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.NET is a Microsoft-developed software development framework and ecosystem that makes it simple to create desktop and web applications. It's a popular free platform that's now being utilized for a variety of applications because it provides the programming environment for the majority of software development phases. If you lack the staff and require an expert software development optimization services team, a .NET development business is the outsourcing answer. You don't have to hire new personnel to increase performance; instead, you can outsource the work and pay for it. .NET developers are in charge of designing and building software programmes that meet your company's needs. Web developers identify and analyze the software's requirements, and their responsibilities also include software maintenance and ongoing product development. Software and systems houses, computer service providers, ICT organizations, and technical planning engineering offices are the most common employers, of.NET developers. Look no further if you're seeking the best .NET Development firms. Here is our list of the top .NET Development companies, from which you can choose and hire.

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.Net Development Companies

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What is .NET development?

.NET is a Microsoft framework for creating applications, online software and interfaces. It is a free, cross platform, open-source developer platform that can be used to develop different types of applications. The .NET platform is one of the several offerings by Microsoft of such a kind, but is one of the most popular for Windows servers amongst developers. The .NET framework is a collection of technologies for the creation of applications for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android etc.

There are several reasons behind the increasing popularity of the .NET framework. One of the reasons is that the framework supports language interoperability. This feature allows developers to create applications with codes that have been written in different languages. Also, it can be used to create form and web-based applications and also web services. Today .NET Framework is used by businesses to develop various types of applications that include but are not limited to web, mobile, gaming, machine learning and IoT.

What are the top benefits of using the .NET development framework?

Having effective web applications is definitely a must in today’s competitive business world. And .NET is one of the most popular technologies used nowadays to create innovative and engaging web applications. Few of the reasons why you should opt for the .NET development framework are,

  • The .NET Framework can be used to create a variety of unique and customised applications that can meet the needs and requirements of your business. Having customised applications in today’s competitive business world is rather a must than an option. An experienced .NET development company can help create tailor made applications for your business.
  • Experienced .NET developers who are adept with this technology can create applications that can be updated to stay up to date with changing trends and are scalable in the future. Scalability and longevity are two important factors that need to be considered while developing web applications.
  • Another benefit of using .NET framework is the flexibility factor. The framework uses a multi-tiered software architecture making it convenient to develop flexible applications using it.
  • The .NET framework is the go to choice today for developing supply management applications and customer relationship management applications.
  • Interoperable applications: The .NET framework is widely used by developers to develop interoperable apps that can be used across multiple platforms. The multitude of features available in the framework make it possible to create a seamless experience across multiple platforms.

The other benefits of the .NET framework are that it is easy to deploy and maintain, suitable for developing gaming applications and suitable for easily redesigning applications to keep them updated.

What does a .NET developer do?

While the .NET framework provides a whole host of benefits, it is important to find and hire the right .NET developer who has the experience and expertise required to harness these benefits. The roles and responsibilities of a .NET developer are,

  • To work with the client and understand the idea and the software requirements for the product.
  • Develop web-based applications using programming languages such as, C#, MSSQL etc.
  • Conduct end to end software testing and quality assurance testing to ensure an error free and glitch free product.
  • Constantly maintain and update .NET websites and applications and modify them according to the requirements of the clients.
  • Upgrade, configure and debug existing systems.
  • Staying updated with the latest coding and technical changes that will affect their line of work.
  • Making sure that the final outputs are visually appealing, user friendly and engaging.

Why you should outsource a .NET development project?

The benefits that a company will gain by deciding to outsource their .NET development project instead of using their in-house development team are numerous. By choosing to outsource your project to an experienced .NET development company you get access to experienced developers, a streamlined and efficient development process, access to the latest tools and technologies, a quicker time to market and a more cost-effective approach. These benefits make outsourcing a very attractive and popular option nowadays.

How to hire a .NET web development company?

Finding and hiring the right .NET development company is crucial for the success of the project. Here is how you go about finding a company that is right for your project and business,

  • The first step is to have a clear-cut idea about the project and its goals and requirements. It is important to determine factors such as the budget your business can allocate, the features you want in the application and a tentative idea of the number of developers you need and their skill levels.
  • The second step involves doing sufficient research to narrow down dot net development companies that best suit the requirements and needs of the project and your firm.
  • The third step involves finding a company with good credentials and experience. Once you have narrowed it down to a handful of companies, it is important to do a thorough background on each of them. Factors such as client testimonials, reviews, prior experience in working on similar projects, success stories and case studies should be taken into consideration.
  • The final step involves sitting down with the .NET development company and working on the finer details of the project. It is important to ensure both the parties have a clear understanding of the project, its requirements and needs before signing on the dotted line.

Following this approach will help you find a dot net development company that can deliver quality products for your firm.

Essential skills to look for while selecting a .NET developer.

Hiring an experienced .NET developer who can provide not just a quality end product but also a streamlined and effective development process is key to ensuring a successful project. The essential skills that a .NET developer should possess that you should look out for while hiring are,

  • Knowledge of the .NET languages such as C#, F#, Visual Basic.NET
  • In-depth understanding of Agile methodologies.
  • Understanding of SQL and Oracle and ability to use them at ease.
  • Understanding of UI/UX aspects.
  • Knowledge of Architecture styles for APIs such as REST, SOAP and RPC.

Apart from having sound technical knowledge and expertise, the other skills required in a .NET developer are,

  • Business acumen and understanding
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical, problem solving and project management skills.

Apart from this the other skills required in a .NET developer are the ability to work in a group setting, ability to meet deadlines and the inclination to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies.

What is the cost of hiring a .NET development company?

The cost of hiring a .NET development company is affected by several factors such as,

  • Size of the project: The cost of the project will vary depending on whether it is a small project, medium sized project or an enterprise level project. Also, the size of the project will determine other factors such as the number of personnel required, the time required and the resources needed.
  • Complexity of the application: The complexity of the application that is to be developed and the features it will have will also determine the cost of the project.
  • Skill level of the developers: The skills, experience and the expertise level of the team of developers who will work on the project is a major determinant of the cost. More experienced and skilled the developers, the costlier the project will be.
  • Engagement Model: The billing model that the client chooses for the project will also affect the overall costs. Companies usually offer hourly models, monthly models or fixed price models for billings.

The current average rate for hiring a .NET developer ranges from $25 per hour to $ 100 per hour, depending on factors such as location of the developer, skill level and prior experience.

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