps the user in testing through various test cases.
  3. Routing – The user can define the routes in the application which helps the user to scale the application in a much better way.
  4. Configuration Management – An application designed in Laravel will be running on many environments due to which there will be a constant need for change in its configuration. Laravel provides a consistent approach


For the enterprises that anticipate getting their own web application or improving their current web services, their most solid option is to appoint a committed Laravel developer. Laravel offers fast advancement alongside numerous module expansions, which makes it the most dominant and adaptable PHP framework.


Top Executives of big enterprises undertakings need the best framework so their daily requirements can be overseen with no issues. Laravel applications figured out how to showcase surprising outcomes even when utilized for heavy sites.


Laravel is a notable, perfect, and classy PHP framework that has overwhelmed the PHP community. It is making the PHP advancement process much increasingly secure and profitable, as it accelerates the improvement procedure by giving secure confirmation instruments and empowering dynamic utilize all around.


Laravel Development


Laravel is developed which majorly focuses on writing code syntax which is easy and less expensive. Laravel provides high-end and reliable solutions. A set of technological skills and integration of best software development approaches.


Laravel is considered to be the most reliable PHP framework today as it speeds up the development process, provides faster development, payment gateway integration services, fluent query rebuilding, and has inbuilt features. Complete knowledge of rich PHP framework provides an extremely capable solution within the given time frame without sacrificing the quality and effectiveness.


With the help of Laravel development businesses can migrate their current web applications to this PHP framework without failure and data loss.   


To install Laravel on your system follow the below steps.


Step 1– Click on the below link and download the Composer to install it on your system.


Step 2– Once the composer is installed, check the installation by typing Composed in the command prompt.

Step 3– Create a new directory anywhere in the system for a new Laravel project. Once it is created, go to the path where you have created the new directory and type the command (mentioned below) there to install Laravel. 


composer create-project Laravel/Laravel –-prefer-dist


Now, install version 5.7, In 5.7 you can install the complete framework with the following command. 


composer create-project Laravel/Laravel test dev-develop


By this command, the Laravel framework can be directly installed with develop branch which includes the latest framework.


Step 4- Above command will install the Laravel then Start the Laravel service by executing the following command


PHP artisan serve


 Step 5- Once the above command is executed, a screen will be displayed (See below screenshot) 

Step 6- Copy the URL underlined in grey in the above screenshot and open it in the browser. Laravel should be installed successfully.


Can Laravel be utilized to structure Enterprise Apps? Laravel has developed as a standout amongst the most mainstream PHP frameworks for structuring enterprise applications. There are a few reasons that add to the fame of the Laravel framework for big enterprise applications. A considerable lot of vast organizations discovered Laravel appropriate for structuring their enterprise applications.


Clearly, the versatility of Laravel is a major positive factor. It is likewise a framework that can assemble complex and multi-layered applications with optimum ease of use. The strong MVC architecture makes it easier to understand and deploy. Aside from these two mission-critical points of interest, there are additionally a few different reasons that go for Laravel as a choice framework to build enterprise apps.


Below are the reasons listed which clarify that why developers prefer Laravel for big enterprise Apps:


  1. Laravel depends on the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture which provides transparency between the logic and presentation. MVC helps in upgrading the performance and also has several in-built features.
  2. There’s a feature in the Laravel development framework which it allows the website owners to add and enable authorization and authentication swiftly and implementation becomes easy and due to which developers can provide better solutions with their support.
  3. Developers now don’t have to write SQL code to enquire regarding the data with PHP syntax and to work with the database.
  4. In the Laravel framework, developers have the choice to select which route to trigger the application which is defined and is automatically uploaded by the Laravel framework.
  5. Laravel PHP framework offers the features in which developers can write unit tests to test their code. 
  6. Laravel depends on in excess of 20 unique libraries which are self-classified into independent single modules and enable the Laravel developers to manufacture responsive, secluded, and helpful web applications.
  7. Every framework needs installation and updates, Laravel uses a feature called composer which allows a developer to manage all the third-party packages.
  8. Let us talk about its security feature. Laravel uses a password that should contain special characters so it cannot be tracked down easily. Laravel uses pre-prepared SQL statements and provides a simple way to escape user input.


Besides these features, Laravel has some in-built packages when users integrate different features into the application.


Official Packages


  1. Cashier – First used in Laravel 4.2. It has interfaces that manage subscription billing services, for example, generating invoices, handling coupons, etc.
  2. Socialite – First used in Laravel 5.0. It simplifies the authentication process for social sites like Google, Facebook, Github, Twitter, etc. So your application can successfully actualize these socialite logins in the base time. Envoy offers users a chance to automate the common task utilizing minimal syntax. It utilizes the Blade layout-like syntax to effectively set up tasks for sending, Artisans directions, and more.
  3. Horizon – It monitors the queue of the system, it provides a dashboard configuration. Its main job is to monitor the job output. It tracks the time taken by a job to execute and job failures.
  4. Passport – It is utilized for validation of use through API utilizing OAuth server As API does not keep up the HTTP session. The programming interface normally uses the token to verify the client and Laravel passport gives the full OAuth server usage for web applications in a few minutes.
  5. Scout – This package is provided by Laravel for text search using models (Eloquent). There is a default driver which is called Angola used to search the full text. The user has the option to choose another driver which is called a custom driver, it can extend the searching functionality.




Laravel is a web application framework with detailed, refined syntax. As we all believe that development should be an enjoyable, creative experience to be truly fulfilling. Laravel framework figures out the pain points in development and take them out by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects for example routing sessions, authentication, and caching.


All things considered, it demonstrates to you that you can have any kind of effect on your services and draw in more clients by giving features over the standard benchmark. Improve your business by building up your own enterprise application with Laravel, recruit devoted Laravel developers.

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