AK Information Technology

It is amongst the leading IT organization in Bahrain offers numerous IT services like Website designing, application development, Mobile App Development, Online Marketing, Digital, and Social media marketing, Web hosting, Google Ads and Email Marketing.

AK Information Technology
Website: https://akit.me/

Al Nadeem

It is a fully digital service web development firm that embraced one core value – stands out and about.

AL Nadeem

The team is comprised of specialists who are experts in their respective fields. They all understand and feel the Web, initiate their own approach for each project, and always attempt to improve themselves better while working on it. Based on their tremendous experience, they built their own approach and methodology, that assists them totally understand each project, and work on it productively and successfully, giving them with something more than simply a web site.

Website: https://www.alnadeem.com/

Bytes Future

It is a firm that provides a wide scope of social media and digital marketing services and solutions to the enterprises and start-ups for turning them popular in the business world.

Bytes Future

It gives the best effective multi-channel and multi-stage social media and digital marketing services that will support the brand, products, and services to reach and connect with the target clients. They work with a huge group of cutting edge and experienced specialists of digital marketing and in house technicians and consultants to guarantee that they are providing the best service that an online advertising and marketing agency ought to provide.

Website: https://bytesfuture.com/en/

Codea Technologies Bahrain

It is a web-based software development company that gives technology solutions individually and professional software for clients globally.

Codea Tech Bahrain

Additionally to the creative web design and customized development services, they too offer a full set of services like software development and testing, e-commerce solutions, website marketing, and application development in mobile and wireless.

Website: http://codeabahrain.com/

Crayo Tech

An innovation-driven software application provider considered on the thinking of value and unmatched client service deliverance.


They position themselves as comprehensive innovation specialists for the clients, helping them in everything running from software and e-commerce development to social media service management and different types of web solutions. They understand the operations of the World Wide Web and how significant it is for the business. They also acknowledge how the World Wide Web can be designed to help the mission to provide the clients with immaculate services.

Website: https://www.crayotech.com/

Dream Makers IT

It is a flexible and adaptable technology-focused organization powered by innovation and efficiency.

Dream Makers IT

Cost-effective IT solutions are provided with proven ability in delivering the total scope of IT services including designing of the product, software development, onshore/offshore consulting, remote support and quality testing services. Its combined work perspective with the clients guarantees ideal solutions in the limited possible time.

Website: http://www.dreammakersit.com/

Explore Bahrain Computer Systems

They provide all online services a business needs to become online from different domain names as well as from web hosting to online marketing, designing web, email marketing, and e-commerce.

Explore Bahrain Computer System

It offers direct solutions at a sensible cost. Its website designing keeps on providing the assistance, resources, suggestions, tools, and motivation to businesses of all types and sizes.

Website: https://www.infobahrainwebdesign.com/

Ezeelive Technologies

It is a service provider company for a website designer for various domains like corporate, industrial, hospitality, professionals and just about individual who needs to make their existence felt on the web.

Ezeelive Technologies

No matter where the client is located company will provide the optimum services for designing and development of the requirements. From conceptualization to the last execution of the web design, they work with the client so that one can have the best designer website amongst the competitors. As an expert website specialist company they consider the process that clients should get the best designer services for all their web designing requirements.

Website: https://ezeelive.com/bahrain/

Ahmed Alkooheji Communications

Ahmed Alkooheji Communications, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. They specialize in the provision of brand identity for various industrial fields. They thrive in providing a spectacular service as the kingdom’s creative marketing and technology branding firm.

Kooheji communications

They celebrate design innovation and creative driven brands; their passion has staged this move of establishing an entity to share and educate the lovely people they call clients helping them venture further with their brands and identities. They are independent of infrastructure and information technology 3rd party support. These were the initial critical steps of their foundation. Evidently their next step was to allow others to benefit from thier founded solutions. Thus, they have commercialized our management systems, as well as technological solutions for both start-ups and enterprises.

Location: United States, Bahrain, UK Employees: < 10 Email: ahlan@kooheji.co
Founded: 2016 Avg Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 Contact: +973 6635 0111

Website: https://kooheji.co/

Fabric Digital

It is specialized in creating websites and mobile applications with a distinctive online experience. The primary objective is to build finished products that live in the lives of people that request understanding of human conduct.

