10 Best Free and Paid App Builders of 2022

This post will discuss a few popular app builders that require varying coding knowledge to develop and launch an app. From the pricing point of view, the basic version is free in many cases, while some have premium versions with paid packages.

Developing apps has mostly been an exclusive domain of programmers. But the trend of ready templates and drag-and-drop approach of building websites without any coding knowledge has caught on with app making as well. As a result, the concept of app maker or app builder without coding knowledge became popular. Now there are hundreds of mobile apps builder tools that require little to no coding knowledge. 


Apps allow developers, content creators, and businesses to tap their respective markets through the smartphones that everybody seems to be holding in their hands. According to available data, the number of smartphones worldwide has risen to 6.64 billion, 83.32% of the world population. 


This post will discuss a few popular app builders that require varying coding knowledge to develop and launch an app. From the pricing point of view, the basic version is free in many cases, while value-added and premium versions have a monthly subscription fee. We'll examine both options. 


App Making and Market Trends 


According to a Forbes report of 2020, there are nearly 9 million apps on the planet. What's surprising about this number is that over 3 million apps were added to the list in 2021, and most of them were built on no-code or low-code app-building platforms. 

Another surprising element about these apps is that they were not hosted on either Google Play Store or Apple's App Store, the two largest app storefronts. Instead, these apps were hosted on new and emerging app hosting platforms of Chinese origin -- Apkgk, Apkpureco, and Androidappsapk. China accounts for 40% of the global mobile market, which explains domestic businesses' rush to build apps.

But Play Store and App Store don't need to lose sleep as most of these new apps are low-quality. They have 2 million and 3.5 million apps, respectively, per Statista data. Another interesting player in the app hosting Business is Amazon Appstore, which has about half a million apps. 


What is An App Builder?  


A mobile app builder is a mobile development tool that enables users to construct apps without requiring in-depth knowledge of programming languages. Mobile app builders may be accessible online. A builder makes creating an application as easy as filling out an online form. All that is required is the selection of the kind of application to be created, the dragging and dropping of the needed features, and the design of a straightforward layout to navigate.


These app creators are available for Android-based Play Store and iOS-based App Store. There are a set of Factors to Consider When Selecting an iPhone Application Development Company. In addition, App Store has over 25,000 software programs to help developers build their apps. Similarly, Android libraries have ready modules to help developers build apps. 


Don't forget to discuss these issues with your app development company


Here are some of the top app builders. They include free and paid versions and no-code and low-code application development platforms. 


1. AppSheet


AppSheet is a no-code app development tool that lets people without any coding experience create android web applications. It integrates flawlessly with other Google products, such as Google Workspace. Further, its integration with SQL databases, REST APIs, and OData makes it a robust App builder. 


Integrating third-party apps such as Salesforce, Office 365, and Dropbox is easy and reliable. Automated workflows include messages, emails, and push notifications. In addition, AppSheet incorporates optical character recognition and intelligent document processing in its machine-learning module.


AppSheet lets you build apps that are powerful and suit your business needs, including Minecraft APK. It offers strong data-capturing capability through forms, barcodes, and locations. In addition, this app creator brings sophisticated customization, security, branding, and UX capabilities. Finally, you can enjoy multi-user features such as role-based security and authentication.  



  • Helps build mobile and web apps faster with templates
  • Integrates Google Workspace enables you to create and collaborate
  • Offers real stories and tutorials to help you get started on a confident note



  • Starter - $ 5 Per Month
  • Core - $ 10 Per Month 
  • Enterprise Standard – You have to Contact!
  • Enterprise Plus - Request a quote!


2. Appy Pie


It is among the most known no-code app builders. Appy Pie offers a wide range of templates and themes to choose from. In addition, it has four no-code platforms offering a comprehensive range of app development services. These are for app development, workflow automation, design, and business process automation. 

Appy Pie's interface is straightforward, and you can easily create apps for your Business, organization, or any other activity. If you don't know how to program, this user-friendly app will ask you a few questions, and you are good to go! You can create your app in less than a few minutes. It's compatible with Windows mobile OS, Android, and iOS.

Appy Pie also offers a free trial period. So, you can build your app and run it for free, at least during the trial period. Then, if you're satisfied with overall performance, you can switch to the paid model and continue to enjoy the services.



  • Allow sharing on social media
  • Configurable application template to create multiple apps
  • Intuitive and beginner-friendly app builder
  • Good choice for people with zero coding skills
  • 25 app categories and hundreds of templates
  • Easy drag-and-drop builder



  • Basic: $16 per Month
  • Gold: $36 per Month
  • Platinum: $60 per month
  • Enterprise: On Request 


** You should check the Appy Pie website for exact pricing, as discounts are often available on standard pricing. 


3. Quixy


Quixy is relatively new on the market, and so far, nearly 26,000 apps have been made with this no-code app builder. But being a new digital transformation platform enabling business process management and workflow automation means it offers newer technologies and solutions such as easy integration with API, Webhooks, and ready-to-use connectors.   


