How Much Does Healthcare App Development Cost ?

Healthcare app development cost can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are several factors to consider when estimating your budget, including the type of platform, features, and complexity. Learn more about healthcare app

The world is busy with its stuff and doesn't even have enough time to visit the doctors, even if they are having issues. It can be anything, either mental health issues or physical. The shortage of time and engagement in daily routines breaks the bridge between health and humans. In that case, a high-end application can be the best solution for building the bridge between humans and health. 


Planning A Startup?


Suppose you are planning to enter the healthcare business, which is not just a money-making business but also a social cause. Here we will discuss what healthcare apps can be helpful for the startup and how much healthcare app development costs. 


Let's start with it


The healthcare industry includes vast things, including health-tracking applications, mental health consultations, Nutrients Calculator Apps, Remote Patient Analyzing, E-Prescription applications, etc. Each application has a feature that makes it user-friendly. The cost of development majorly depends on the parts. Apart from this, the other things that affect the development cost are the application's complexity and the development company's size.


The common factors that affect the cost of healthcare applications are:


 Designing Cost  10k To 20k
 Cost For Outsource Software  $35 To 65k
 Cost Of Deployment   $15k
 Cost Of Integration  $10k
 Cost For Maintenance  $1500 To $4000
 Cost For Hiring Project Manager   $25/ Hour
 Quality Assurance Team And Testers  $5000


The prices mentioned above are the approximate fees to build healthcare applications; they may differ from the prices mentioned above according to the demand for the features, usage of advanced technologies, languages, etc.


Size Of The Company


The other thing that may affect the cost of healthcare app development is the size of the company you are hiring for. Each dimension of the company has there own perks and cons for development. Small-size companies may have the least development rates, but the team they are having may not be sizable enough to cater all of your needs.


Company Size Cost Manpower
 Small Size Company  $20,000 to $ 45,000  50-200
 Mid Size Company  $50,000-$1,00,000  200-1000
 Large Size Company  $1,00,000 to $15,00,000  1000-10,000


Let's see what sort of application you can build to get into the healthcare industry and how much does healthcare app will cost in 2023.


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Types Of Apps And Cost To Build Healthcare App


Mental Healthcare App


The mental healthcare application is the need when 1 in 4 adults is facing mental health issues, and it is not just limited to adults. Mental health issues include every age slab, and creating a mental healthcare application can be beneficial.

The application must have features like : 


  • Sign Up And Registration
  • Symptom Tracker
  • Stress Management Tools
  • Relaxation And Meditation Activities
  • Video And Audio Content
  • Instant Consultation Service With Doctors
  • Appointments With Doctors
  • Data Security


The approximate cost to develop a mental healthcare app can be between $50,000-$70,000. However, the price can be more or less according to the technologies used for the development of the application and the size of the healthcare app development company one is hiring for the development service.


Health Tracking Application


The next you can make a startup with is the healthcare tracking application, one of the most demanding platforms in today's era. So many people are moving towards a healthy lifestyle, and creating an application to track their activities would be an excellent option for the users and the company.

The healthcare tracking application must have the features like


  • Wearable, And Nonwearable Device Connection 
  • Diet Suggestion
  • Step Tracking Features
  • Doctor Consultation
  • Diet Monitor
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Water Consumption Tracker
  • Medicine Reminder
  • Nutritionist Consultation Service
  • Customization Features 


The health tracking application will cost you around $40,000-$80,000, and you can also add the features of rewarding them with gifts, coupons, etc., to engage the user. 


Nutrients Calculator App


The nutrient calculator is robust in the market and has excellent potential to grow. However, developing the nutrient calculator app can be tricky for companies as various food items must be included in the application. The list of nutrients is long and broad, and the diet calculator has to be appropriate.


In-App Features

  • Nutrients Information
  • Diet Plan As Per The Height & Weight
  • Consulting Nutritionist 
  • Consulting Doctors 
  • Tracking Health Improvements


The development cost for a nutrient calculator app can be between $30,000 to $60,000, and the advanced or additional features may cost more than the mentioned cost. To better understand the application, you can get in touch with a app development company, which can guide you with every detail. 


Remote Patient Analyzing       

Remote patient monitoring and the internet of medical things are transforming the healthcare system from a "hospital-centered" to a "home-centered" one that is more accessible and less expensive for people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. When the need for medical treatment is still great, and the price of hospital stays is rising, an app that enables doctors to observe patients remotely & maintain track of their vitals is an incredibly attractive choice.


The adoption of cardiac resynchronization devices and smart pacemakers that may broadcast patient health information to a central repository may reduce the risk of heart failure in persons who are sensitive to it. In addition, doctors may use this data to check for trends and keep patients stable, improving their quality of life.



  • Monitoring of patients
  • RPA appointment 
  • Monitoring options of wearable and non-wearable devices
  • Text to speech ai option for disabled and blind
  • IoT-based real-time monitoring 


How Can You Calculate The Cost of Creating a Healthcare App?


It's time to figure out how much your healthcare app will cost, given its essential features, associated fees, and the factors that influence cost estimation.


Type Of Platform 


Consider using hybrid app development strategies if your budget is tight and you only have a little time to design your healthcare application. These programs are developed with a native shell using web technology frameworks.


These programs, however, cannot be as effective and scalable as native programs created independently for the iOS and Android platforms.


You can spend up to $600,000 to create a hybrid healthcare app. To create a native app, you may need to invest up to $400,000.


Hourly Rates


The project's length will also impact the final estimate of the cost to design a healthcare app for your project. For various regions, the process's length can be determined in terms of development hours.


Region Hourly Costs
 North America  $25-$75
 Europe  $50-$100
 Gulf Countries  $70-$120
 Asia  $25-$49




The above mentioned  things make an impact on the development cost of a healthcare application. If you are planning to develop a healthcare management app, then in the coming future, things are going to be in your favor. Many people are moving towards a healthy lifestyle, and the user base will be huge for you.

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