Fabric Digital

They pride themselves on their capability to inject the objectives of clients into attractive website designs with the insights important to build work that is significant to them and their clients. They have proudly created rewarding, durable relationships with a different scope of organizations including national and international brands in both the private and public sectors and have helped numerous entrepreneurial start-ups to connect their clients.

Website: http://www.fabricit.com


They assist in increasing sales, shareholder value and sustainable return on investment through execution of innovative thoughts of their clients.


They separate themselves from other publicizing and brand companies by excellent professionalism, strategic thinking, and unconventional cut through thoughts. The very proficient internal procedure implies that they are quick to market and cost-efficient. It built a business model to discuss with clients who need contribution, responsibility, integrity, and creativity from their company.

Website: https://www.from6.com/

HG Technology

It provides services on technology advisory on a retained services basis to companies of all sizes.

HG Technologies

This regularly includes working close by the high-level authorities to provide technical answers to business questions. This may bring in building up a bespoke application or dealing with the implementation of an off the rack product like a financial application, document management system, business process or business reporting application. The projects range from client built web applications to SharePoint executions from technology consultancy management to CIO outsourcing.

Website: http://honestytechnology.com/

Insibe Technologies Co.WLL

It is a web and mobile application development company professionally committed to delivering immaculate quality client-driven services.

Insibe Technology

The expert team handles years of professionalism in the worldwide business, delivering services of peak class to many clients each year. They enable their clients to lead their organization easily and with confidence, better than their competitors. The models they create are compatible with the new innovations, guaranteeing adaptability and flexibility on all stages. Throughout the years, they have helped clients from various businesses to gain a key edge strategically over their competitors.

Website: http://www.insibe.com/

Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto is one of the leading companies among its competitors in providing web development solutions with a vast range service.

Magneto IT Solutions

Through web development, they create box web solutions for the clients that assist them in future use for their customers with the implementation of the advanced technologies with good strategy.

Website: https://magnetoitsolutions.com/

Maroon Frog

It has more than a decade experience in the website design industry through independent and in-house organization work, it works with various types of businesses all through regions of Bahrain and GCC, providing design, development, and print of website, identities of a brand and CMS solutions.

Maroon Frog

They have expertise in XHTML and CSS using standards of the website to provide usable, easily accessible and search engine user-friendly websites which are built and delivered to the greatest standard. They also target on modern website solutions that are user-friendly and easy to update by the team, the client.

Website: https://maroonfrog.com/

Nexgen Technosys

It began as an outsourcing software development firm then went on to great distances by providing incredible solutions worldwide with satisfied clients and expert programmers, the word of mouth was the main tool for marketing.

NEXGEN Technosys

It has now turned into a various group of individuals with foundations in Technology and website development and applications to serve needs. They have the learning, experience, and capacity to give the best outcomes in all web development fields.

Perpetual Strategic Services

It gives services that assist Small to Large enterprises to achieve productivity, long-term growth, and profitability.

Perpetual Strategic Services

Business solutions are demonstrated to support business achievement. The models used to set the operational, financial and marketing aspects of the business are the consequence of real-world experience monitoring and promoting a portfolio of their self-investment businesses also to the businesses of expanding various clients and are designed to accomplish benefit and sustainable business development.

Website: https://www.perpetualtc.com/

Urbansoft Technologies

It is through continuous effort has developed from a web solutions provider to a solution provider for a wide range of system integrator.

Urban Soft Technologies

Through the ideology of strong and motivated efforts, they have accomplished their vision as per the design and have established their operational presence abroad. They have a skilled and committed team of computer experts who work closely with the client in order to understand business requirements and use the best technology to get the best services for the esteemed business.

Website: http://urbansoft.co/web-development/

VII Tech

It built up as a partnership and has constantly advanced towards its clear objectives in a quick-paced industry.

VII Tech

It gives a wide and various range of solutions to their exclusive client base from online and mobile development to branding and marketing solutions. They have built accomplishment around a developing team of young, dynamic and inventive experts who have dependably been eager to bring ideas to reality. Providing with a broad and extending suite of services they deliver what clients’ need, but also what they believe can enable their company to develop from start-up to enterprise.

Website: https://viitech.net/services/