Some of the outstanding features of Quixy are ease of use, product direction, and quality support. As a result, Quixy aims to become a top player among no-code app makers. As businesses need digital solutions quickly, a no-code app builder fits in well, and Quixy promises greater speed, accuracy, and ease while building apps on its platform.


Quixy's offerings include app development, business process, and digital workspace. You can use it to build an app for just any business – help desk support, expense management, credit management, or CRM. In addition, you can easily export data from its dashboard and live actionable reports in multiple formats. 


It is a powerful system and can create simple to complex enterprise mobile-grade applications with its easy drag-and-drop feature. It has 40+ form fields, such as e-signature, facial recognition, and QR-code scanner. 



  • 5-step drag and drop intuitive app building
  • Enterprise-grade safety and security features 
  • Seamless extension with easy integration of API
  • Easy to add new functionality to suit changing business needs
  • Easily accessible through any device from anywhere 



  • Solution: Contact Sales
  • Platform: $15 per user per Month
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales  


4. Click Up


ClickUp is an easily customizable all-in-one productivity platform where teams can meet up, plan, organize and collaborate. It also lets you build your ClickApps to give your quest for productivity a whole new dimension. This platform has innovative solutions to facilitate this collaborative workspace, including docs, chat, goals, and whiteboard. Moreover, since it's customizable with a few clicks and multiple solutions are available, it's your no-code app builder. 


ClickUp is one of the leading players in its category and has a large suite of highly evolved automation solutions. What it means to the user is unmatched capability and ease of use. In addition, ClickUp is highly versatile with dashboards and integrations. 


If you're looking for an app or collaborative platform with many features to perform niche functions, including community feedback, ClickUp will serve you far beyond your expectations, including Castle APK.    


Each feature in ClickUp is designed to be flexible and customizable for the user's comfort. Thousands of teams prefer to use Click Up and its very efficient features and tools, making it a widely used platform. Teams from Google, Nike, Uber, and Ubisoft are reported to be using this platform. 



  • Space is provided to set up well-organized teams and departments 
  • Customization of the task managers
  • Create your subtasks and prepares a checklist to track multi steps workflow
  • It comes with several automation and templates



  • Free Forever 
  • Unlimited - $ 5 per Month
  • Business - $ 12 per Month
  • Business Plus - $ 19 per Month
  • Enterprise version


5. Zoho Creator


It's top-end low, code app development software. Zoho Creator is part of Zoho Office Suite which offers online productivity tools and has over 80 million users worldwide. In other words, Zoho Creator is a business process management and productivity platform that offers, among other features, the capability to build android native application development. 


It lets you build powerful software solutions faster. So far, 7 million apps have been developed on this platform. Zoho Creator offers free and ready-to-use apps for hundreds of business functions and categories, including online catalog making, lead management, school, restaurant, logistics, gym, property, and vendor management. From simple to complex, you can build applications for any use case with Zoho Creator. In addition, it promises to be 10x faster at every stage of the app's lifecycle. 


It lets you collect data, automate workflows, call reports and analytics, collaborate with others, and integrate with external applications. In addition, apps built on Zoho Creator give you a native app for iOS and Android. 



  • Zoho Creator applications provide real-time analytics
  • You can add AI features without performing any coding 
  • It lets you use over 550 pre-built integrations 
  • Applications developed on Zoho run on all devices 
  • Can handle complex custom enterprise applications



  • Professional: $25 per user per Month 
  • Ultimate: $400 per Month 


* Both plans offer a free trial option.
** Users should check the Zoho Creator website for the actual price, as discounts are often available.  


6. Retool


Whether you need an internal app for customer support or fraud detection, we can help you. With drag-and-drop options, it's considered one of the easiest tools to create internal applications. That said, it's not for people who know nothing about software making. You must know SQL to be able to use it. 


Retool offers tons of components to add functionalities. Integration of databases and APIs with Retool into your internal app is easy. Retool lets you create rich graphical user interfaces with ease and cost-effectiveness.


Retool is distinguished by the simplicity it allows anyone to create app modules by drag-and-drop components. In addition, you can reach out to the support team through live chat if you encounter any problems while building an app. Using Retool is easy, as an engineer may take 10 minutes to understand how to use it. 


When you finish building your app in Retool, it automatically hosts it. You can invite the intended users to join your Retool organization and use it.


With internal apps, the security of data is a big concern. Retool doesn't store your data on its servers and uses end-to-end encryption during the transit of the data. 



  • Using Retool can improve business process agility 
  • Helps create internal and operational efficiencies
  • You can deploy Retool on-premises 
  • Retool doesn't need external data connectivity except briefly 
  • Doesn't store customer data on its servers 
  • Gives you full control of the security of your data



  • Free version for small teams
  • Team: $10 per user per Month
  • Business: $50 per user per Month
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing


7. Bubble


Bubble is a powerful no-code app builders software that assists user builds CRMs, marketplace, and multi-user web apps. In addition, Bubble is capable of building databases through its customizable platform.


It is a suite of software that lets you create internal and external business solutions, including mobile and web applications, without coding knowledge. Bubble lets you build apps and internal tools with mobile-friendly layouts. You can empower anyone in your team to use and make changes to the application. 


Even though it's a no-code platform, this software creator app offers a wide array of functionality. Bubble offers design freedom even if you don't know HTML or CSS. In addition, it doesn't cap users, volume, traffic, or data storage and performs your deployment and hosting. 


Bubble has a complete ecosystem with templates, plugins, agencies, and a marketplace. You can find templates, plugins, and everything else to create the app of your vision. It also fosters a vibrant ecosystem of freelancers and app development agencies to help you with your project.


Over 2 million apps have been built on Bubble. Responsive designs, security, academy, and integrations are some of the outstanding features of Bubble web app creator. 



  • Users can build web apps with zero coding knowledge
  • Users can design their projects with complete freedom
  • Enables users to form an engaging customer base
  • Easy integration of features like emails and SEO with existing tools
  • Helps create a well-organized shared workspace with your team 



  • Free version with core platform features
  • Personal - $ 25 per Month
  • Professional - $ 115 per Month
  • Production - $ 475 per Month
  • For enterprises, a dedicated solution is available


8. Airtable


It is a low-code business solution and app-building platform. Airtable allows users to create new collaborative web apps for external and internal purposes. It brings a transformational digital experience where you can measure the results.


As an online productivity tool, it lets you build applications that connect your data, workflows, and teams to create a work environment geared toward higher productivity. Airtable is a versatile resource that boosts agility in the organization and its work environment. 



  • Easily collaborate and customize your workflow competently
  • Provides a collaborative workspace that includes all the necessary streams of work
  • Customizable interface to regularly distribute relevant information to teammates and take actions when needed 
  • Provides deep integrations, advanced extensibility, and expert support whenever necessary to help your team or organization  



  • Free version for individuals or small teams
  • Plus: $ 10 per Month
  • Pro: $ 20 per Month
  • Enterprise: Contact the sales


9. Adalo


Do you have a side hustle and want to turn it into a startup? Well, with Adalo, you can make a mobile and web application without coding. At Adalo App Academy, you will find free tutorials that will help you through your app-making journey. 


With Adalo, building an app is not slow or expensive and by no means scary! Adalo website says if you can build a slide deck, you can very well make an app. You can make your components or use expert-designed components to design your application through drag and drop. 


It lets you create a native version of your app for both iOS and Android. Adalo is named after Ada Lovelace (1815-1852), who is considered to be the world's first computer programmer.  
Adalo is a no-code app creator that turns the user's real ideas into a real and fully functioning application. Adalo has made the process of building an app very fast, unified, and very cost-efficient for the makers.



  • It automatically does configuration and integration of database 
  • Adalo is much faster and more practical
  • This app maker is highly customizable 
  • It comes up with a built-in database that Lets you build your components 



  • Free version with limited features
  • Starter - $ 45 per Month
  • Professional - $ 65 per Month
  • Team- $ 200 per Month
  • Business - $ 250 per Month
  • Add-on options available


10. Quick Base


Quickbase is the fastest-growing no-code platform that helps build web applications and sites. It enables teams and developers to deal with thorny projects with infinite complexity with ease and speed.


It has assisted teams by reducing wastage, easing risks, and cutting down on the costs of the projects. Many new emerging companies and startups are now going for it due to its compatibility and very team-friendly design. 



  • With no code system, teams can easily and quickly manage complex projects
  • The cost of traditional deployment, maintenance, and development is completely avoided
  • Integrates all the data across the platforms, creating an automated workflow
  • Updates and changes in the applications can be done without taking them offline from the server



  • No Free version
  • Team - $ 600 per Month
  • Business - $ 2000 per Month
  • Production - $ 475 per Month
  • Enterprise version is fully customizable


A New Channel to Reach Consumers


The rapid increase in the number of apps on the App Store and Play Store created a new channel for developers and businesses to reach consumers. This space's continuous R&D and growth made apps more advanced and capable. It can offer secured banking and financial services, allow students to access educational content, and much more. 


This post discussed some of the no-code and low-code app development platforms. We hope they should get you started with both customer-oriented external and team-oriented internal application development projects. 


Some of the no-code platforms can be good only for low-impact applications. Hire an Android app developer to make a high-quality, user-friendly app that can process different functions at scale. But as in the case of website making, a website building platform such as WordPress or Hostinger offers ready basic website architecture with all coding done. 


Developers don't need to slog to create that before they can integrate different value-added features.

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